List of Top 100 Brands of Italy in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Italy.
Discover what brands are popular in Italy. Continue reading to know the top brands of Italy. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 34,726 Top Brands on Instagram in Italy.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Lamborghini
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Cars Luxury Automotive Manufacturing Home & Auto 34.3M 0.52%
2 Dolce&Gabbana
Fashion Styling Luxury 30.8M 0.05%
3 Maserati
Auto and Vehicles Luxury Racing Cars 13.8M 0.34%
4 BVLGARI Official
Fashion and Accessories Jewelry Jewelry Watches Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 13.8M 0.24%
5 Roberto Cavalli
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design 8.7M 0.03%
6 Polo Ralph Lauren
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Tennis Styling 8.6M 0.09%
7 Lega Serie A
Soccer 8.3M 0.20%
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design 7.2M 0.07%
9 Vogue Italia
Fashion and Accessories Photography News Fashion Design Magazines Magazine Publishers 7.2M 0.12%
10 Netflix Italia
News 6.9M 1.00%
11 KIKO Milano Official
Beauty and Self Care Product Showcase Health Beauty Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 5.9M 0.09%
12 TML
Art Humor Film, Music & Books Celebrities Nature & Outdoors 5.8M 1.84%
13 Cookist Wow
Food News Recipes Cooking Media News Company Publishers 5.5M 0.12%
14 Teen Wolf
Actors Movies 5.1M 3.26%
15 Giuseppe Zanotti
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Styling Lifestyle 5M 0.03%
16 Stefano De Martino
Entertainment and Music Food and Drink Dance 4.9M 0.97%
17 Pagani Automobili Official
Auto and Vehicles Cars Luxury 4.8M 1.63%
18 Calzedonia Official
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Styling 4.4M 0.07%
19 Giorgio Armani
Fashion and Accessories 4.4M 0.06%
20 ScuolaZoo
Education TV Shows 4.2M 0.30%
21 Giallozafferano
Food Marketing and Advertising Cooking 4.1M 0.26%
22 designboom magazine
Arts and Crafts 4.1M 0.07%
23 Intimissimi
Fashion Styling Lifestyle 4.1M 0.11%
24 IG ITALIA ® 🇮🇹
Travel Photography 4M 1.14%
25 Max Mara
Fashion and Accessories 3.5M 0.10%
26 KTM
Home and Garden Riders Motorcycle Racing 3.3M 0.79%
27 Jorginho Frello
Soccer 3.3M 3.20%
28 Elisabetta Franchi
Fashion and Accessories Animals Fashion Design Modeling 3.3M 0.09%
29 Uomini e Donne
Romance and Wedding TV Shows 3M 0.43%
30 Gianvito Rossi
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Lifestyle Styling 2.7M 0.06%
31 Le Iene
Entertainment and Music TV Shows 2.7M 0.21%
32 Pastorizia Never Dies
Fashion and Accessories 2.6M 2.43%
33 Daniel Molo
Education Upskilling Finance News Video Blogger Celebrities Hair & Beauty 2.6M 1.68%
34 Alberta Ferretti
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Fashion Design Lifestyle 2.6M 0.04%
35 ᴊᴜʟɪᴇᴛᴀ ᴘᴏɢɢɪᴏ⚡️
Acting and Drama Fashion and Accessories Actors 2.5M 11.99%
36 Deborah De luca
Entertainment and Music Music 2.5M 3.00%
37 Scuderia AlphaTauri
Shopping Racing 2.4M 0.68%
38 Tod's
Fashion and Accessories Product Education Travel Design Lifestyle 2.4M 0.06%
Fashion and Accessories 2.3M 0.22%
40 DSQUARED2 - Dean & Dan Caten
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design 2.3M 0.14%
41 Movimento 5 Litri
Life and Society Celebrities 2.2M 1.86%
42 la Repubblica
News 2.1M 0.91%
43 Stone Island
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Parenting Fashion Design 2.1M 0.27%
44 Italia ✦ SUPER ITALY ✦ 🇮🇹
Fashion 2.1M 0.96%
News Modeling 2M 1.02%
46 Giorgia Gabriele
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design Modeling 1.8M 0.37%
47 Alfa Romeo
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Cars 1.8M 0.29%
Home and Garden 1.8M 0.10%
49 PINKO Official
Fashion and Accessories Styling 1.7M 0.05%
Fashion Business and Finance Bags Design Design & Fashion Business & Utility Services 1.7M 0.09%
51 Chiara Ferragni
Fashion and Accessories Styling Lifestyle 1.7M 2.55%
Entertainment and Music Singer 1.7M 5.81%
53 Kalidou Koulibaly
Sports 1.6M 3.40%
54 IKEA Italia
Design Interior Design 1.6M 0.10%
55 FIA - Official account
Racing 1.6M 0.29%
56 ItalianPlaces di MarcoConforti
Travel 1.5M 0.39%
57 Corriere della Sera
News News&Politics 1.4M 0.71%
58 Ducati Instagram
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Motorcycle Bikes 1.4M 0.35%
59 Calciatori Ignoranti Squad
Sports Personal Finance 1.4M 3.30%
60 La Gazzetta dello Sport
Entertainment and Music Sports News Soccer Tennis 1.4M 0.35%
61 Eurovision Song Contest
Entertainment and Music Singer Music 1.4M 1.20%
62 Tale Of Us
Art Electronic music 1.3M 9.88%
63 Vanity Fair Italia
Entertainment and Music News News&Politics 1.3M 0.42%
64 Casa Surace
Entertainment and Music News 1.3M 1.20%
65 Chef In Camicia
Food Product Education News Chef 1.3M 0.12%
66 Nohow
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Styling 1.3M 0.10%
67 Missoni
Fashion and Accessories Modeling Fashion Design 1.2M 0.08%
68 Panerai
Product Showcase Parenting Luxury Jewelry & Watches 1.2M 0.52%
69 Liu Jo
Fashion and Accessories Styling Lifestyle 1.2M 0.10%
70 ACF Fiorentina
Sports Marketing and Advertising Soccer 1.2M 0.86%
71 Sephora Italia
Beauty and Self Care Health Beauty Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 1.2M 0.13%
72 AGV Helmets
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Home and Garden Parenting Riders Motorcycle Racing 1.2M 0.38%
73 Striscia la notizia
Entertainment and Music 1.2M 0.11%
74 Sergio Rossi
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Lifestyle Styling 1.2M 0.04%
75 KHALID RAHEEM - خالد رحيم
Shopping 1.1M 0.22%
76 Tgcom24
News 1.1M 0.48%
77 MonicaHansenBeachwear
Fashion and Accessories Medical Health Bikini Modeling 1.1M 0.62%
78 Visit Italy ®
Travel 1.1M 1.07%
79 DesignWanted
Arts and Crafts News News&Politics Architecture Design 1.1M 0.18%
80 Maisons du Monde Italia
Home and Garden 1.1M 0.05%
81 The Blonde Salad
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music Business and Finance News Styling Lifestyle 1M 0.57%
82 angela mele milano
Fashion and Accessories 1M -
83 Radio105
Entertainment and Music News Music DJ Producers 1M 0.37%
84 Frasi di tumblr. ✏️
Education Arts and Crafts Entertainment and Music Funny News Quotes 1M 1.33%
85 Yamamay
Soccer Fashion 1M 0.22%
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Modeling 1M 0.08%
87 Elle Decor Italia
Home and Garden Fashion and Accessories News News&Politics 1M 0.03%
88 Archiproducts
Home and Garden Product Education Product Showcase Design Interior Design Furniture 1M 0.04%
89 SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker
Fashion and Accessories Product Education Lifestyle Modeling 1M 0.29%
90 MV Agusta Motor
Auto and Vehicles Business and Finance Motorcycle Motorcycle Racing Riders 0.9M 1.05%
91 Subdued
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Modeling 0.9M 0.61%
92 René Caovilla
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Styling Lifestyle 0.9M 0.12%
93 AD Italia
News 0.9M 0.47%
94 Agenzia ANSA
News 0.9M 0.32%
95 ghd Italia
Beauty and Self Care Product Education Product Showcase Parenting 0.9M 0.17%
96 Lidl Italia
Product Showcase 900K 0.06%
97 Aprilia
Outdoor Activity Sports Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 897.3K 0.62%
Travel 886.6K 0.34%
Outdoor Activity Sports Product Showcase Guns Fishing 869.1K 0.44%
100 FILA Europe
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Modeling 866.1K 0.02%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Lamborghini is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Italy for 02 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.52 with 34,343,982 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Lamborghini is also the top brand in the Auto and Vehicles category.
Dolce&Gabbana and Maserati are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, Dolce&Gabbana has an average engagement rate of 0.05, follower size of 30,790,802. Similarly, Maserati average engagement rate is 0.34, with 13,841,839 followers.
BVLGARI Official is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Roberto Cavalli, a top brand in the category of Fashion and Accessories, The follower on Instagram is 8,716,508.