List of Top 100 Brands of Kenya in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Kenya.
Discover what brands are popular in Kenya. Continue reading to know the top brands of Kenya. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 2,125 Top Brands on Instagram in Kenya.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Mc Jessy
Entertainment and Music Funny Music Singer 2M 0.04%
2 Citizen TV Kenya
Entertainment and Music News Celebrity Music Entertainment Entrepreneur 2M 0.12%
3 Nairobi Gossip Club / NGC
Entertainment and Music Marketing and Advertising Celebrity Music News 1.8M 1.39%
4 Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Nature Animals Business and Finance Moms 1M 1.69%
5 Celestine Ndinda Kimani
Family Life and Society Home and Garden Singer Moms 1M 1.31%
6 Tuko Gram
News News&Politics 684.1K 0.10%
7 Kiss 100 Kenya
News Music Singer Producers 634.6K 0.05%
8 African Wildlife Foundation
Nature Animals Home and Garden 531.5K 0.09%
9 Switch Media Kenya
Entertainment and Music 496.9K 0.11%
10 Mercy Kyallo 🇰🇪
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Styling Lifestyle 469.9K 1.74%
11 Everyday Africa
Photography Travel 421.2K 1.01%
12 Bonfire Adventures
Travel Adventure Hotels 388.3K 1.37%
13 Matwana Matatu Culture ® 🇰🇪
Auto and Vehicles Marketing and Advertising Singer Music Film, Music & Books Design 379.6K 0.25%
14 Safaricom PLC
Business and Finance Singer 341.9K 0.02%
15 Kariuki Kamau
Funny Marketing and Advertising Modeling Music 335.4K 14.70%
16 Nation
Sports News 334.9K 0.06%
17 Classic 105 Kenya
News Music Singer Songwriting 334.1K 0.13%
18 Nguo Affordable
318.4K -
19 Modern Coast Express Ltd
308.7K 0.02%
20 President's Delivery Unit
Politics 298.3K 0.01%
21 Radio Jambo Kenya
News Singer 288.8K 0.01%
22 Radio Maisha Kenya
Entertainment and Music News Singer 272.6K 0.01%
23 bbys garden 🌺
257.6K -
24 Gianna Moda 🇰🇪
Fashion Fashion Design Modeling 229.5K 0.08%
25 10/10 Fanpage
Celebrity 229.1K 0.33%
26 Homeboyz Radio
Entertainment and Music News Music DJ Producers 225K 0.08%
27 GossipTv254 🇰🇪🇹🇿🇺🇬🇳🇬🇺🇸
Entertainment and Music 222.4K -
28 Standard Digital
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Music Entertainment 217K 0.06%
29 East Africa’s Top Wedding Website
News 215.7K 0.30%
30 Pulse Live Kenya
News Singer Actors Music 196.7K 0.10%
31 Bridal Diracs▫️wedding Dresses
Shopping 195.2K 0.44%
32 Kwanza TV
Entertainment and Music News Singer 193.8K 0.08%
33 Edith Kimani
Travel 186.8K 2.15%
Fashion and Accessories Music 181.1K 0.12%
35 Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya
Nature Animals 179.5K 0.60%
36 Rebecca Catherine Smith
Fitness and Health Food Food and Drink Coaching Health 178K 1.20%
37 K24 Tv
Singer 176.4K 0.05%
38 Standard Digital
173.5K 0.04%
39 The Star Kenya
Fashion and Accessories News 172.3K 0.05%
40 Keliam Kids Baby Shop
Shopping 169.5K 0.09%
41 Exness
Soccer Sports 166.1K 0.21%
42 The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Nature Animals Home and Garden Founder 158.3K 0.32%
43 Gadget Central
Product Showcase Product Education 156.9K 0.02%
152.1K 10.90%
DJ Music Producers 150.1K -
46 Director_Kilonzo
Entertainment and Music News Music Director Entertainment 147.1K 0.88%
47 Kidani Stars Media
Entertainment and Music Education News Singer 146.5K 0.08%
48 Dufanda 🇨🇩
145.2K 4.50%
49 The Safari Collection
Nature Travel Parenting Adventure 145.2K 1.00%
50 Dj Moh
Entertainment and Music Sports Music Entertainment DJ 144.6K 0.55%
142.5K 0.32%
52 Rockford Fosgate East Africa
Music 139.7K 0.37%
53 Pp's Pork
Food Health and Medical Services 138.6K 0.02%
54 Radio Citizen FM
Entertainment and Music News Celebrity 137.6K 0.01%
55 dj lisney
Fashion DJ Music Entertainment 135.9K 0.66%
Entertainment and Music 135.4K 0.40%
57 Samsung Kenya
Product Showcase News Modeling 135.2K 0.66%
58 Safa M H ✨
Beauty Fashion 134.1K 0.36%
59 Dinku Furniture
Home and Garden 133.7K -
60 #TheTrend
Entertainment and Music Music Singer Modeling 132.9K 0.07%
61 KWS
Politics Nature Animals Adventure 132.3K 0.38%
Product Showcase 132.2K 0.20%
63 Ziiki Media
Singer 130K 0.06%
64 Odds & Ends Furniture
Shopping Fashion 129.6K 0.03%
65 Natural Hair Kenya 🇰🇪
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Styling Nature 129.4K 0.28%
66 kenya's #1 wedding blog 🇰🇪
Romance and Wedding Fashion and Accessories 124.1K 0.15%
67 iPhone Street
121.9K 2.84%
68 HOT 96
News Music Modeling Entertainment 121.6K 0.05%
Entertainment and Music Music DJ Producers 121.2K 0.20%
70 Kenyan Dictionary
Education News 120.9K 7.70%
71 DJ Bash
Entertainment and Music Events Music Singer Producers 118.4K 0.91%
72 Kenya Tourism Board
Travel Politics Adventure 118K 0.14%
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Modeling 116.4K 0.08%
74 Daimlar Motorsports | MK
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Marketing and Advertising Cars Luxury Audi Architecture Cars & Motorcycles 115.9K 0.71%
75 Giraffe Manor Hotel & Shop
Travel Animals 115.8K 1.93%
76 Owntrendz
Beauty and Self Care Product Education 115K 0.01%
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories 113.5K 0.10%
78 Nairobi News
Sports Modeling Fashion 113.1K -
79 African Fabric & Designs Kenya
112.1K 0.20%
Shopping 112K 0.04%
81 TECNO Mobile Kenya
Photography Modeling 110.9K 0.08%
82 Adam Öjdahl
Product Showcase Auto and Vehicles 110.6K 0.06%
83 Capital FM Kenya
News News&Politics 108.9K 0.49%
84 FatiazFashion®️
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 107.2K 0.09%
104.2K -
86 Jijenge Credit Limited
104K -
87 alibaba kenya
101.4K -
88 Buzzroom Kenya ™
Entertainment and Music News 101.4K 1.13%
89 Mwaju chaks
99K 0.06%
Travel 98.1K 0.02%
91 Lizclement salon & Nailbar/Spa
Beauty and Self Care 97.2K 0.37%
92 The _+254 Ambassador.
Home and Garden Sports Modeling Actors 96.3K 0.08%
Marketing and Advertising Music Entertainment Singer Celebrities Humor 95.4K 0.22%
94 Love Matters Africa
Romance and Wedding News 94.3K 0.05%
95 Ghetto Radio
Entertainment and Music DJ Music Entertainment 92.2K 0.03%
96 Whiskey River Lounge & Grill
92.2K 0.20%
97 40Forty Lounge
Food Photography Outdoor Activity 91.9K 0.52%
98 Dj Masha Kenya
Fashion Modeling Music 91.1K -
99 Smart Choice Property Market
91K 0.20%
100 Shoe Planet Ke
87.8K 0.10%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Mc Jessy is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Kenya for 05 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.04 with 2,025,718 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Mc Jessy is also the top brand in the Entertainment and Music category.
Citizen TV Kenya and Nairobi Gossip Club / NGC are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, Citizen TV Kenya has an average engagement rate of 0.12, follower size of 1,965,866. Similarly, Nairobi Gossip Club / NGC average engagement rate is 1.39, with 1,825,154 followers.
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Celestine Ndinda Kimani, a top brand in the category of Family, The follower on Instagram is 987,780.