List of Top 100 Brands of New Zealand in 2023

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in New Zealand.
Discover what brands are popular in New Zealand. Continue reading to know the top brands of New Zealand. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 3,682 Top Brands on Instagram in New Zealand.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Exploring New Zealand
439.9K 1.00%
2 H A N N A H J E N S E N 🇳🇿
Beauty Fashion 419.3K 0.66%
3 Air New Zealand
Television Adventure 405.4K 1.20%
4 travelcorrect
390.8K -
5 New Zealand
News Landscaping 335.7K 2.20%
305.9K 5.60%
7 Investec Super Rugby
Personal Finance 269.7K 1.90%
8 HelloVacay
227.2K -
9 Karen Walker
Fashion 222K 0.20%
10 Dose & Co.
216.9K 0.20%
11 George & Willy
Shopping Writers Lifestyle 192.3K 0.10%
12 Natalie Peall - BLW Recipes
182.6K -
Travel Adventure 171.7K 1.50%
Travel Adventure Nature & Outdoors Architecture 170.5K 1.40%
15 Serax
Design Interior Design Furniture 159.7K 0.19%
16 LUXE Fitness
Fitness Beauty Health & Fitness 156.3K 0.05%
17 georgiemane | hair care
Events Art Beauty Business 155.4K -
18 1News
Parenting Health and Medical Services TV Channel 148.4K 0.50%
19 Grammy Sandhu
147.8K -
20 parkour.freerunning
Art 144K 1.76%
21 Stuff
News News&Politics 139.3K 1.20%
22 Auckland, New Zealand
Fitness Adventure 138.2K 1.10%
23 The New Zealand Herald
News 136.6K 2.10%
24 The Edge
Music Singer Songwriting 125K 0.96%
25 Department of Conservation
Politics Adventure 115.9K 0.90%
26 Māori Worldwide
Pets 109.8K 7.10%
27 Goodieco® Skincare
Beauty Organics 109.3K -
28 Daniel Rankin
108.9K 21.60%
29 Wellington, New Zealand
Travel Adventure 107.6K 1.52%
30 Città
Home and Garden Soccer Design Interior Design 104.9K 0.10%
31 Haakaa
Parenting Children Accessories 103.6K 0.80%
32 Nanit: the smartest baby monitor
100.6K 0.23%
33 mr money jeweller
100.2K 1.10%
34 adidas New Zealand
Fitness Personal Finance Streetwear Modeling 99.5K 0.10%
35 Sky Sport NZ
News Soccer Cricket 98.8K 0.70%
36 Mai Morning Crew
Music Singer Entertainment 98.5K 5.90%
37 Superette
Fashion Music Modeling Styling 98K 0.10%
Beauty Lifestyle 96.7K 3.50%
39 Kowtow
Beauty Design 96.1K 0.20%
40 Maiko Nagao
Art Moms Design 95.9K 0.20%
41 Kathmandu
94.7K 0.10%
42 Bernd Waldenberger GmbH
93.6K 1.20%
43 Gotta Love NZ
Fitness Adventure 88K 0.80%
Fitness Styling Modeling 86.3K 1.00%
45 LOADED 🇳🇿
Fashion Music Basketball Shoes Streetwear 86.2K 0.10%
46 CGI Artworks
85.9K 0.10%
47 ArchiPro
83.7K 1.60%
Home and Garden Jewelry Design 83.6K 0.10%
49 homestyle magazine
News Design Interior Design Furniture 83.5K 0.28%
50 ¿Quién está mintiendo?
Actors 82.2K 0.50%
51 Shamarra Alpaca Farm
82K 2.20%
52 Urban List NZ
81.5K 0.30%
53 Erin Chance
78K 1.80%
54 Denizen
News News&Politics 77.5K 0.50%
55 Your Home and Garden
Home and Garden News Design Interior Design 77.3K 0.30%
56 Celebration Box
Shopping 77.2K 1.10%
57 Antipodes Scientific Beauty
Beauty Organics 75.7K 0.11%
58 Camera Lovers
73.5K 5.60%
59 Wānaka, New Zealand
73K 0.80%
60 New Zealand Labour Party
Personal Finance Music Modeling 72K 0.60%
61 New Zealand
Photography Adventure Travel 71.8K 0.49%
62 Remix Magazine
News Fashion Beauty News&Politics Celebrities 71.5K 0.60%
63 The Merchandise Collective
71.1K 0.30%
64 City Kickboxing
70.5K 2.80%
65 Jeuneora
Beauty Travel Health Coaching 70.2K 0.20%
66 Hunter DEE-no🌙
69.6K 11.00%
67 Canon New Zealand
Art Adventure 69.4K 0.30%
68 Mocka NZ
Home and Garden Design Interior Design Decoration 67.7K 0.10%
69 Huffer
Fashion Styling Modeling 66.8K 0.18%
70 Garage Project
Fitness Food Chef 66.6K 0.60%
71 Pic's Peanut Butter
Food and Drink Recipes Food Vegan 66.4K 0.30%
72 Chiffon Boutique
Fashion Styling Lifestyle 65.8K 0.10%
73 The Edge Breakfast
News Modeling Music 65.5K 0.40%
74 Kmart New Zealand
Home and Garden Parenting 63.8K 0.30%
75 Les Mills New Zealand
Fitness Home and Garden Coaching Training 63.6K 1.10%
76 Foot Locker NZ
Fitness Basketball Shoes Streetwear 63.6K 0.40%
77 Designer Wardrobe
Fashion Fitness Styling 63.5K 0.10%
78 Sundae Body
Fashion 63.2K 0.37%
79 Re:
News 63K 1.60%
80 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘩 Magazine
Food and Drink News Music Food Restaurants Recipes 62.8K 0.41%
81 Fix & Fogg
62.5K 0.60%
82 Rhythm and Vines
Fitness 62.1K 2.50%
83 Neat Places
Fitness Beauty Design Lifestyle Nature & Outdoors Architecture 62.1K 0.39%
84 Cardrona Alpine Resort
Parenting Fitness Ski Snowboarding Mountain 62K 0.70%
85 PJ Hunter
Art Piercing 61.6K 2.50%
86 Canopy Camping Escapes
Home and Garden 61.4K 1.00%
87 N E W W O N D E R
Travel Piercing 61K 0.80%
88 Good4Me
59.9K -
89 ZM
News Music 59.7K 1.60%
90 Nomad Travels
Travel Adventure Nature & Outdoors Architecture 58.6K 0.90%
91 Simplify My Home
Home and Garden Parenting 58.1K 0.20%
92 Fresh Tv2
Business and Finance Modeling Actors 57.9K 1.00%
93 Zoe & Morgan
Fashion Design Lifestyle 57.8K 0.10%
94 Yamaha Motor New Zealand
Fitness Personal Finance Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 56.7K 0.06%
95 NZ House & Garden
Home and Garden News Design Interior Design Decoration 55.8K 0.80%
96 HOME magazine
TV Channel Design Interior Design Furniture 55.8K 0.40%
97 Nicklas Wong
Fashion Design Film, Music & Books DIY & Crafts 55.5K 2.30%
98 Le Edit
Shopping Children 55.2K -
99 Colley Whisson
Art 54.9K 4.80%
100 Go New Zealand | Travel Agent
Travel Landscaping 54.9K 1.10%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Exploring New Zealand is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in New Zealand for 01 in 2023. The average engagement rate is 1.00 with 439,879 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Exploring New Zealand is also the top brand
H A N N A H J E N S E N 🇳🇿 and Air New Zealand are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, H A N N A H J E N S E N 🇳🇿 has an average engagement rate of 0.66, follower size of 419,271. Similarly, Air New Zealand average engagement rate is 1.20, with 405,432 followers.
travelcorrect is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is New Zealand, a top brand in the category of News, The follower on Instagram is 335,710.