List of Top 100 Brands of New Zealand in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in New Zealand.
Discover what brands are popular in New Zealand. Continue reading to know the top brands of New Zealand. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 3,513 Top Brands on Instagram in New Zealand.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 New Zealand
Travel Nature Home and Garden Adventure 1.1M 1.40%
2 RF 👑
Entertainment and Music Music Choreographer Dance 1.1M 0.30%
3 Glassons
Fashion and Accessories Styling Lifestyle 687.2K 0.09%
4 Forever New
Fashion and Accessories Styling Lifestyle 470.8K 0.06%
5 Exploring New Zealand
Travel 439.9K 1.00%
6 Air New Zealand ✈️
Travel Television Adventure 438.1K 1.03%
7 H A N N A H J E N S E N F O X 🇳🇿
Arts and Crafts 407.5K 1.43%
8 Māori Worldwide
Education 391.8K 31.12%
9 Men in Kilts
Entertainment and Music 376.3K 4.30%
Education Upskilling 355.5K -
11 Troy Donovan
Fashion and Accessories Actors Design Architecture 349.4K 1.28%
12 New Zealand
Travel News Landscaping 335.7K 2.20%
305.9K 5.60%
14 Super Rugby NZ
Sports Personal Finance 304.6K 1.54%
15 Gooseberry Intimates Swimwear
Fashion and Accessories 298.7K 0.40%
16 Daniel Rankin
268.6K 8.04%
17 Amanda Palmer 🎹
Arts and Crafts Life and Society Music Actors 247.7K 1.10%
18 Expressenz Dance Center®️
Entertainment and Music Music Dance Choreographer 227.9K 3.63%
19 George & Willy
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Writers Lifestyle 225.2K 0.43%
20 Sky Sport NZ
Sports News Soccer Cricket 219.3K 2.70%
21 Wētā Workshop
Arts and Crafts Visualizations 208.8K 1.06%
22 1News
Entertainment and Music Parenting Health and Medical Services TV Channel 169.8K 0.93%
Travel Adventure Nature & Outdoors Architecture 159K 2.53%
Travel Nature Adventure 155.9K 2.50%
25 Playboy New Zealand
Entertainment and Music 147.1K 0.30%
26 parkour.freerunning
Art 144K 1.76%
27 jessica
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Actors Illustrator Design 140.1K 1.68%
28 vagabrothers
Travel Entertainment and Music Adventure Nature & Outdoors Architecture 140K 2.84%
29 Stuff
Life and Society News News&Politics 139.3K 1.20%
30 Mai Morning Crew
Music Singer Entertainment 139K 1.09%
31 Auckland, New Zealand
Travel Photography Adventure 138.2K 1.10%
32 The Fabric Store
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts DIY and Life Hacks Styling Boutique 135.2K 0.14%
33 Haka Rugby Global
134.5K 1.19%
34 Department of Conservation
Nature Politics Adventure 132.2K 1.01%
35 ArchiPro
Home and Garden 127.8K 1.11%
36 Thin Lizzy Beauty
Beauty Art Business 127.7K -
37 Bottle Service NZ
Education Food and Drink Adventure 126.8K 0.01%
38 The Edge
Entertainment and Music Music Singer Songwriting 125K 0.96%
39 ACME Porcelain Specialty Cups
Food Design Interior Design Celebrities Hair & Beauty Topic Shopping Retail Shopping & Retail Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 120.1K 0.30%
40 we'll all meet tolkien one day
Arts and Crafts 117.2K 7.00%
41 Città
Home and Garden Soccer Design Interior Design 114.6K 0.08%
42 Gordon Toi
Home and Garden Careers Actors 110.3K 0.37%
43 Bendon Lingerie
Fashion and Accessories 109.2K 0.09%
44 Wellington, New Zealand
Travel Adventure 107.6K 1.52%
45 Kowtow
Fashion and Accessories Design 107K 0.14%
46 Te Paati Māori o Aotearoa
Education 105.4K 2.77%
Fitness and Health Home and Garden 101.4K 1.76%
Fitness and Health Food Food and Drink News Recipes Health 101.3K 2.61%
49 Superette
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Music Modeling Styling 101K 0.22%
50 Emily C. Browning
Travel 100.8K 0.71%
Finance Education Lifestyle 100.7K 3.67%
52 Expanse Academy | Save The Universe
Education 100.4K 1.20%
53 mr money jeweller
Finance 100.2K 1.10%
54 Unity Wētā Tools
Arts and Crafts Celebrity News 99.2K 2.82%
55 Canterbury
Sports Personal Finance Coaching Training 98.2K 0.72%
56 adidas New Zealand
Fashion and Accessories Sports Personal Finance Streetwear Modeling 96.2K 0.27%
57 Maiko Nagao
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Moms Design 93.9K 0.21%
58 Newshub
News 92.2K 1.20%
59 SnackCrate
Food 91.1K 0.14%
Nature Styling Modeling 90.9K 0.61%
61 Anna Salvador
Fashion and Accessories Architecture Nature & Outdoors 88K 0.59%
62 LOADED 🇳🇿
Fashion and Accessories Music Basketball Shoes Streetwear 86.8K 0.06%
63 Gotta Love NZ
Travel Adventure 86.5K 0.84%
64 Yip.Studio
Food 86.4K 2.55%
65 homestyle magazine
Home and Garden Arts and Crafts News Design Interior Design Furniture 83.5K 0.28%
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Jewelry Design 82.7K 0.04%
67 Re: News
Education Life and Society News 82.6K 2.92%
68 Urban List NZ
Travel 81.5K 0.30%
69 Chris Birch
Outdoor Activity Sports News Riders Bikes Motorcycle Racing 81.4K 4.42%
70 Onsen Hot Pools
Outdoor Activity Beauty and Self Care Home and Garden Adventure 81.1K 0.68%
71 Denizen
Travel News News&Politics 80.5K 0.20%
72 Erin Chance
78K 1.80%
73 The ACC
Entertainment and Music Sports Celebrity News 77.7K 0.88%
74 Antipodes Scientific Green Beauty
Beauty and Self Care Organics 76.9K 0.20%
75 Shamarra Alpaca Farm
Nature Fashion and Accessories 76.4K 0.43%
76 Nicole LaBarge Travel Blog
Travel Adventure 76.2K 0.09%
77 Together Journal
Romance and Wedding Fashion and Accessories News Events Portraits 75.8K 0.35%
78 Canopy Camping Escapes
Travel Outdoor Activity Home and Garden 74.4K 0.72%
79 ZhuoYa
Photography Romance and Wedding 74K 2.97%
80 Celebration Box
Shopping 73.6K 0.45%
81 Link Engine Management
Auto and Vehicles Product Education Automotive Racing 73.4K 0.33%
82 Wānaka, New Zealand
73K 0.80%
83 Molly | UK Creator
Travel Food 72.8K 0.80%
84 Remix Magazine
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Life and Society News News&Politics Celebrities 72.3K 1.79%
85 New Zealand Labour Party
Personal Finance Music Modeling 72K 0.60%
86 Rugby Toolbox
Sports 72K 0.79%
87 ilabb ®
Fashion and Accessories 71.9K 0.20%
88 New Zealand
Travel Adventure 71.8K 0.49%
89 The Merchandise Collective
71.1K 0.30%
90 Cardrona Alpine Resort
Outdoor Activity Sports Travel Parenting Ski Snowboarding Mountain 70K 1.22%
91 Harry Moores
Nature Photography Fishing 69.8K 2.30%
92 Garage Project
Food Chef 69.1K 0.37%
Beauty and Self Care 68.5K -
94 Raglan Surf Report
Outdoor Activity Sports Parenting Surfing 68.3K 5.37%
95 Kmart New Zealand
Product Showcase Home and Garden Parenting 68.2K 0.24%
96 Les Mills New Zealand
Fitness and Health Home and Garden Coaching Training 67.5K 1.22%
97 Mocka.
Home and Garden Design Interior Design Decoration 67.2K 0.05%
98 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘩 Magazine
Food Food and Drink News Music Restaurants Recipes 67.1K 0.29%
99 The Edge Breakfast
Food Entertainment and Music News Modeling Music 66.7K 0.80%
100 Samsung New Zealand
65.3K 0.14%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

New Zealand is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in New Zealand for 03 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 1.40 with 1,129,548 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, New Zealand is also the top brand in the Travel category.
RF 👑 and Glassons are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, RF 👑 has an average engagement rate of 0.30, follower size of 1,056,251. Similarly, Glassons average engagement rate is 0.09, with 687,171 followers.
Forever New is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Exploring New Zealand, a top brand in the category of Travel, The follower on Instagram is 439,879.