List of Top 100 Brands of Ecuador in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Ecuador.
Discover what brands are popular in Ecuador. Continue reading to know the top brands of Ecuador. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 3,413 Top Brands on Instagram in Ecuador.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 TC Entretenimiento ✨
TV Shows Actors 1.9M 0.03%
2 Ecuavisa
Entertainment and Music TV Channel Actors 1.9M 0.01%
3 TC Televisión 📺
Entertainment and Music Television News TV Channel Actors 1.8M 0.11%
Arts and Crafts Marketing and Advertising Actors 1.6M 2.03%
5 Yuribeth Cornejo
Actors Modeling Virtualization 1.4M 0.46%
6 Diario El Comercio de Ecuador
News News&Politics 1.3M 0.60%
7 Jay Jay
Entertainment and Music Soccer Coaching Training 1.3M 0.99%
8 CinthyaCoppiano/Actriz
Acting and Drama Fashion and Accessories Animals & Pets Film, Music & Books Celebrities Nature & Outdoors 1.1M 0.21%
9 Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
Fitness and Health Food 1.1M 1.40%
10 El Universo
News News&Politics 1M 0.12%
11 Dr. Marco Gaibor | Nutrición holística
Fitness and Health 1M 0.23%
12 Teleamazonas
News Actors Music 842.6K 0.06%
13 Mariana Perdomo
Food Food and Drink 724K 0.40%
14 Última Hora Ecuador
713.9K 0.16%
15 RTS Ecuador / Cuenta Oficial
Entertainment and Music News Actors 571K 0.14%
16 De Prati
Soccer Fashion Actors Clothing Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 558.3K 0.14%
17 Supercines Ecuador
Entertainment and Music 554.9K 0.20%
18 Cuenta oficial de s.g.tour
Travel 536.6K 0.48%
19 Tábata Gálvez
Acting and Drama Actors Virtualization Journalists 534.4K 0.11%
20 KWA 🇪🇨
507.8K 4.17%
21 marathon_Ecuador
Sports 484.6K -
22 Moda & Estilo 🛍️
Fashion and Accessories 439.8K -
23 Distribuidora Massuh
430.5K -
24 Supermaxi Ecuador
Food Product Showcase Marketing and Advertising Actors 406.7K 0.02%
25 Novedades Vargas on line
393.8K -
26 Don Vito Bananas
Food Product Showcase Business and Finance 380.8K 0.08%
380.6K 0.60%
28 Liga Deportiva Universitaria
Sports Soccer Sports Club Local Events 377.5K 3.35%
29 Almacenes Tía S.A.
Product Education Actors Virtualization 375.2K 0.03%
30 Tienda Fitness | Fajas Colombianas & Waist Trainers
Fitness and Health Product Showcase Actors 348.1K 0.01%
31 Deporvito
Sports Soccer Actors 340.9K 0.06%
32 Oswaldo Segura
Entertainment and Music Actors Music 334.4K 0.10%
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Marketing and Advertising Actors 331.4K 0.19%
34 Cotopaxi
Outdoor Activity Travel Adventure Mountain 327.1K 0.29%
35 Metro Ecuador
322.9K 0.73%
36 Rogger Guillen
Education Actors 312.1K 0.53%
37 Independiente del Valle
310.1K 1.92%
38 Karla Pazán Crespo
Beauty and Self Care Virtualization Actors 291.4K 0.30%
Home and Garden Marketing and Advertising Actors 276.8K 0.05%
Fashion and Accessories 273.6K 0.09%
Business and Finance Actors 266.9K 0.09%
42 DMujeres Beauty Market
Beauty and Self Care Product Showcase Actors 260.8K 0.12%
260K 0.04%
Fashion and Accessories Actors Virtualization 259.4K 0.05%
45 Andrea Pesantez
Fashion Actors 258.7K 0.51%
46 SmartBuy
Shopping 257.4K 0.14%
47 Ticketshow Ecuador
Entertainment and Music Actors 246.1K 0.43%
48 Importadora MeelTech Store ®
Shopping 243.6K 0.09%
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Virtualization 238.7K 0.47%
50 Sí Se Puede ⚽️
Actors Journalists 237.7K 0.50%
51 ECDF - El Canal del Fútbol
Sports 236.1K 0.20%
52 Primera Hora Ecuador ®
News 232.8K 1.17%
53 Cinemark Ecuador
222.6K 0.21%
Fashion and Accessories Virtualization Actors 219.9K 0.04%
55 Chevrolet Ecuador
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Events Actors 217.1K 0.06%
56 Cambio Saludable 🍃
212.2K 0.20%
57 11:11.
210.3K 0.50%
58 ManiCris
Food 206.9K -
59 Rostros Ecuador
Actors 201K 0.10%
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Home and Garden Lifestyle 199.3K 0.03%
61 IGoEcuador - Travel Agency
Travel Medical Health Actors 199K 16.84%
62 KFCEcuador
Food Food and Drink Actors 197.6K 0.19%
Business and Finance Home and Garden 192.5K 0.35%
64 McDonald's Ecuador
Food Food and Drink Actors 191.6K 0.25%
Entertainment and Music News Actors 190.6K 0.29%
66 Centro de Tecnología Urológica
Actors Virtualization 190.3K -
67 KG wings & Ribs
Food 189.4K 0.02%
68 GOLTV Ecuador Oficial
Sports News 187.3K 0.13%
69 Diego Viteri
Sports 182.2K 1.91%
70 Mall del Sol
Entertainment and Music Marketing and Advertising Actors Virtualization 177K 0.17%
71 Gloria Saltos
Beauty and Self Care Product Education Product Showcase Virtualization Actors 175.2K 0.14%
72 Conciertos Ecuador
Actors Music 171.2K 0.40%
73 Ale Aguilar®
Fashion and Accessories Actors Virtualization 167K 0.01%
74 Ramón Trino Andrade
Fitness and Health Virtualization Actors 161.2K 0.94%
75 Kia Ecuador
Automotive Actors 160.1K 0.05%
76 Radio Dinámica Ecuador
Entertainment and Music 159.4K 4.40%
77 Chili's Ecuador
Food Food and Drink Chef 158K 0.08%
78 Imperio Del Reggaeton Y Trap
Entertainment and Music News Actors 154K 0.40%
79 Municipio de Quito
Life and Society Politics Actors Public & Government Service Government Agencies 153.5K 0.05%
80 Natalia Landaluce
Home and Garden 153.3K 0.44%
Product Showcase Parenting Virtualization Actors 153.2K 0.01%
152.2K 1.00%
83 Deblex Casillero Ecuador
151.7K 0.11%
84 Presidencia Ecuador
Actors Journalists 151.5K 0.07%
85 Banco del Pacífico
Finance Marketing and Advertising Actors 150.7K 0.10%
86 Nicole⚡️
Fashion and Accessories Entertainment and Music Acting and Drama Actors Virtualization 149.9K 1.66%
87 Didy Ayovi ❤️
149.6K 1.80%
88 El Diario
148.5K 0.18%
89 Dental Services
Beauty and Self Care Education 146.6K 0.12%
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Events Lifestyle 145.9K 0.17%
91 Party lovers
Entertainment and Music 144.3K 0.03%
92 OneStop
Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Actors Lifestyle 144.2K 0.10%
93 Megamaxi Ecuador
141.7K 0.10%
94 Dr. Roberto Bitar
Beauty and Self Care Actors 140.4K 0.31%
140.2K 0.05%
96 Stephy Store
Fashion Beauty Virtualization Actors 139.5K 0.02%
97 Claro Ecuador
Finance Business and Finance Soccer Actors 137.2K 0.52%
98 Ecuador Travel
Travel Nature Adventure 136.9K 0.43%
99 Fajas Fájate® Ecuador
Fashion and Accessories Actors Virtualization 135.1K 0.09%
100 Guayaquil Turismo
Travel Politics Actors Virtualization 133.1K 0.17%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

TC Entretenimiento ✨ is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Ecuador for 04 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.03 with 1,936,619 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, TC Entretenimiento ✨ is also the top brand in the TV Shows category.
Ecuavisa and TC Televisión 📺 are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, Ecuavisa has an average engagement rate of 0.01, follower size of 1,910,344. Similarly, TC Televisión 📺 average engagement rate is 0.11, with 1,846,203 followers.
DILO CON DIBUJOS🔹 is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Yuribeth Cornejo, a top brand in the category of Actors, The follower on Instagram is 1,396,455.