List of Top 100 Brands of Belgium in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Belgium.
Discover what brands are popular in Belgium. Continue reading to know the top brands of Belgium. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 4,435 Top Brands on Instagram in Belgium.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
Sports 1.2M 0.62%
2 Seven Futsal 🇧🇪
Sports Celebrity 1.2M 0.26%
3 Laura Van Baelen
Fitness and Health News Training Coaching 737.7K 0.57%
4 Ahmad Kranbeh
Art 633.6K 7.18%
5 Casashops | home & deco
Home and Garden Product Showcase Fashion and Accessories Design Interior Design Decoration 621.5K 0.03%
6 Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team
Business and Finance Home and Garden Bikes 573.3K 0.80%
7 La Vuelta
Sports 494.7K 6.13%
8 Le Fooding
Food News 441.6K 0.25%
9 Callebaut Chocolate
Food Chef Recipes 439K 0.07%
10 Delvaux
Fashion and Accessories Bags 371.6K 0.27%
News 370.5K 3.82%
12 Suspicious Antwerp
Fashion and Accessories Modeling 336.1K 0.51%
13 Bijouterie Arlequin
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden 324.9K 0.29%
14 RSC Anderlecht
Sports Personal Finance Soccer 322.7K 1.14%
15 VTM
Entertainment and Music News Music 316.6K 1.02%
16 Julie Van den Steen
Animals Pets Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 294.9K 3.17%
17 Tiktok/Reels & babes
Entertainment and Music 294K 0.65%
18 Mohamed Ashour || محمد عاشور
291.4K 0.90%
Finance Luxury Cars Entrepreneur Celebrities 288.9K 0.12%
20 Callebaut Brasil
Food Product Showcase Marketing and Advertising Chef 276.1K 0.31%
21 jamie-lee
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle Styling Celebrities Hair & Beauty Animals & Pets Humor 274.7K 2.97%
News 273.6K 1.69%
23 Carrément
Fashion and Accessories Celebrities Hair & Beauty 269.1K 0.30%
Sports Entertainment and Music Celebrity Riders Bikes 263.4K 0.27%
25 Sporza
Sports News 256.1K 1.87%
26 djdaddyk
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle Music 244.1K 1.39%
27 Kentucky Horsewear
Animals Home and Garden 243.8K 2.72%
28 Studio Brussel
Entertainment and Music News Music 242.5K 1.16%
29 Mischka Aoki
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Fashion Design Events 240.3K 0.12%
30 😤Brussels Griffons😤
Pets Parenting Dogs 227.8K 1.21%
31 Kipling
Fashion and Accessories Bags 227.1K 0.11%
32 Equitom
Animals Home and Garden 225.3K 2.38%
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Styling 223.7K 0.07%
34 sciencejewelry1824
Education Product Showcase Home and Garden Jewelry & Watches 217K 0.04%
35 Pairi Daiza
Nature Home and Garden Lifestyle 215.4K 1.27%
36 MySofiaPinkMeUp
Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music Styling Hair Salons 213.8K 0.03%
37 Eleven Belgium
Sports News Soccer Basketball 212.1K 1.22%
Entertainment and Music Life and Society Photography Product Showcase News 205.4K 2.02%
39 IKEA Belgium
Home and Garden Design Interior Design Lifestyle 202.6K 0.23%
40 Bana mboka 243
202K 0.33%
41 Zizov Diamonds
Shopping 198.8K 0.30%
42 Ice-Watch - Montres, bijoux et accessoires
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Lifestyle 198.3K 0.06%
43 Bellerose
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Lifestyle Styling 197.8K 0.19%
44 Ursula von der Leyen
194.9K 3.80%
45 BmwLover9888 🖤❤💙
193.7K 0.50%
46 🌸 Coralie Secret Story 9 🎀
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories News Lifestyle 191.9K 2.67%
47 Maison Pierre Marcolini
Food Marketing and Advertising Lifestyle 184.1K 0.30%
48 Action België®
Product Showcase 183.2K 0.18%
49 SN3
182.1K -
50 Axess | Cash&Carry
179K -
51 Serax
Home and Garden Design Interior Design Furniture 178.7K 0.12%
52 Axel Vervoordt Company
176.5K 0.80%
Home and Garden 168.3K 0.10%
Home and Garden Lifestyle 166.5K 0.72%
55 mxDVS
Fashion and Accessories Streetwear Modeling 161.4K 1.33%
56 MASSIMO PIRRONE • sartoria Italiana
Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Modeling Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty 159.8K 1.15%
57 Dagelijkse kost
Food 157.4K 0.80%
58 High & Fines Herbes 🌳🍽
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle 154.9K 5.80%
59 Ugly Belgian Houses
Arts and Crafts 154.7K 0.90%
153.3K -
61 Dirty Workz
Entertainment and Music News Music Producers DJ 150.7K 0.64%
62 Royal Belgian FA
150.1K 0.37%
63 cat's eyes
Fashion and Accessories 143K 4.16%
64 Football • Soccer • Futbol
Sports Entertainment and Music Celebrities 139.4K 0.70%
65 ShifTech Reprogrammation
Auto and Vehicles 137.4K 2.82%
66 David Dieu
Education Upskilling 136.7K 8.11%
67 Sofie Dumont
Food Food and Drink Moms Lifestyle 135.2K 0.50%
68 Kalklitir
Home and Garden Product Education Design 134.7K 0.14%
69 Dieter Vander Velpen
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Design Interior Design Furniture 132.2K 0.73%
70 𝑪𝒊𝒍𝒔 𝑴𝒂𝒈𝒏𝒆́𝒕𝒊𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒔 - 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒚
130K -
71 Pukkelpop
Entertainment and Music Music 129.3K 4.16%
72 Vermijl Car Detail
Auto and Vehicles Automotive 129.1K 2.04%
73 ISNA خبر گزاری ایسنا
128.8K 0.20%
74 Lidl Belgium
Finance Lifestyle 128.2K 0.17%
75 Karla Escobar KAES
Beauty and Self Care 126.8K 0.32%
76 Edgard & Cooper
Pets Food and Drink Dogs 126.1K 0.33%
77 Courir Belgique
Fashion and Accessories 124.3K 0.06%
78 Radio Contact
Lifestyle Music Sports Radio Station Publishers 123.8K 1.10%
Fashion and Accessories Shoes 123.7K 0.11%
80 💥Thomas Genon⚓️
Sports Riders Bikes 122.9K 3.04%
81 Action Belgique®
Product Showcase Lifestyle 121.6K 0.15%
82 Baobab Collection
Home and Garden Design Lifestyle 119.8K 0.34%
83 Stad Antwerpen
Art Parenting 117.6K 1.65%
84 World Chocolate Masters
Food Home and Garden Chef 117.1K 0.38%
85 PrimaDonna Lingerie
Fashion Modeling 115.1K 0.77%
86 Brussels Airlines
114.9K 0.90%
87 Perde Tül 🇧🇪🇦🇹🇳🇱🇨🇵TAÇ Brillant
114.7K 0.50%
88 DripStyleBE
Fashion and Accessories 114.2K 2.40%
89 RTBF Sport
Sports News 113.2K 1.71%
90 MoldBrothers
Arts and Crafts 113.2K 2.01%
91 Tim Van Laere Gallery Antwerp-Rome
Art Fashion Painting Visualizations 110.7K 0.30%
92 Flair België
Fashion and Accessories News News&Politics 110.4K 0.83%
Actors Music Fashion 109.8K 2.20%
Training Coaching Sports 108.7K 0.50%
95 BossWomenMindset
106.6K 2.10%
96 KAA Gent
Sports Soccer Tennis Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue Local Events 104.4K 1.80%
97 Naomi
Beauty and Self Care Business Makeup Artist Lifestyle Services 104.4K 24.63%
98 Anna-Livia
Arts and Crafts 102.9K 18.24%
99 Nieuwsblad
News 102.3K 0.46%
100 Leven 🇧🇪
Fashion and Accessories 102.1K 1.45%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

MXGP is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Belgium for 05 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.62 with 1,202,891 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, MXGP is also the top brand in the Sports category.
Seven Futsal 🇧🇪 and Laura Van Baelen are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, Seven Futsal 🇧🇪 has an average engagement rate of 0.26, follower size of 1,179,706. Similarly, Laura Van Baelen average engagement rate is 0.57, with 737,732 followers.
Ahmad Kranbeh is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Casashops | home & deco, a top brand in the category of Home and Garden, The follower on Instagram is 621,464.