List of Top 100 Brands of Peru in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Peru.
Discover what brands are popular in Peru. Continue reading to know the top brands of Peru. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 3,153 Top Brands on Instagram in Peru.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Diario El Comercio
News News&Politics 1.6M 0.08%
News Television Soccer Actors 1.6M 0.02%
3 Esto Es Guerra Perú
Entertainment and Music Actors Journalists Modeling 1.5M 0.18%
4 RPP Noticias
News Actors 1.4M 0.03%
5 Karla Tarazona Covarrubias
1.1M 0.27%
6 Mathias Brivio
Entertainment and Music Product Education Actors Journalists 1.1M 0.04%
7 Falabella Perú
Product Showcase Actors Virtualization 1.1M 0.07%
8 Gigi Mitre
Actors Fashion 1M 3.25%
9 adidas Perú
Fashion and Accessories Sports Actors 0.9M 0.32%
10 Ripley Perú
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Home and Garden Actors 820.2K 0.01%
11 Alejandra Baigorria <AB>
Fashion and Accessories Virtualization 816.4K 0.08%
Actors 778.7K 0.10%
13 La República
762.6K 0.35%
Funny 759.2K 2.65%
15 Javiera Acevedo Ludwig
Family Travel Parenting Actors Virtualization Journalists 740.7K 0.80%
16 Perú
Travel Politics Adventure 720.3K 0.86%
17 DE LA PTM 🇵🇪
Actors 661.8K 4.61%
18 América Noticias
Television TV Channel Actors 641K 0.05%
19 aylincriss
630.4K 3.70%
20 Ministerio de Salud del Perú
622.2K -
621.5K 0.46%
22 El Gran Show
Entertainment and Music Music Actors 603.1K 0.37%
23 Christian Dominguez Alvarado
587.7K 0.22%
24 Movistar Deportes
Sports Entertainment and Music News Actors 572.9K 0.15%
25 La Zona
News DJ Modeling 571K 0.12%
26 Radio Moda
Entertainment and Music News Actors Music 557.6K 0.19%
27 Diario Perú21
News Soccer Actors Journalists 555.1K 0.10%
28 Samsung Perú
Fashion and Accessories Actors 552.8K 0.02%
540.4K 2.00%
30 Roxana Molina
503.7K 6.47%
31 ATV
Entertainment and Music News Actors Journalists 484.5K 0.06%
32 Starbucks Perú
Food Actors 478.8K 0.09%
33 En Boca de Todos
474K 0.10%
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Lifestyle Styling 450.3K 0.15%
35 Exitosa Noticias
Entertainment and Music 444K 0.06%
36 Studio92
Entertainment and Music News Actors Journalists 439.4K 0.49%
37 Combate Perú
Actors 431.7K 2.50%
38 depor
Sports News News&Politics 429K 0.40%
Food 418.6K 0.35%
40 Converse Perú
Fashion and Accessories Actors Modeling 412.4K 0.28%
41 Teleticket
398K 0.05%
42 Sybilla
Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Parenting Lifestyle 396.6K 0.04%
43 Diario El Peruano
Education 380.3K 0.40%
44 Diario Correo
News Soccer Journalists Actors 375K 0.20%
45 iShop Perú
Product Showcase Apple 371.8K 0.13%
46 Topitop
Home and Garden Bikini Lifestyle 364.2K 0.18%
47 Viaja y Prueba
Food Travel News Actors Chef Entertainment Site Publishers 353.4K 0.98%
48 BUTRICH - Shoes & Accessories
Fashion and Accessories Actors Fashion Design Celebrities 347.3K 0.29%
49 Organización Miss Perú
Entertainment and Music 344.8K 1.01%
50 Tottus Perú
Moms Actors 342.2K 0.27%
51 Ministerio de Cultura del Perú
Politics 332K 0.04%
52 Radio Oxígeno
Entertainment and Music News Music Actors Rock 330.1K 0.14%
324.3K -
54 Magaly ATV
323.8K 0.78%
55 Virgilio Martinez
Food 322.9K 0.93%
56 Fanáticos del Cine
Entertainment and Music News Actors Music 321.1K 0.09%
57 Ministerio de Trabajo
Education Politics 317K 0.34%
58 Reebok Perú
Fitness and Health Sports Coaching Actors 312.3K 0.07%
Pets Fashion Lifestyle Actors Brand Food & Personal Goods 310.7K 0.08%
60 EsSalud
310.3K 0.08%
61 X T R E M E
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts DIY and Life Hacks Modeling 310K 0.88%
62 Bata Perú
Fashion and Accessories Automotive Actors Lifestyle 308.1K 0.14%
63 Huawei Mobile Perú
Product Showcase Business and Finance Actors 307.5K 0.05%
64 Central
Food Food and Drink 297.6K 1.81%
65 KAROL G 🔵
Entertainment and Music Business and Finance Music Actors 289K 0.20%
66 Casaideas Perú
Home and Garden Marketing and Advertising Actors Virtualization 286.6K 0.17%
67 Liga De Fútbol Profesional
283.6K 0.10%
68 Vernácula Concept Store
Product Education Product Showcase Virtualization 274K 0.20%
Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Fashion Design Modeling Celebrities 272.7K 0.42%
70 FCO Jazmin Pinedo✨
265.9K 0.20%
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Music 263.9K 0.03%
72 Movistar Perú
Actors Journalists 252K 0.06%
73 Index Perú
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Actors 249.1K 0.33%
74 Footloose Perú
Fashion and Accessories 249.1K 0.11%
75 Bioderma Perú
Beauty and Self Care 246.6K 0.05%
76 Sunedu
Education Politics 244.4K 0.03%
243.9K 0.40%
78 Diario TROME
News 243.9K 0.21%
79 NL Store
Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Actors 240K -
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Marketing and Advertising Lifestyle 237.8K 0.42%
81 Diario para chicas
Fashion and Accessories Actors 237.7K 0.60%
82 NOW®
Fashion Actors Lifestyle 236.3K 0.09%
83 Natura Perú
Beauty and Self Care Lifestyle 234.3K 0.04%
84 Entel Perú
Product Education Home and Garden Actors Virtualization 232.3K 0.11%
Arts and Crafts 231.1K 0.12%
86 PUMA Perú
230.5K 0.40%
87 Líbero
Sports News Actors 227.8K 0.16%
88 Luz de Luna
Entertainment and Music 227.5K 0.36%
89 Cinemark Perú
Entertainment and Music Actors 223.7K 0.42%
90 Marathon Perú
Fitness and Health Sports Actors 223.4K 0.21%
91 Hilary CB
Fashion and Accessories 222.5K 1.53%
92 Psicoterapia Ser Familia
220.1K 0.50%
93 Promart Homecenter
Home and Garden 218K 0.06%
94 Alejandra Chávez
Fitness and Health Coaching Celebrities 214.8K 1.75%
95 Tejiendo Perú
Arts and Crafts News Actors 213.7K 3.50%
96 Fiorella Supermarket 🛒
212.2K 0.08%
97 A L C A B Arquitectura 🇵🇪
Home and Garden Education Product Education Product Showcase Design Architecture Interior Design 210.6K 0.38%
98 Policía Nacional del Perú
Politics 210.6K 0.37%
99 Ministerio de Vivienda
210.2K -
100 Xiaomi Perú
209.7K 0.10%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Diario El Comercio is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Peru for 04 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.08 with 1,567,449 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Diario El Comercio is also the top brand in the News category. and Esto Es Guerra Perú are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, has an average engagement rate of 0.02, follower size of 1,557,864. Similarly, Esto Es Guerra Perú average engagement rate is 0.18, with 1,483,764 followers.
RPP Noticias is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Karla Tarazona Covarrubias, The follower on Instagram is 1,102,777.