List of Top 100 Brands of France in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in France.
Discover what brands are popular in France. Continue reading to know the top brands of France. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 31,849 Top Brands on Instagram in France.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Paris Saint-Germain
Sports Soccer Journalists 64.8M 0.10%
Fashion Home and Garden Fashion Design 59.9M 0.02%
3 Dior Official
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Home and Garden Design Lifestyle Company Home Services 46.1M 0.08%
4 Christian Louboutin
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Design Design & Fashion Business & Utility Services 16.9M 0.02%
5 Ousmane Dembélé
Sports Soccer 15.1M 5.25%
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Home Services 12.6M 0.15%
7 Balmain
Fashion and Accessories Music Modeling Lifestyle Clothing Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 12.2M 0.05%
8 YSL Beauty Official
Beauty and Self Care Health Beauty Health/Beauty Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 11.2M 0.05%
9 L'Oréal Paris Official
Beauty and Self Care Business Health Beauty Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 10.8M 0.02%
10 Vogue France
Fashion and Accessories News Magazines Magazine Publishers 10.1M 0.09%
11 NARS Cosmetics
Beauty and Self Care Spa Beauty Personal Care Lifestyle Services 9.7M 0.07%
12 Netflix France
Tv Show Content & Apps 9.4M 0.69%
13 Lacoste
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Shoes Activewear 7.6M 0.40%
Fashion and Accessories Brand Food & Personal Goods 6.7M 0.07%
15 Anthony Martial
6.4M 4.39%
Fashion and Accessories Clothing Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 6.3M 1.95%
Fashion and Accessories 5.9M 0.04%
18 Ligue 1 Uber Eats
Sports Soccer Lifestyle 4.5M 0.55%
19 Magnum Photos
Photography Arts and Crafts Politics 4.2M 0.35%
20 Sézane
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Lifestyle 3.9M 0.20%
21 Giambattista Valli Official
Business and Finance Fashion Fashion Design Modeling 3.3M 0.21%
22 Baddies
Music Business Entrepreneur 3.2M 1.29%
23 Where Magic Gets Real ✨
Travel 3M 1.11%
24 Chefclub
Food News Lifestyle 2.9M 0.03%
25 Roland-Garros
Sports Personal Finance Tennis 2.9M 1.87%
26 MICHELIN guide (official)
Food Restaurants Chef Topic Kitchen Supplies Home Goods Stores 2.6M -
27 Maisons du Monde
Home and Garden Decoration 2.6M 0.09%
Sports Entertainment and Music News Basketball 2.4M 0.41%
29 L'Équipe
Sports Lifestyle 2.4M 0.47%
30 Olympique Lyonnais
Sports News 2.4M 0.64%
31 Emily In Paris
2.3M 3.72%
32 Airbus
Auto and Vehicles Home and Garden 2.3M 1.57%
33 Tour de France™
Bikes 2.2M 0.53%
34 Lisa Zimouche (lisafreestyle)
Sports Soccer Celebrities Humor 2.1M 3.37%
35 Sephora France
Beauty and Self Care Events Lifestyle Health Beauty Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 2M 0.13%
36 Guerlain
Beauty and Self Care 2M 0.25%
37 Vichy Laboratoires
Beauty and Self Care 1.9M 0.06%
38 Les Plus Beaux Code De Filles
Humor 1.9M 2.19%
39 L'Oréal Professionnel Paris
Beauty and Self Care Home and Garden Styling Hair Salons 1.9M 0.12%
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 1.8M 0.19%
41 FRANCE 24
TV Channel Lifestyle Journalists Sports 1.8M 0.07%
42 Paris France 🇫🇷 Travel | Hotels | Food | Tips
Travel Video Games Adventure 1.8M 0.09%
43 TRACE Africa
Entertainment and Music Music News Lifestyle 1.8M 0.03%
44 Le Monde
News Lifestyle Journalists 1.8M 0.28%
45 FFF
Personal Finance Soccer 1.7M 1.52%
46 Foot Mercato
Sports News Soccer 1.6M 2.02%
47 Candlelight Concerts by Fever
Entertainment and Music 1.6M 0.18%
48 Architectural Digest France
Home and Garden Arts and Crafts News News&Politics 1.6M 0.28%
49 Perfumes Importados 🇫🇷
Fashion 1.5M -
50 Brian Rafael
1.5M -
51 Elhadj 'D marshall
Entertainment and Music Humor Design Celebrities 1.4M 2.58%
52 Etam
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 1.4M 0.21%
53 Laboratoire Dermatologique Avène
Beauty Beauty and Self Care Lifestyle 1.4M 0.10%
54 Daft Punk
Entertainment and Music Modeling Music 1.4M 2.12%
55 WeWard
Finance 1.3M 0.20%
56 Pimkie
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Styling 1.3M 0.05%
57 Chefclub Network
Food Recipes Cooking 1.3M 0.14%
58 VDM
Entertainment and Music Funny News Lifestyle 1.3M 2.05%
59 Centre Pompidou
Arts and Crafts Visualizations 1.3M 0.32%
60 Wil Aime
Entertainment and Music Arts and Crafts Events Lifestyle 1.2M 19.11%
61 Fou de Pâtisserie
Food News News&Politics 1.2M 0.67%
62 Cercle
Entertainment and Music Soccer Music 1.2M 3.91%
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories 1.2M 0.18%
64 Etalonium Fashion Group
1.1M 0.52%
65 Fubiz
Arts and Crafts Entertainment and Music News News&Politics 1.1M 0.13%
66 Paco Rabanne
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Fashion Design Modeling 1.1M 0.10%
67 ba&sh
Fashion and Accessories Events Lifestyle Styling 1.1M 0.16%
68 Festival de Cannes
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle 1.1M 0.51%
Fashion and Accessories Bags Brand Food & Personal Goods 1.1M 0.25%
70 Philippe Etchebest
Food Lifestyle Chef 1.1M 0.72%
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle General Interest 1.1M 2.43%
72 Franco Candelma
Food Finance News 1.1M 1.70%
73 Château de Versailles
Arts and Crafts Travel Lifestyle 1.1M 0.79%
74 Maison Goyard
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Bags 1M 1.31%
75 BIOXIDEA® Official
Beauty and Self Care Product Showcase 1M 0.32%
76 750g
Food News 1M 0.19%
77 Wethenew
Shopping Shoes 1M 0.32%
78 Rouje Paris
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 1M 0.17%
79 Christophe Michalak
Food Food and Drink Chef Lifestyle 1M 0.24%
80 Carven
Business and Finance Lifestyle Modeling 1M 0.02%
81 Международный Дизайн Интерьера
1M 1.70%
82 Peugeot
Auto and Vehicles Automotive 1M 0.63%
Entertainment and Music News News&Politics 1M 0.90%
84 Marine Lorphelin
Education Upskilling Fitness and Health Outdoor Activity Lifestyle 1M 1.57%
Entertainment and Music News Video Games Lifestyle 1M 0.07%
86 NYX Professional Makeup France
Beauty and Self Care Lifestyle Cosmetics Beauty Supply Lifestyle Services 1M 0.10%
87 FortniteFR
Games 1M 0.50%
88 Fnac
Lifestyle Sports 1M 0.23%
89 ELLE Décoration France
Home and Garden News News&Politics 1M 0.27%
90 Dermatolog Dr.Melis Mosavi
Beauty and Self Care Education 1M 0.02%
91 Ashi Studio
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design Modeling 1M 0.11%
92 𝐀𝐌𝐈 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐢
Fashion and Accessories Modeling Fashion Design 0.9M 1.06%
93 Kiabi
Fashion and Accessories Automotive Lifestyle Styling 0.9M 0.12%
94 Téléfoot
Sports Soccer Lifestyle 0.9M 1.45%
95 Leia Sfez
Arts and Crafts Fashion and Accessories 0.9M 1.16%
96 Yves Rocher France
Beauty and Self Care Lifestyle Spa Beauty Personal Care Lifestyle Services 0.9M 0.30%
97 Salomon
Sports Outdoor Activity Nature Ski Mountain Snowboarding 868.5K 0.80%
98 Maison Pierre Hermé Paris
Food Lifestyle 856.5K 0.46%
99 celio
Shopping Basketball Lifestyle 850.6K 0.13%
100 Roger Vivier
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Lifestyle 849.7K 0.11%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Paris Saint-Germain is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in France for 06 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.10 with 64,817,620 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Paris Saint-Germain is also the top brand in the Sports category.
CHANEL and Dior Official are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, CHANEL has an average engagement rate of 0.02, follower size of 59,935,465. Similarly, Dior Official average engagement rate is 0.08, with 46,147,346 followers.
Christian Louboutin is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Ousmane Dembélé, a top brand in the category of Sports, The follower on Instagram is 15,120,226.