List of Top 100 Brands of Pakistan in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Pakistan.
Discover what brands are popular in Pakistan. Continue reading to know the top brands of Pakistan. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 4,458 Top Brands on Instagram in Pakistan.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Aima Baig
Entertainment and Music Singer Music 6M 0.37%
2 humtvpakistan
Entertainment and Music Celebrity News Singer Music 4.5M 0.03%
3 ARY Digital
Entertainment and Music Celebrity News TV Channel Music Singer Entertainment 4.5M 0.01%
4 J. Junaid Jamshed
Beauty and Self Care Product Showcase Styling 3.7M 0.01%
5 ARY News
Education Entertainment and Music News TV Channel 3.3M 0.04%
6 Sapphire
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Jewelry Fashion Design 3.3M 0.02%
Entertainment and Music News Modeling Actors 3M 0.18%
8 Sana Safinaz
Fashion and Accessories Styling 2.7M 0.03%
9 alkaram studio
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design Design Topic Shopping Retail Shopping & Retail Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 2.6M -
10 Huma Wajahat
Photography Business and Finance Home and Garden Events Portraits 2.5M 1.40%
11 Abdul Samad Zia Weddings
Romance and Wedding 2.5M 0.48%
12 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Education 2.4M 0.40%
13 GulAhmed Fashion
Fashion and Accessories Styling 2.3M 0.01%
14 Noman And Bhaiya
Shopping 2.3M 0.09%
15 Agha Noor
Fashion and Accessories Styling 2.1M 0.15%
16 Shoaib Malik
Sports Cricket 2.1M 2.59%
Entertainment and Music Marketing and Advertising 2M -
18 DIVA Magazine Pakistan
Fashion and Accessories Entertainment and Music Celebrity Music News Magazines 2M 0.17%
19 H Pakistan
Entertainment and Music Fashion and Accessories News Events Styling Lifestyle 1.8M 0.01%
20 Ali Xeeshan
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Fashion Design Modeling 1.8M 0.04%
21 Faysal Quraishi
Modeling 1.8M 0.27%
22 Cross Stitch
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Modeling 1.6M 0.04%
Fashion and Accessories Modeling Styling 1.5M 0.05%
Fashion and Accessories 1.5M 0.01%
Fashion and Accessories Celebrity News Lifestyle 1.5M -
26 Élan
Fashion and Accessories Parenting 1.4M 0.01%
27 Charizma
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Modeling Music 1.4M -
28 Hiba Qadir
Art 1.3M 3.24%
29 Hijab Modern
Fashion and Accessories Business Celebrities Hair & Beauty 1.3M 0.58%
Fashion and Accessories Modeling Styling 1.3M 0.09%
31 Pakistan Super League
Sports Personal Finance 1.3M 3.78%
32 ZainabChottaniofficial
Fashion and Accessories Romance and Wedding Fashion Design 1.2M 0.04%
33 Orient Textiles
Fashion and Accessories Medical Health 1.2M 0.02%
34 Page 3 Magazine
Fashion and Accessories Celebrity News 1.1M 0.16%
35 Sania Khan | Dubai Real Estate 🇦🇪
Fashion 1.1M 0.49%
Fashion and Accessories Adventure 1.1M 0.04%
37 @ChenOneOfficial
Home and Garden Medical Health Styling Modeling 1.1M 0.01%
Fashion and Accessories 1.1M 0.05%
39 Little People
Shopping 1.1M 0.01%
Beauty and Self Care 1M 0.02%
41 Rang Rasiya
Fashion and Accessories Modeling 1M 0.02%
42 Daraz
Fashion and Accessories 0.9M 0.01%
43 Geo News English
News Celebrity Sports 0.9M 0.09%
44 Faiza Abbas
Beauty and Self Care Marketing and Advertising Events Portraits 0.9M 3.27%
45 Faiza Saqlain
Fashion and Accessories Styling 0.9M 0.28%
46 Express News
News 0.9M 0.05%
47 اردو BBC News
News 0.9M 0.06%
48 The Body Shop® Pakistan
Beauty and Self Care Organics 873.2K 0.02%
49 Threads & Motifs
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Design 818.9K 0.01%
50 En Uygun Çantalar 🧡
813.2K 0.04%
51 almas
Product Showcase Lifestyle Styling 809.5K 0.03%
52 Lulusar
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 800.4K 0.30%
53 Momina Sundas Syeda
Beauty and Self Care Health and Medical Services 799.6K 5.80%
54 Clive Shoes
Fashion 788.8K 0.03%
55 Zahra Ahmad
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Styling 787.5K 0.02%
56 Bukhari Accessories™️
Fashion and Accessories 783K 0.07%
57 Galaxy Lollywood
Entertainment and Music News Film Modeling Actors 777.3K 0.44%
58 Bagallery
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Bags 766K 0.01%
59 AnadoluTesettürgiyim
Shopping 762.4K 0.02%
60 Sania Maskatiya Official
Fashion Beauty Fashion Design Modeling 752.6K 0.04%
Fashion and Accessories 745.7K 0.02%
62 Paperazzi Magazine
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Food Food and Drink News News&Politics 737.1K 0.07%
63 Samsung Pakistan
Product Showcase 734.8K 0.08%
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Styling Animals & Pets Nature & Outdoors 734.7K 0.17%
65 Nomi Ansari
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design 731.9K 0.03%
66 Erum Khan
Fashion and Accessories Events 715.4K 0.01%
67 Rahim Pardesi
Entertainment and Music Music Singer Entertainment 709.7K 3.76%
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 709.5K 0.02%
69 Sobia Nazir
Fashion and Accessories Modeling 704.1K 0.05%
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Cars 699.3K 0.31%
71 Parien House
Shopping 688.7K 0.32%
72 McDonald's Pakistan
Food Food and Drink Soccer 660.1K 0.09%
73 Origins- Ready To Wear
Fashion and Accessories Modeling Lifestyle 656.9K 0.01%
74 Fashion Blog
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Lifestyle Styling 647.3K 0.06%
75 Edition Pakistan
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music Celebrity 644.5K 0.06%
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design Hair & Beauty Design Celebrities 643.9K 0.09%
Education Life and Society News 633.5K 0.29%
78 Hussain Rehar
Fashion and Accessories Romance and Wedding Home and Garden Fashion Design Modeling 628.8K 0.34%
79 DawnNews
Education Entertainment and Music News 617.9K 0.01%
80 Zaha
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle Styling 609.8K 0.09%
81 Saira Rizwan
Education Styling Architecture 601.2K 0.02%
Beauty and Self Care Product Showcase Business 600.9K 0.19%
Food Medical Health 597.7K 1.07%
84 BOL Entertainment
Entertainment and Music Family 594.3K 0.01%
85 Breakout Pakistan
Fashion and Accessories Music Styling 584.7K 0.03%
Fashion and Accessories Business 572.3K 0.02%
87 All Super Stars Magazine 🇵🇰
569.1K 0.10%
88 Sana Safinaz - Ready To Wear
Fashion and Accessories 561.2K -
Fashion and Accessories Modeling 554.7K 0.01%
90 House design
Home and Garden 546.7K 0.30%
91 Ansab Jahangir
Fashion and Accessories Styling Hair & Beauty 542K 0.03%
541.1K 0.05%
93 Saira Shakira
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design 540.9K 0.13%
94 Urdu Poetry Official 🇵🇰
Education Modeling Music 540.1K 0.82%
95 RAWAYAT® | #1 Jewelery eStore
Fashion and Accessories 528K -
96 Junaid Akram
Fitness Fashion 522.5K 2.49%
97 Salitex Women’s Clothing
Fashion and Accessories Styling Modeling 508.7K 0.01%
98 One58 Travel & Tours
Travel 508.2K 0.03%
99 Ludo STAR
Games 504.8K 0.10%
100 Shaur
Life and Society Actors 503.5K 0.19%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Aima Baig is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Pakistan for 04 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.37 with 6,009,798 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Aima Baig is also the top brand in the Entertainment and Music category.
humtvpakistan and ARY Digital are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, humtvpakistan has an average engagement rate of 0.03, follower size of 4,536,298. Similarly, ARY Digital average engagement rate is 0.01, with 4,494,708 followers.
J. Junaid Jamshed is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is ARY News, a top brand in the category of Education, The follower on Instagram is 3,270,760.