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Our Instagram hashtag tracker will “crawl every corner of the internet” to provide you accurate, real-time analytics of any hashtags. This includes the Instagram posts and videos published with your hashtags, along with the number of likes and comments. Use this tool before and after you run your campaign to guarantee success!

Discover related influencers using #hashtags

Combining this tool with our existing influencer search platform, you can search your branded hashtags to find influencers or KOLs who have already mentioned your brands on their Instagram posts. It is easier to convince them to work together since they initially know and love your brand. It is more authentic, too! (*wink)

Open doors for more #hashtags

Many advertisers put in different 30 hashtags as it is the maximum number of hashtags that we can insert into an Instagram post. #doitforthegram and we won’t judge! In fact, our tool will suggest you other relevant hashtags and allow you to compare the performance of two to three hashtags to save your time.

Do competitor analysis using #hashtags

Keeping tabs on someone isn’t a trait only owned by a stalker or a secret admirer only - it is indeed pivotal to research on your competitors. Using our tool, you can find out the trending posts of your competitors and the influencers whom they have engaged with by entering any hashtags used by your competitors.

How It Works

Enter a hashtag that you want to search, track and analyze.

Use our compiled top hashtags if you do not have any hashtags on mind.

Get a complete analysis of the hashtag and suggested influencers.

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