List of Top 100 Brands of El Salvador in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in El Salvador.
Discover what brands are popular in El Salvador. Continue reading to know the top brands of El Salvador. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
1 Noticias 4Visión
Soccer Actors 673.3K 0.13%
2 No Seas Maje
News 434.6K 1.20%
3 laprensagrafica
News Actors 363.6K 0.21%
Fashion and Accessories 331.3K 0.53%
5 Noticiero Hechos
News Actors 313.7K 0.15%
6 Soy Oveja
283.5K 4.00%
7 Ferretti Group Official
Outdoor Activity Sports Automotive Luxury Cars 276.6K 0.18%
8 El Gráfico
Sports News Soccer Actors Journalists 241.3K 0.52%
9 TCS Noticias
News TV Channel Actors Journalists 238.4K 0.05%
10 Prismamoda
Fashion and Accessories 233.6K 0.10%
Travel Food and Drink Architecture Nature & Outdoors 208.7K 3.75%
Fashion and Accessories 202.3K 6.93%
13 Jenny 🇸🇻 López
Entertainment and Music Romance and Wedding 195.9K 0.90%
14 El Salvador
188.9K 0.16%
15 Canal 12 El Salvador
Entertainment and Music News Television Actors 187.3K 0.01%
16 Daniela Ardón.
Entertainment and Music Actors 185.1K 1.70%
17 Pao y Mafer Cea
Acting and Drama 166.4K 0.78%
18 Pizza Hut 🍕 El Salvador
Food 166.2K 0.09%
19 Sony Music Centroamérica
Entertainment and Music Music Actors 160.2K 0.11%
20 Sr. Guanaco®️
Funny Actors 156.8K 1.30%
21 Buffalo Wings® - El Salvador
Food Food and Drink 142.9K 0.48%
22 ʙᴏʏ ᴅᴏ ɪᴘʜᴏɴᴇ
141.1K 0.25%
23 Grupo Megavisión
News TV Channel Actors 135.5K 0.24%
24 ADOC El Salvador
Fashion and Accessories Actors 119.9K 0.29%
25 Secretaría de Prensa
119.5K -
26 Gobierno de El Salvador
119.3K 1.73%
27 Hola El Salvador
Actors Music 116.9K 0.11%
28 Heraldos del Evangelio SV
116.2K 2.01%
29 Sonia Siguí
Marketing and Advertising Actors 115K 1.22%
30 Viva La Mañana
112.9K 0.40%
31 Burger King El Salvador
Food 112.8K 0.95%
32 El Salvador - Cipotes
Funny Life and Society Product Showcase Modeling Celebrities Health & Fitness 112K 0.81%
33 TODO MOTOR Latinoamérica
Auto and Vehicles News Actors 111.3K 0.64%
34 Calle 7 El Salvador
Entertainment and Music TV Shows Actors 110.1K 0.51%
35 Ban Ban El Salvador
Food Product Showcase Food and Drink 108.2K 1.01%
36 Súper Selectos
Food 108.2K 0.09%
37 TurboTeamSV
Auto and Vehicles Automotive Cars 107K 3.24%
38 Jenniffer Valle
Entertainment and Music Actors Journalists Virtualization 105.6K 0.92%
39 Modas Madeline®
Fashion Fashion Design Modeling 105.6K 0.03%
40 Telecadena
Entertainment and Music News Actors Virtualization 104.6K 0.18%
41 El Sótano
Actors Fashion 104.1K 1.00%
42 PriceSmart El Salvador
Product Education Virtualization 101.5K 0.03%
43 Marie Going Nuts ®
Fitness and Health 100.8K 0.70%
44 Casa 1800 El Salvador ®
Travel Hotels Luxury 100.5K 0.44%
45 By Marcela Aristizabal
Actors Virtualization 94.8K -
46 Zublime Rodriguez Fans
91.7K 4.30%
47 Decameron El Salvador
Travel Marketing and Advertising Actors 91K 0.24%
90.8K 0.80%
49 La Mara Dice
Marketing and Advertising Actors Modeling 85.8K 1.29%
50 Wanama Home
Home and Garden Actors 85.8K 0.07%
51 Multiplaza El Salvador
85.5K 0.34%
52 sʜᴇᴋɪɴᴀ
Fashion Fashion Design Lifestyle 83.1K -
53 Almacenes Bomba
81.2K 0.10%
54 Claro El Salvador
Product Education Auto and Vehicles Business and Finance Soccer Actors 81.2K 0.70%
55 LaBritanySV
79.2K 0.70%
56 Tech Store SV
Technology 77.4K 0.38%
57 Tienda de Belleza El Salvador
Beauty and Self Care Product Education Product Showcase Marketing and Advertising Virtualization 77K 0.13%
58 Canal 33
77K 0.40%
59 Wendy's El Salvador
Food 76.4K 0.70%
60 Hotel Los Farallones
Travel Marketing and Advertising Actors Hotels 76.4K 0.17%
61 Domino's El Salvador
76.3K 0.50%
62 #Style911 ®
Fashion and Accessories 75.4K 0.05%
63 Dremel America Latina
75.3K 0.20%
64 Joyeria | acero inoxidable y plata italiana 925
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase 74.6K 2.81%
65 Papa John's El Salvador
Food Food and Drink Virtualization Actors 74.5K -
66 Zona Digital SV
73.8K 1.38%
67 San Martin SV
Arts and Crafts 72K 0.35%
Fashion and Accessories 71.5K -
69 Cat Lifestyle El Salvador
Fashion Lifestyle 71.5K 0.40%
70 Teleprensa 33
Entertainment and Music Actors 71K 0.10%
71 Metrocentro El Salvador
70.8K 0.15%
72 Sportline El Salvador
70.5K 0.10%
73 La Urbana 94.9fm
Entertainment and Music News Actors Music 70.4K 0.64%
Photography 70.1K 0.10%
75 The Outfit
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Actors 70.1K 0.05%
76 Tvo Salgado
69.6K 0.97%
77 Caracoral Hotel Boutique & Spa
Travel Home and Garden 69.1K 0.34%
Food 68.9K 0.23%
79 Sears El Salvador
Fashion and Accessories 68.2K -
80 Pop 12
Entertainment and Music Actors 67.6K 0.10%
81 Scan El Poder Latino
67.4K 0.50%
82 XIMI El Salvador
Travel 66.4K 1.47%
83 K59 Surf Resort El Salvador
Parenting Fashion Surfing 66.3K 1.04%
84 El Blog
Education Automotive Actors Journalists 65.5K 0.30%
85 nailsby.jenna
Beauty and Self Care Arts and Crafts Nails DIY & Crafts Hair & Beauty Celebrities Animals & Pets 64.8K 0.96%
86 IDOL El Salvador
64.6K -
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase 63.2K 0.40%
88 Novalaser El Salvador
Beauty and Self Care 62.3K 0.10%
89 Surf City
Outdoor Activity 61K 0.82%
90 Coco Canela, diseño y fabricación de calzado y accesorios
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Business and Finance Lifestyle Fashion Design 59.8K 0.10%
91 Dollarcity El Salvador
58.8K 0.80%
92 AlmaBoutique
Fashion and Accessories 58.6K 0.03%
93 Bennigans El Salvador
58.2K 0.10%
94 Palo Verde Sustainable Hotel
Nature Travel 57.7K 0.49%
95 Cardedeu Residence
57.4K 0.34%
96 Portezuelo Parque de Aventuras
Outdoor Activity 56.7K 0.30%
97 Tony Roma's El Salvador
56.1K 0.20%
98 Walk In Closet
Fashion and Accessories Video Games Modeling Styling 55.9K 0.20%
99 • Accessorize | Desde 2011 •
Fashion and Accessories 55.4K 0.30%
100 Oakland 1892
55K 0.30%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

Noticias 4Visión is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in El Salvador for 05 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.13 with 673,309 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, Noticias 4Visión is also the top brand in the Soccer category.
No Seas Maje and laprensagrafica are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, No Seas Maje has an average engagement rate of 1.20, follower size of 434,616. Similarly, laprensagrafica average engagement rate is 0.21, with 363,569 followers.
EXPOSÉ is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is Noticiero Hechos, a top brand in the category of News, The follower on Instagram is 313,664.