Top 1000 Tv Shows Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 548 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
101 BET Her TV
TV Channel Music Singer Entertainment 391.6K 0%
102 Jessica Parido
TV Host Fashion Lifestyle 388.4K 2.30%
103 Movies & Cinema
TV Channel Film 373.9K 3.10%
104 Alexis Bellino
TV Host Fashion Modeling 352.8K 0.30%
105 April Carrión
TV Host Actors Music Celebrities 348.1K 3.60%
106 kimberly not kim
TV Host Art Visualizations Photography Education Film, Music & Books 338.8K 1.40%
107 Ana Maria Canseco
TV Host Actors Journalists 333K 0.40%
108 Jacob Roloff
TV Host Photography Modeling 322.8K 0.70%
109 Jordan Wiseley
TV Host Fashion Modeling 320.6K 2.20%
110 Kylie Jenner Fan Page
TV Host Fashion 319.8K 0.30%
TV Host Moms Modeling Actors 308.3K 5.10%
112 Molly Hopkins
TV Host Modeling 305.8K 2.00%
113 Natalie Mercedes Negrotti
TV Host Fashion Modeling Art 291K 1.60%
114 Camp Woodward
TV Shows Skateboarding Snowboarding Mountain 290.6K 0.30%
TV Shows Fitness Coaching Training 283.9K 0.10%
TV Shows Modeling 281K 2.60%
117 Autumn Ajirotutu
TV Host Fashion Moms Beauty Celebrities Hair & Beauty 276.7K 1.70%
118 Redzone \\:
TV Channel Sports 274.9K 0%
119 Tennis Channel
TV Channel Tennis Sports 265K 0.30%
120 Japanese Muscle
TV Shows Cars 264.5K 3.50%
121 Christopher Gillette
TV Host Photography Adventure Travel Animals & Pets Nature & Outdoors 261.7K 1.60%
122 Steve Wilkos
TV Host Sports Music 259.6K 0.50%
123 Chris Bukowski
TV Host Actors Animals & Pets 255.7K 5.00%
124 April Daniels
TV Host Music Singer Entertainment Health & Fitness Celebrities 252.4K 6.40%
125 Carla Facciolo
TV Host Dogs Music Entertainment Animals & Pets Celebrities Health & Fitness 245.1K 0.70%
126 Chris Randone
TV Host Coaching Fitness Business 240K 0%
127 Whitetail Properties
TV Shows Fishing 238K 0.80%
128 EWTN
TV Channel Moms Music 232.6K 1.20%
129 Paige Davis
TV Host Coaching Training Fitness Animals & Pets Nature & Outdoors 231.7K 3.60%
130 Kurzgesagt - In a nutshell
TV Shows Art Illustrator Design 228.3K 6.30%
131 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
TV Channel Actors Music 228K 0.80%
132 J.P. Rosenbaum
TV Host Soccer Fashion Modeling 224K 2.90%
133 Casting Talent
TV Shows Actors Modeling Music Celebrities 222K 0%
134 Brandi Leigh
TV Host Modeling Art 219.4K 5.50%
135 Taylor Mapp
TV Host Moms 219.3K 0.90%
TV Host Fashion Modeling Art 214.3K 2.00%
137 Lisa Wu
TV Host Singer Entertainment Music Celebrities 213.8K 0.70%
TV Channel Travel Photography Adventure 213K 0.01%
139 UFC on FOX
TV Shows Sports Coaching Training 210.3K 4.40%
140 Bounce
TV Channel Sports 209.7K 3.70%
141 Kayleigh Morris 🐝|
TV Host Celebrities Health & Fitness Fashion 198.4K 1.00%
142 James Spann
TV Host Photography Travel Adventure 196.9K 0.20%
143 Kim
TV Host Nails Celebrities Hair & Beauty 195.9K 0.30%
144 JustKiddingFilms
TV Shows Music Singer Modeling 195.5K 5.00%
145 King Of Christmas
TV Shows Design Interior Design Decoration 193.5K 1.60%
146 Kevin Schlehuber
TV Host Modeling Music Actors 192.6K 9.40%
147 Stephanie George
TV Host Art Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty Fashion 189.7K 0.10%
148 Tory Belleci
TV Host Modeling Fashion Animals & Pets Nature & Outdoors Travel 188.8K 7.70%
149 FRANCE 24 English
TV Channel Art 185.3K 0.10%
150 Sportsman Channel
TV Channel Fishing 183.6K 0.10%
151 Jon Gosselin
TV Host Actors Modeling Music Celebrities Film, Music & Books Animals & Pets Humor 183.3K 6.50%
152 Kaitlyn Bristowe
TV Host Music Actors 178K 1.30%
153 Best Inventions™
TV Shows 176.2K 0.10%
154 Kylie Jenner
TV Host Fashion Modeling Lifestyle Film, Music & Books Animals & Pets 173K 0%
155 Spectrum SportsNet
TV Channel Sports 170.1K 3.70%
156 Sprout
TV Channel Pets Dogs Animals & Pets Film, Music & Books Nature & Outdoors 169.8K 3.70%
157 Nettie Stanley
TV Host Fashion Modeling Beauty 166.6K 1.10%
158 Kardashian
TV Host Modeling Business 165.6K 15.60%
159 TVVenezuela
TV Channel Actors Virtualization Journalists 162.2K 0%
160 Demetria L. Lucas
TV Host Music Modeling Actors 161.6K 1.70%
161 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing
TV Shows Truck Racing 158.9K 0.10%
162 NESN
TV Channel Ice Hockey Sports 158.5K 0.40%
163 💀-RØB-💀
TV Host Dogs Art Pets Design 157.4K 1.40%
164 The Bachelorette ABC
TV Host 156.3K 3.80%
165 Atlanta Eats
TV Shows Food Restaurants 155K 0.20%
166 Shawniece Jackson
TV Host Styling Art Beauty 154.7K 2.80%
167 Jason Carrion
TV Host Modeling Music Coaching 151.7K 1.10%
TV Host Fitness Coaching Training 150.8K 3.50%
169 Marissa Hermer
TV Host Moms Fashion Animals & Pets 150.7K 0.50%
170 Chill Nation
TV Channel DJ Producers Music 146.2K 0.40%
171 Travel with us ✈️
TV Shows Travel Photography Adventure 145.7K 0.50%
172 Dirt Every Day
TV Shows 145.2K 1.80%
173 Florida Sport Fishing
TV Shows Fishing 141.7K 0.60%
174 USA Network
TV Channel Music Actors Modeling 140.4K 0.20%
TV Host Fashion Travel Lifestyle 139.6K 0.20%
176 Cultura
TV Channel Dance Choreographer Film, Music & Books 138.7K 2.30%
177 Charrisse Jackson-Jordan
TV Host Basketball Moms Entertainment Celebrities Health & Fitness 138.4K 1.30%
178 Cinéma
TV Channel Film Actors Director 135.6K 3.70%
179 Tiphany Adams
TV Host Soul Yoga Health & Fitness Food & Drink Cooking Education Humor 135.6K 1.60%
180 Long Live Cowboys
TV Shows 133.9K 0.90%
181 Parvati Shallow
TV Host Moms 129.3K 8.10%
182 The Bible is my weapon. ✝✝✝✝
TV Shows 129.2K 1.70%
183 Faith Stowers
TV Host Fitness Coaching Training Celebrities 129K 0.90%
184 Rob
TV Host Dogs Pets Modeling 125.7K 1.60%
185 Team Demand
TV Channel Modeling Music Publishing 125.5K 0.30%
186 DC Universe News
TV Shows Comics Geek 125.1K 3.60%
187 Raab Himself
TV Host Music Producers 125.1K 1.40%
188 folia_folia
TV Channel Travel Photography Design 124.3K 4.10%
189 ari fitz
TV Host Art Modeling Beauty Celebrities Film, Music & Books 123.7K 6.50%
190 Aneesa Ferreira
TV Host Modeling Health & Fitness 121.1K 6.30%
191 Dr. Chanita Foster
TV Host Business Speaker 119.7K 0.20%
192 Movies & TV Shows
TV Channel Actors Music Entertainment 119.4K 1.70%
193 Dream Kardashian
TV Host Fashion 118.9K 2.40%
194 KYLIE JENNER (Fan Page) 💋
TV Host Modeling Music 116.8K 0.60%
TV Channel Actors Music 115.9K 0.20%
196 Hagee Ministries
TV Shows Speaker 115.3K 1.30%
197 Jen Andrews
TV Host Fashion Styling Moms Hair & Beauty 114.4K 1.10%
198 TV Guide
TV Channel Music Actors Entertainment 114K 1.20%
199 S E E A
TV Channel Surfing Design 112.6K 0.90%
200 Runner's Life
TV Shows Fitness Training Coaching Travel 112.5K 0.80%