Top Instagram Influencers and Instagram Users in New Zealand in 2024
Find out who are the top Instagram influencers in New Zealand. Download the list of the most popular Instagram accounts in New Zealand.


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in New Zealand. We've profiled New Zealand's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in New Zealand Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from New Zealand. We’re currently tracking a total of 5,200 influencers in New Zealand with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

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# @Username Country/Region Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Israel Adesanya
Sports Athlete Creators & Celebrities 8.7M 0.84%
2 Lily Adrianne ليلي
Fashion and Accessories 8M 3.45%
3 Taika Waititi
Modeling Music 3.1M 1.67%
4 Kane Williamson
Sports 3.1M 23.56%
5 Sarah Harris
Fitness and Health Coaching Training 2.6M 0.10%
6 Nicolò Zaniolo
Sports 2.5M 10.07%
7 Antony Starr
Outdoor Activity Celebrity 1.9M 5.44%
8 Jacinda Ardern
Fashion 1.7M 1.59%
Sports Cricket 1.4M 0.81%
10 Sonny Bill Williams
Sports Entertainment Singer Music 1.3M 7.45%
11 Shan
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories Hair & Beauty Celebrities 1.3M 0.43%
12 Seeby Woodhouse
Photography Adventure 1.3M 0.02%
13 Mad Mike Whiddett
Sports Auto and Vehicles Racing Riders Bikes 1.2M 0.45%
14 Dolan Dark
Funny 1.2M 8.29%
15 Trent Boult
Modeling Fashion 1.2M 20.11%
16 Brendon McCullum
Sports Cricket 1.1M 4.48%
17 Dan Carter
Sports 1M 0.96%
18 Jak Nola
Arts and Crafts DIY and Life Hacks 1M 4.70%
19 Eriska Rein
Fashion and Accessories Celebrities 882.4K 0.05%
20 Max Allais
Art Entertainment and Music 858.9K 6.38%
21 Aesha Scott
Travel Entertainment and Music 834.2K 4.08%
22 Josef Rakich - WEALTH & FITNESS
Fitness and Health Training Coaching 756.9K 0.05%
23 Beauden Barrett
Sports 696.1K 4.85%
24 Rhiyen Sharp
Fashion Modeling Fashion Design Celebrities 667.3K 9.49%
25 How to DAD 👍🏼
Family Funny Parenting Soccer 610.7K 5.88%
26 Rose McIver
Celebrity 579K 2.15%
Entertainment and Music Fashion and Accessories Outdoor Activity Travel Adventure 511.6K 0.68%
28 Korina Meza
451.6K 0.54%
29 Alice Henshaw
Beauty and Self Care Business and Finance 444.2K 0.84%
30 Catssidy
Animation and Cosplay Games Video Gaming 441.8K 0.94%
31 Kristina Webb
Arts and Crafts 439.6K 1.57%
32 Victoria Collyns
Beauty and Self Care Nails Hair & Beauty 422K 1.24%
Art Entertainment and Music Marketing and Advertising Music Actors Journalists 410.4K 1.41%
34 進撃のノア
408.2K 3.89%
35 Simone Anderson (Forsyth)
Fitness and Health Parenting Health Coaching Entrepreneur 402.6K 2.52%
36 Yoko official
Celebrity 401.8K 0.35%
37 Dilshad | GentleParenting | New Zealand
Family Parenting 393.6K 0.34%
38 john bozinov
Nature Outdoor Activity Photography Nature & Outdoors Architecture 370.1K 2.29%
39 Lily Varanya Nganthavee, M.D.
Education Health and Medical Services 364.5K 1.24%
40 Tritoan Ly
Photography Piercing 336.1K 1.26%
41 GAVY (ThE dEsI OuT tHeRe 🇮🇳🇳🇿)
Fashion and Accessories Travel 330.3K 0.10%
42 MDJ | Danielle Jones, MD
Moms Shopping 321.1K 3.56%
43 Rach Stewart ↟ New Zealand
Nature Arts and Crafts Photography Product Showcase Landscaping Nature & Outdoors Architecture 317.7K 1.82%
44 The Blues
Sports Soccer 314.4K 1.85%
45 Samuel Runnacles
303.8K 1.33%
Arts and Crafts Basketball Piercing 302.9K 0.22%
47 Crusaders
Sports 293.5K 1.98%
48 Tj Perenara
Sports Fitness and Health 280.8K 0.56%
49 Vodafone Warriors
Sports 272.3K 1.81%
50 Stan Walker
Entertainment and Music Music Singer Songwriting 272.1K 2.91%
51 Jazz Thornton
Celebrity 271.6K 7.68%
52 SIX60
Entertainment and Music Personal Finance Music DJ Producers 271.1K 1.68%
Bikini Modeling Publishing 270.3K 1.70%
54 Julian Savea
Sports Training 268.7K 1.68%
55 Maia Cotton
Entertainment and Music Modeling Actors 262.6K 1.40%
56 David Benjamin Kaye
Arts and Crafts Piercing Design Film, Music & Books 252.3K 1.18%
57 Torrell Tafa 🇳🇿🇼🇸
Entertainment and Music 251.4K 45.64%
58 Zena Habi
Fitness and Health Basketball Moms Health & Fitness Cooking 246.2K 1.54%
59 👊🏼 Jess Quinn
Fitness and Health Parenting 244.4K 2.02%
60 Mitchell Santner
Sports Outdoor Activity Cricket Cars 244K 19.91%
61 Official ReQuest Dance Crew 👑
Entertainment and Music Music Entertainment Singer 241.9K 4.60%
62 Brando Yelavich | Wildboy
Nature Outdoor Activity Adventure Mountain 240.9K 0.11%
63 Isabella Mirellina Garwood
239.5K 0.74%
64 Lockie Ferguson
234.2K 3.04%
65 Ryan Evans
Fashion Home and Garden Actors Piercing Design 234.1K 1.23%
66 Dan "Hangman" Hooker
Sports Coaching 233.6K 2.50%
67 Kit Thompson
Art Acting and Drama 233.5K 5.03%
68 Gallagher Chiefs
230.4K 0.97%
69 ZentangleKiwi Art Gallery
Arts and Crafts Drawing Painting 228K 0.03%
70 Damian Mckenzie
Sports 224K 5.90%
71 Ross Taylor
Sports Music 221.3K 9.50%
72 Olyvyer LE RÜ
Travel 220K 1.00%
73 Mitchell McClenaghan
Fashion and Accessories Cricket 220K 2.56%
Travel Food 218.4K 1.22%
Product Education Product Showcase 216.5K 4.31%
76 Jessica Braga
Fashion Beauty Fashion and Accessories Family Celebrities 214.9K 0.38%
77 New Zealand Police
Politics 212.9K 0.73%
78 Liz Carlson☀️Young Adventuress
Nature Animals Travel Adventure Mountain 212.5K 1.04%
79 Rishabh Bhateja | Solo Travel, Love and Positivity
Travel 204.7K 6.92%
80 Jordie Barrett
201.9K 8.06%
81 Obada Alraja 👑 عبادة الرجا
199.5K 0.50%
82 Richie Mo’unga
Sports 198K 8.55%
83 Robin Hammond
Photography Animals Music Actors 197.8K 1.30%
84 Matt Ford
Video Gaming 196.2K 11.80%
85 David Farrier
Entertainment and Music 195.5K 4.33%
86 Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team
Sports Racing 192.4K 2.78%
87 Fiji The Artist
Sports Parenting 190.3K 1.14%
88 Cam Stables
Art Travel Outdoor Activity 190K 16.30%
89 Black Ferns
Sports 187.2K 1.45%
90 〰️ sam murphy 〰️
Art 185.7K 0.10%
91 Dominic's Legion
Fitness and Health Comics Geek 184.8K 4.30%
92 Nicola McPherson
Fitness and Health Education Training Coaching 184.1K 0.74%
93 𝐕 𝐀 𝐍 𝐀
Entertainment and Music Fashion and Accessories 183.7K 25.01%
94 Jugni Dhillon ( ਜੁਗਨੀ ਢਿੱਲੋਂ )
Entertainment and Music Romance and Wedding Singer Music 183.7K 0.94%
95 Switchblade Jay White
Sports 183.4K 3.97%
96 𝘾𝙤𝙚𝙣 𝙈𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙡𝙡 ✱ 𝙏𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙤𝙤 𝘼𝙧𝙩𝙞𝙨𝙩
Arts and Crafts Piercing 182.4K 0.11%
97 kim🍂
Music 179.3K 5.04%
98 Michelle Otter
Video Gaming 177.9K 5.92%
99 Trey Ratcliff
Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Adventure 175K 0.18%
100 Nazeem Hussain
Entertainment and Music Parenting 170.6K 1.59%
FAQ: Top Instagram Influencers in New Zealand
Who is the most popular Instagram influencer in New Zealand?
If you're curious about the leading Instagram influencers in New Zealand, particularly the most followed accounts, our Influencer Discovery tool offers a free solution.
As of today, the most popular influencer from New Zealand is @stylebender with 8.7M subscribers in New Zealand.
The second most popular influencer on Instagram in New Zealand is @lily.adrianne. The @lily.adrianne profile has 8M subscribers. Among other top-ranked Instagram profiles is @taikawaititi. @taikawaititi has 3.1M followers.
How to find top New Zealand influencers on Instagram?
There are two methods for identifying top Instagram influencers. The first involves manual searching on the Instagram app or website, which can be time-consuming. The second, more efficient approach is to explore our Influencer Discovery tool. This tool allows you to sift through a vast content creator database, evaluating engagement rates, target audience demographics, and more to select the most suitable influencer for your needs. With this tool, you can filter influencers by location, size, age, and gender to pinpoint the perfect candidate.
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