Top Instagram Influencers and Instagram Users in Austria in 2024
Find out who are the top Instagram influencers in Austria. Download the list of the most popular Instagram accounts in Austria.


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Austria. We've profiled Austria's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Austria Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Austria. We’re currently tracking a total of 8,412 influencers in Austria with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

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# @Username Country/Region Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 David Alaba
Sports 14.3M 1.80%
2 Oracle Red Bull Racing
Sports Auto and Vehicles Automotive Racing 10.9M 1.05%
Fashion 2.6M -
4 Fabio Wibmer
Sports 2.5M 4.47%
5 Doctor Elbi
Health and Medical Services 2M 0.01%
6 RAF Camora
Rap 1.9M 2.57%
7 تالين بازارباشيان 💫
Entertainment and Music 1.6M 5.12%
8 Manuel Bechter | Creative Photography
Arts and Crafts Photography Artist 1.6M 3.92%
9 Dragana Mirković
Entertainment and Music Music 1.5M 2.38%
10 Stephanie Davis
Fashion and Accessories Fitness and Health Business and Finance Health & Fitness Cooking Food & Drink 1.4M 3.86%
11 Valeria Vedovatti ✈
Arts and Crafts Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 1.4M 2.23%
12 Dominic Thiem
Sports Personal Finance Tennis 1.4M 1.88%
13 Lion🦁
1.4M 14.22%
14 Lisa-Marie Schiffner
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Business and Finance Celebrities 1.4M 3.83%
Photography Celebrities Film, Music & Books 1.2M 12.35%
16 Irina Meier
Animation and Cosplay Anime Comics Film 1.2M 6.81%
17 Harald Goebl
Nature Photography Business and Finance 1.1M 0.01%
18 Franz Müllner
Sports Entertainment and Music 1.1M 2.25%
19 Costina Munteanu
Fashion and Accessories Modeling Plus Size 1.1M 0.43%
Travel Education Food and Drink Lifestyle Celebrities 1.1M 7.69%
21 Mahmoud Alaa - محمود علاء
Sports 1.1M 1.91%
22 Pooyan Ghamari
Technology Business and Finance 1.1M 14.56%
23 Katarzyna Czułek
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music 1M 0.30%
24 Michael Perdacher
Fitness and Health Pets Dogs 842.2K 14.98%
25 Pol Espargaró
Auto and Vehicles Riders Motorcycle Racing Motorcycle 791.8K 1.06%
26 Christina LionsCat 🐱
Arts and Crafts Fashion and Accessories 739.1K 6.55%
27 Kerstin Häfner
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories 731.5K 1.50%
28 richkids__limited
Fashion and Accessories 726.9K 0.33%
Fitness and Health Product Showcase Business and Finance Actors Gym Coaching Health & Fitness Food & Drink Cooking 725.2K 0.53%
30 Jackie
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Piercing 703.8K 1.62%
31 Florian Maček 🇦🇹
Life and Society 703.4K 2.03%
32 Onome Egger
Fitness and Health Training Coaching 691.9K 1.22%
33 Yusuf Demir
691.1K 8.72%
34 Josephine Welsch
Family Lifestyle Moms 682.8K 0.63%
35 Stefanie Millinger
Entertainment and Music Outdoor Activity Sports Home and Garden Basketball 681.8K 1.93%
36 Marcel Hirscher
Sports Mountain Racing Ski 679.4K 2.25%
37 Karim Mohsen - كريم محسن
Entertainment and Music Music Singer 667.4K 0.16%
38 Stefan Petrov
Travel Acting and Drama Celebrity Actors Modeling Lifestyle Celebrities Film, Music & Books 627.6K 0.89%
39 Patrick Florián
Photography Nature & Outdoors 616.1K 0.32%
Fashion and Accessories Lifestyle 609.2K 0.36%
Finance Business and Finance 586.8K 2.27%
42 Salma Ezz Eldein سلمى عزالدين
Modeling Music 561.1K 0.48%
Beauty Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Business and Finance Lifestyle Styling Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty 555.8K 2.06%
44 Menna Ismail
Funny Life and Society 505.9K 2.42%
45 Augusta Alexander
Fashion and Accessories Modeling 505.7K 1.90%
46 Renato Glibusic
Fashion and Accessories Travel Streetwear Lifestyle Public Figure 502.5K 0.97%
47 Arbi AgGressor
Fitness and Health Outdoor Activity Sports 491.5K 5.91%
48 Kelz 🇳🇬🇦🇹| TV | Athlete | Lifestyle | Mindset
Fitness and Health 487.7K 0.28%
49 Anna Gasser
Sports 484.8K 3.40%
50 Derzwuckundich - Iulia Huber-Purdea
Family Education Upskilling Funny Moms Lifestyle 461.4K 3.22%
Fitness and Health Product Showcase Food and Drink Lifestyle Health & Fitness Food & Drink 448.8K 1.44%
52 Elisa Selina Albrich
Fashion and Accessories Modeling 444.1K 1.45%
53 𝕭enjamin 𝕷aukis 🇦🇺
Arts and Crafts Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Piercing Design Film, Music & Books 424.3K 0.57%
54 Jorge Bordón
Arts and Crafts Actors Modeling 420.2K 0.21%
55 Emel Tschikof
Travel Business and Finance Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness Celebrities 419.9K 1.10%
Food Travel Gym Modeling 413.9K 0.30%
57 Luxury • Made in Austria 🇦🇹
Finance Fashion and Accessories Auto and Vehicles Lifestyle Luxury Celebrities 413.6K -
Fitness and Health Fashion and Accessories 409.8K 4.97%
59 Katarzyna Kijowska
Fashion and Accessories Travel Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness Design 406.1K 0.54%
60 Daria | outfits and styling
Fashion and Accessories Styling Lifestyle Hair & Beauty Celebrities Design 404.6K 0.42%
61 HANK GE / Vegan Recipes
Food Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Food and Drink Lifestyle 401.7K 2.33%
62 Alexander Holzer
393.1K 0.33%
63 최혜원
Art 389.3K 0.74%
64 ☀️ 𝓐𝓷𝓷𝓪 𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓵 ☔️
Arts and Crafts Funny 388.1K 2.09%
65 FLOWSOFLY - Artist
Arts and Crafts Modeling 385.6K 0.69%
66 Сегодня старт
372.4K 0.40%
67 Mia and Mo
367.3K 0.60%
Fitness and Health Product Education Lifestyle Health & Fitness Food & Drink Cooking 366K 1.99%
69 Qwanisha Chantele Duberry
Beauty and Self Care Product Education Product Showcase Funny Business and Finance 365.5K 1.61%
70 Anna Veith
Sports Ski 365.4K 2.18%
71 Sarah
Travel Dance 363.2K 2.89%
72 M a h d i H e j r a t i️
Training Coaching Fitness 358.9K 2.03%
DIY and Life Hacks Home and Garden Education 342K 7.70%
74 Shima Sabet
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design Styling 341.5K 0.42%
75 Madeleine Darya Alizadeh
Pets Soccer 336.6K 5.75%
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Modeling 334.6K 2.64%
77 Michi Brandl
Fashion and Accessories Food Food and Drink Hair & Beauty Celebrities Design 330.4K 11.83%
78 Negin Gatavian
Travel 329.6K 14.80%
79 Andreas Gabalier
Entertainment and Music Music 328.7K 1.16%
80 Ahmed eid_4
Sports 322.2K 5.05%
81 Dani🦊
321.4K 0.97%
82 هبة
Fashion and Accessories Actors Illustrator Drawing 321.2K 9.00%
83 Peter Weckauf
319.9K 0.18%
84 Ana Sampaio Barros | Vienna
Arts and Crafts Architecture Nature & Outdoors Photographer 318.2K 0.16%
85 FC Red Bull Salzburg
Sports Soccer Lifestyle 314.4K 1.19%
86 Mario Schafzahl | Vienna, Austria
Sports Fashion and Accessories Travel Education Gym Bodybuilding 313.7K 2.27%
87 k a r i n teigl
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Fitness and Health Education Business and Finance Lifestyle Styling Design Hair & Beauty Celebrities 310.2K 0.95%
88 Melissa Alessia
Product Showcase Parenting 308.8K 2.07%
89 Sebastian Kurz
Lifestyle Fashion 308K 2.48%
90 Hi I’m Sarah
Music 307.7K 3.31%
91 Wiener Philharmoniker
Entertainment and Music Music Singer 306.9K 0.90%
92 Ogik Jatmiko
Photography Outdoor Activity 304.2K 2.20%
93 Khaled Ahmed
Soccer 302.6K 0.21%
94 Izabela Ion
Travel Food and Drink 302.1K 2.56%
95 Maximilian Riedel
Home and Garden 301.2K 1.85%
96 Natalie_Schar
Photography 299.5K 0.01%
97 Julie & Moritz Löffler | Freigeister
Nature Pets Travel Celebrities 290.9K 7.96%
98 J E S U S M A R C A N O
290.5K 3.10%
Sports Soccer Actors 287.4K 2.00%
100 Замужем.
Fashion and Accessories Home and Garden Food Chef Restaurants 287.3K 0.20%
FAQ: Top Instagram Influencers in Austria
Who is the most popular Instagram influencer in Austria?
If you're curious about the leading Instagram influencers in Austria, particularly the most followed accounts, our Influencer Discovery tool offers a free solution.
As of today, the most popular influencer from Austria is @davidalaba with 14.3M subscribers in Austria.
The second most popular influencer on Instagram in Austria is @redbullracing. The @redbullracing profile has 10.9M subscribers. Among other top-ranked Instagram profiles is @samirasamii_official_page. @samirasamii_official_page has 2.5M followers.
How to find top Austria influencers on Instagram?
There are two methods for identifying top Instagram influencers. The first involves manual searching on the Instagram app or website, which can be time-consuming. The second, more efficient approach is to explore our Influencer Discovery tool. This tool allows you to sift through a vast content creator database, evaluating engagement rates, target audience demographics, and more to select the most suitable influencer for your needs. With this tool, you can filter influencers by location, size, age, and gender to pinpoint the perfect candidate.
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