Top Instagram Influencers and Instagram Users in Niger in 2024
Find out who are the top Instagram influencers in Niger. Download the list of the most popular Instagram accounts in Niger.


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Niger. We've profiled Niger's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Niger Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Niger. We’re currently tracking a total of 74 influencers in Niger with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

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# @Username Country/Region Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 rakiyamoussa
Arts and Crafts Entertainment and Music 413.4K 0.20%
2 Tréñdíñg Vídéó
Entertainment and Music Funny 229.4K -
Travel Outdoor Activity Parenting Adventure 219.9K 1.64%
4 جلی کوردی❤️☀️💚
219.3K 0.22%
5 Շคгкเк ๒๏гคђ
Photography Portraits Events 206.3K 2.13%
6 Kasturima Sonowal☘️
Fashion Modeling 185.2K 2.64%
7 Ilayla🤍
Beauty and Self Care Moms Lifestyle 133.8K 1.31%
8 tijanikidal
Arts and Crafts 131.3K -
9 Mariam N’diaye | « May tu vas où encore ? »✈️
123.2K 10.28%
10 🌾🌸🍀❄💎𝑆𝑎𝑓𝑎 𝑍𝑒𝑖𝑑𝑖💎❄🌹🌺💐
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories News 120K 0.53%
11 European hausa multimedia
Music 107.8K 0.93%
12 Nasri mariem
102K 0.90%
13 Jolie_migonne 🥰
Travel 95K 1.34%
14 Tourè haoua
91.5K 0.44%
15 Angelle
Events Modeling Photography 88.8K -
16 Amarya Niger
85.8K 1.00%
17 Shandilya's | Lifestyle | Fashion| Parenting
Fashion and Accessories 84.9K 0.77%
18 ‌‌💙
Arts and Crafts 61.5K 2.20%
19 สร้อยคออิตาลี่ เงินแท้ 92.5%
41.5K -
20 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐢 𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐨 𒈞
Education Upskilling 38.8K 0.50%
21 جي آكس || G.X 🇳🇪🇸🇦
Entertainment and Music 38.6K 0.30%
22 Pretty girls don’t hate 🧿🦂
Fashion and Accessories 37.2K 13.70%
23 Khalida Yasmin 💙🇳🇪
Fashion and Accessories Entertainment and Music 36.2K 0.30%
24 Bombino
Entertainment and Music 35.4K 1.81%
29.1K 1.50%
26 🇳🇪Samaria227🇳🇪
Funny Nature & Outdoors Architecture 29.1K 0.04%
27 Zabian Productions
Photography Television Celebrity Actors Modeling Entertainment 28.8K 0.31%
28 F A R E E D A H 🇳🇪
Fashion and Accessories 28.4K 0.90%
29 Moumouni
27.4K 2.60%
30 Farhan Khan Official Club 🔵
Entertainment and Music Games Modeling 26.9K 0.60%
31 Bibi
22.8K -
32 1er Dauphine Miss Sahel
Fashion and Accessories 22.6K 0.68%
33 *¤° اکیلاوک که میگن منم °¤*
22.3K 17.70%
34 Miss Niger 2020
21.8K 3.80%
35 Sakeena Aboubacary Moukimou
Art Beauty Modeling 21.3K -
36 Hayati Kountche Karanta
Romance and Wedding 21K 0.96%
37 Aminatou Mohamadou💖
Beauty and Self Care 20.5K 0.40%
19.2K 8.30%
39 Princesse Amiiina💆🏽‍♀️❤️
18.9K 7.60%
40 salamatou Moustapha
Life and Society 18.3K 2.00%
41 उपासना ठाकुर🧿📿
Beauty and Self Care 17.1K 1.40%
42 𝟚𝔼𝟠𝔸ℝ𝟙💋🇳🇪❤️
16K 2.50%
43 Etran de L’Aïr
15.9K 20.10%
44 Moussa Kalla 🇳🇪
15K 3.70%
45 jalal mariwani
14K 3.90%
46 AET Mohamed-Lamine SANOGO
Life and Society 13.6K 3.40%
47 By Marine Le Niger - Manger sain & gourmand 🥞🍓🏃🏿‍♀️
Food Fitness and Health Home and Garden Events Lifestyle 13.3K 3.38%
Sports 12.7K 7.30%
49 Sani I. Mahamadou
12.7K 10.00%
50 K.O.J.I.Y.O🤴
11.8K 1.90%
51 musicien/ groupe
Entertainment and Music Acting and Drama 11.3K 0.60%
52 🧚 🇳‌🇪‌🇪‌🇷‌🇦‌🇯‌🇦‌ 🧚
10.1K 15.62%
53 les filles de Illighadad
Entertainment and Music 7.9K 3.70%
Fashion and Accessories Celebrities Personal Blog Creators & Celebrities 7.9K 1.77%
55 Official Mc Me
Entertainment and Music Film, Music & Books Celebrities 7K 6.18%
56 👑.شیخ فضل.👑
Fashion and Accessories Sports Soccer Modeling 6.7K 3.12%
Fashion and Accessories 6.4K 281.70%
58 Giovana Miranda Canhoni
Romance and Wedding 4.2K 4.05%
59 ⛅️𝕊𝕖𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕒́𝕟 𝕋𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕪𝕠 💫
Photography Travel 3.9K 27.59%
60 Ahmed Sallah
Arts and Crafts Education Health & Fitness Celebrities Humor 3.3K 1.34%
61 Айбек Серікқалиұлы
3.2K 12.49%
62 A n o u c k
Arts and Crafts Education Home and Garden 3.2K 1.82%
63 Melissa 👩🏿‍⚕️
Education Upskilling 3.1K 3.40%
64 Cooking Hali
2.9K 3.60%
65 🌷𝑰𝒎𝒎𝒂 𝑫’𝑶𝒓𝒔𝒊
Photography Family Sports Lifestyle 2.9K 3.07%
66 Bamang Simon
Entertainment and Music 2.8K 1.25%
67 Lil Ten
2.7K 6.50%
68 Manyygance 🍇| Outfits
Fashion and Accessories 2.5K 6.80%
69 Visu Visu
2.2K 3.57%
70 Mohamed issouf
Business and Finance Design Health & Fitness Hair & Beauty 2K 1.16%
71 ines
Arts and Crafts 1.2K 16.00%
72 Bongani Kigundu
1.2K 5.34%
73 Sami Ryan
Beauty and Self Care 1.2K 3.40%
74 victorien_Adebayor
Sports 1K 5.20%
FAQ: Top Instagram Influencers in Niger
Who is the most popular Instagram influencer in Niger?
If you're curious about the leading Instagram influencers in Niger, particularly the most followed accounts, our Influencer Discovery tool offers a free solution.
As of today, the most popular influencer from Niger is @rakiyamoussapoussi with 413.4K subscribers in Niger.
The second most popular influencer on Instagram in Niger is @trending_videoo. The @trending_videoo profile has 229.4K subscribers. Among other top-ranked Instagram profiles is @svdelos. @svdelos has 219.3K followers.
How to find top Niger influencers on Instagram?
There are two methods for identifying top Instagram influencers. The first involves manual searching on the Instagram app or website, which can be time-consuming. The second, more efficient approach is to explore our Influencer Discovery tool. This tool allows you to sift through a vast content creator database, evaluating engagement rates, target audience demographics, and more to select the most suitable influencer for your needs. With this tool, you can filter influencers by location, size, age, and gender to pinpoint the perfect candidate.
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