Top Instagram Influencers in France in 2023


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in France. We've profiled France's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in France Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from France. We’re currently tracking a total of 89,162 influencers in France with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

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# @Username Country/Region Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Leo Messi
Soccer Activity General General Interest 466.5M 1.98%
2 Kylian Mbappé
Business and Finance Home and Garden Soccer Local Local Business Home Services 104M 3.42%
3 Urvashi Rautela
Art Beauty Acting and Drama Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music Music Celebrity Actors Modeling Artist 65.9M 0.16%
4 Antoine Griezmann
Sports Soccer 40.1M 0.58%
5 Achraf Hakimi
Sports Soccer Journalists 18.9M 14.46%
6 Memphis Depay
Sports Soccer 16.8M 1.06%
7 Wanda nara
Journalists 16.3M 1.54%
8 emma chamberlain
Lifestyle 16.1M 6.20%
9 N'Golo Kanté
Personal Finance 15M 9.43%
10 Mario Balotelli Barwuah 🇬🇭+🇮🇹=⚽️
Soccer Sports 11.3M 1.56%
11 Ross Shor Lynch
Art Parenting Music Singer Actors 11.2M 10.10%
12 Draya Michele
Fashion and Accessories Celebrity Modeling Styling 9M 0.57%
13 Noah Beck
Entertainment and Music Celebrity 8.7M 2.29%
14 Solenn Heussaff
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Celebrity Modeling 8.6M 1.46%
15 soolkingofficiel
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle Music 8.6M 1.20%
Entertainment and Music Video Games 8.2M 8.49%
17 Sara Sampaio
Fashion and Accessories Music Modeling 8.1M 0.90%
18 Elettra Lamborghini
Music TV Host 7.3M 3.12%
19 Kev Adams
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Humor 7.3M 0.56%
20 larri
Music Singer Entertainment 6.4M 5.05%
21 Cedric Grolet
Food Business and Finance 6.4M 6.02%
22 Jessica Garcia
Fashion and Accessories Travel Beauty and Self Care Finance Business and Finance 6.1M 2.56%
23 Marie Lopez
Art Lifestyle Public Figure 6.1M 0.58%
24 Cyprien
Comedy 6.1M 1.90%
25 Norman Thavaud
Fitness Humor Comedy 6M 0.80%
26 Rickey Thompson
Entertainment and Music Funny Modeling Humor Hair & Beauty Actor Creators & Celebrities 5.9M 0.62%
27 Richard ORLINSKI
Arts and Crafts 5.7M 2.15%
28 Jose Oliveira
Art 5.6M 0.84%
29 Caroline Receveur 🦂
Business and Finance Entrepreneur 5.3M 1.07%
30 Tiboinshape
Celebrity Lifestyle 5.1M 1.50%
31 Lori Harvey
Business and Finance Modeling Actors Creators & Celebrities 5M 2.86%
32 Musée du Louvre
Arts and Crafts Education 4.9M 0.70%
Sports Soccer 4.6M 2.71%
34 Georgina Amorós
4.6M 2.50%
35 Blanca Suárez
4.6M 3.20%
36 Mister V
Celebrity Singer 4.6M 5.40%
37 Ninho Sdt
Art Entertainment and Music Singer Film, Music & Books Humor Celebrities 4.5M 2.84%
38 Kylie Verzosa
Acting and Drama Celebrity Modeling Actors Nature & Outdoors 4.4M 0.84%
Entertainment and Music Music Singer Entertainment Celebrities Film, Music & Books 4.4M 2.39%
40 Inoxtag
Lifestyle Sports 4.1M 12.85%
41 Christian Collins
Outdoor Activity Finance Home and Garden Actors Musicians Celebrities Humor Film, Music & Books 4.1M 0.31%
42 Jazz Correia 🔗
Art Lifestyle 4.1M 4.27%
43 Lena Situations
Arts and Crafts Entertainment and Music Lifestyle Celebrities Public Figure 4.1M 7.90%
44 Tanasha Donna
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Music Entertainment Singer 4M 1.86%
45 Nathalie Odzierejko
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle 4M 1.89%
46 Bandit Chef ☠️
Entertainment and Music Lifestyle 3.9M 2.62%
47 Mcfly
Rock 3.8M 3.19%
48 El Poderoso Ralf
Acting and Drama Entertainment and Music Celebrity Actors 3.8M 3.41%
49 ✨ANGELE 🎹
Arts and Crafts Lifestyle Musician Creators & Celebrities 3.7M 4.08%
50 Fouz
Beauty and Self Care Writers 3.6M 0.86%
51 Matt Pokora
Art Singer 3.6M 1.11%
52 Natallia Yakimchyk
Entertainment and Music Food Travel Lifestyle Modeling 3.6M 0.84%
53 Aurelien Tchouameni
3.5M 8.75%
54 Ivana Knöll
Fashion and Accessories Parenting 3.5M 8.51%
55 Belaili mohamed youcef
Sports 3.5M 5.59%
56 Stéphanie Durant 🌵
Entertainment and Music 3.5M 5.70%
57 Erika Costell🦋
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music Music Singer Pop Music Celebrities Humor 3.5M 0.17%
58 Carlito
Art Lifestyle 3.4M 5.00%
Careers Lifestyle 3.3M 3.36%
60 Maeva Ghennam
Business and Finance Television Lifestyle 3.3M 5.09%
Art Beauty Business and Finance Lifestyle Health & Fitness 3.3M 4.36%
Fitness and Health Medical Health Music Modeling 3.3M 2.36%
63 JUL
Entertainment and Music Music Singer 3.3M 2.95%
64 Loving Haute Couture🦋
Fashion and Accessories Romance and Wedding Entertainment and Music Marketing and Advertising 3.3M 0.48%
65 Cyril Lignac
Food and Drink Lifestyle Modeling Chef 3.2M 0.52%
66 Emmanuel Macron
Lifestyle Sports Fashion 3.2M 1.55%
67 seb
Music Lifestyle Artist 3.2M 7.01%
Art Music Singer 3.2M 2.01%
69 Shanna Kress
Art Business and Finance Singer 3.2M 4.62%
70 Maroua
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Lifestyle Celebrities 3.1M 2.19%
71 GMK 🏎
Cars Luxury 3.1M 6.82%
72 Iris Mittenaere
Modeling Public Figure 3.1M 3.13%
73 Manon Tanti
Lifestyle Celebrities Fashion Hair & Beauty 3.1M 1.46%
Entertainment and Music Music Singer 3.1M 3.27%
75 Lacrim
Art Music 3M 1.19%
Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Film, Music & Books Celebrities 3M 4.46%
77 Melissa 🦅
3M 8.92%
Fashion and Accessories Entertainment and Music Video Blogger 3M 4.50%
79 🇫🇷 Maddyburciaga 🇦🇪
Fashion and Accessories Entertainment and Music Celebrities Health & Fitness 3M 6.06%
80 Lilly Ghalichi
Beauty and Self Care Business and Finance Moms Celebrities Hair & Beauty 3M 0.68%
81 Koba BMF
Art Lifestyle 3M 3.94%
82 Lais Ribeiro
2.9M 0.60%
Entertainment and Music Music Lifestyle 2.9M 6.90%
Fashion and Accessories Beauty and Self Care Travel Lifestyle Public Figure Creators & Celebrities 2.9M 0.69%
85 Ahmed Dawood - أحمد داود
Acting and Drama Celebrity Actors Modeling 2.8M 1.10%
86 Omar Sy
Actors 2.8M 1.30%
87 Cristian Bell 🚁
Business and Finance 2.8M 8.10%
88 Camille LELLOUCHE
Entertainment and Music Funny Acting and Drama Actors 2.8M 1.90%
89 𝓃𝒾𝒸𝑜𝓁𝒶
Modeling 2.7M 2.80%
Beauty and Self Care Lifestyle 2.7M 1.00%
Actors 2.7M 11.20%
92 Lena Perminova
Fashion and Accessories Family Styling Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty Personal Blog 2.7M 0.96%
93 OM | Olympique de Marseille
Soccer 2.7M 1.94%
94 MH
Art Lifestyle Music Modeling 2.6M 6.40%
95 Maram Ben Aziza
Entertainment and Music Fashion and Accessories Celebrity Business and Finance Lifestyle Celebrities Animals & Pets Humor 2.6M 0.17%
96 PNL
2.6M 10.30%
Family Food Lifestyle 2.6M 9.50%
98 Benji
Food Fitness and Health Lifestyle 2.6M 15.40%
99 A N D R E A G A R C I A 👑
Fashion and Accessories Music Actors Public Figure 2.6M 0.93%
100 |—ORIGI
Sports Soccer Athlete 2.5M 3.53%