Top Instagram Influencers in Jamaica in 2023


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Jamaica. We've profiled Jamaica's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Jamaica Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Jamaica. We’re currently tracking a total of 3,273 influencers in Jamaica with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

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# @Username Country/Region Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 ♔Winnie Harlow♔
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories Parenting Modeling Music Celebrities Fashion Model Creators & Celebrities 10.3M 0.88%
2 Biannca Prince
Fashion and Accessories Parenting Modeling 3M 4.18%
3 Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
Entertainment and Music Business and Finance Celebrity Singer Music Entertainment 1.6M 0.80%
4 spencer e barbosa✨🦋💕🧸
Fashion and Accessories Food 1.4M 7.97%
5 Romeich entertainment
Celebrity Entertainment Music Singer 1.1M 2.53%
6 Khadine "Miss Kitty" Hylton
Entertainment and Music Marketing and Advertising 1.1M 0.16%
7 Shanzi 👑
Product Showcase Marketing and Advertising Modeling Film, Music & Books Celebrities Humor 0.9M 3.65%
8 Tommy Lee Sparta
Entertainment and Music Singer Music 871.9K 0.66%
9 Keticia Chatman
Fashion and Accessories Business and Finance Entertainment Singer Music Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness 789.6K 5.59%
10 🥇Syde.. Gifted hands 📝
Singer Music Songwriting Celebrities Humor Film, Music & Books Technology 778.3K 5.70%
Parenting Singer Music Entertainment Celebrities 725.3K 1.20%
12 Gilda
Fashion and Accessories Fashion Design Modeling Designer 713.4K 2.31%
13 KuyA Wrong smaddy🔹
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Music Modeling Entertainment 702.8K 3.80%
14 Leon Bailey ⚽️✞
Sports Music Entertainment 692.3K 4.68%
15 Hon. Andrew Holness 🇯🇲
Marketing Founder Entrepreneur 650.7K -
16 🍍🍍
Fashion Music Modeling Entertainment 562K 0.92%
17 Yendi [I AM] Amira Phillipps
Travel Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 560.1K 1.70%
Fashion Singer Music Entertainment Celebrities Film, Music & Books Humor 531K 2.10%
19 Denyque 🧿
Fashion Moms Singer Music 512K 0.63%
20 chin #whinedropndip queen
Choreographer Dance 486.3K 0.37%
21 Ackeme Chronic Law Campbell
Entertainment and Music 485.3K 6.64%
22 Stacy Jackson
Books Business and Finance Styling 466K 1.25%
Singer Music Songwriting Film, Music & Books Celebrities Humor Technology 457.7K 5.50%
Celebrities Film, Music & Books Humor Technology 456.2K 1.44%
Entertainment and Music Music 454.2K 2.20%
26 Hope River
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Singer Music Modeling Film, Music & Books Humor Celebrities 451.5K 1.50%
27 therealpamputtae
Pets Health and Medical Services Moms Music Singer 428.3K 1.60%
28 RYgin KiNG
Events Entertainment Music Singer 424.3K 4.60%
29 squash
Music Entertainment Singer 404K 4.80%
30 Kasi J. Bennett
Marketing and Advertising Modeling 403K 11.90%
31 Desmond Dennis
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Music Singer Entertainment 397.3K 1.80%
32 ZTG
Entertainment and Music Music Singer Entertainment 392.6K 11.92%
33 Television Jamaica
Basketball Music 388.4K -
34 💠Nicholas Coolridge💠
Fitness and Health Outdoor Activity Health & Fitness 335.5K 4.90%
35 Tatiana, Lider, emprendedora
Beauty and Self Care Education Fashion and Accessories Marketing and Advertising Actors Gym 308K 0.32%
36 Krystal Tomlinson - Public Speaking Coach 🇯🇲 🇺🇸
Fitness Parenting Moms 304.3K 0.45%
Music Entertainment Singer Celebrities Humor Film, Music & Books Technology 302.2K 0.30%
38 ♛Rodwyla♛
Health & Fitness 300.2K 0.90%
Modeling Music Fashion Celebrities Film, Music & Books 296K 0.14%
40 Nicole McLaren Campbell
Upskilling Personal Finance Moms Entrepreneur Speaker 294.7K 0.40%
41 Jamaican Intensity Media-JIM🇯🇲
Photography Celebrity Music Modeling 293.7K 0.10%
42 Shai Trendii🇯🇲
Fashion and Accessories Moms Modeling Celebrities 291K 1.73%
Pets Music Entertainment Singer 287.2K 2.44%
44 Miss Boddy 🇨🇦
283.6K 1.84%
45 Digicel Jamaica
Sports Music News 273.9K 0.16%
46 Vanessa Bedoya
Fashion 263.8K 3.57%
47 Shanice Renee'
Beauty Business 261.5K 3.47%
48 Valdomore
Parenting Medical Health Entertainment Singer Music 254.7K 6.90%
49 Donovan 🇯🇲
Entertainment and Music Modeling Music 250K 0.50%
50 Sam Mucklow
Business and Finance 242.6K 2.47%
51 Terri-Karelle
Modeling 238.8K 1.80%
52 ‼️SWIISS LEE️‼️❌
Entertainment and Music Celebrity 237.7K 4.70%
53 Jafrass
Singer Music Modeling 237.2K 2.20%
231.4K 1.80%
55 Anteja
Beauty and Self Care Business and Finance Celebrities Humor 230.6K 0.20%
Art 229.6K 0.54%
57 Tommy Lee Sparta
226.8K 0.30%
58 Heal your body with plants🌱🍄
Education 223K 1.65%
59 EatSpicywithTee
217.3K 2.60%
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Singer Music Entertainment Humor 216.9K 1.40%
61 Happy Feet
Entertainment and Music Outdoor Activity Celebrity Dance Choreographer Celebrities Film, Music & Books Animals & Pets 209.8K 0.70%
62 Lincoln the Legend
Automotive Music Singer Songwriting 207.9K 2.40%
Parenting 206.1K 1.70%
Entertainment and Music Music Bands Musicians Creators & Celebrities 205.4K 12.10%
65 Thats craazy
Entertainment and Music Parenting Singer Entertainment Music Film, Music & Books 203.9K 5.90%
66 Dc Boss💎.
Entertainment and Music Fashion and Accessories 202.2K 3.30%
67 Emprezz
Entertainment and Music Education Family Upskilling Business and Finance Moms Speaker Public Figure 200.5K 0.40%
68 Notnice Records
Entertainment and Music News Singer Entertainment Music 197.4K 0.70%
69 Island Thriller Magazine
Entertainment Singer Music 183.2K 0.10%
70 Tiffany Bowe
Travel 175K 0.27%
174K 3.10%
72 Dhq Sashi {African Queen 👑}
172.2K 0.20%
Fashion Entertainment Singer Music 171.4K 5.80%
74 This is a Blast !!!!
News Celebrity 170.3K 0.18%
169.2K 1.30%
76 rickoy mommy
Moms Entertainment 166.8K 0.50%
Music Singer Entertainment 165.1K 0.40%
78 Jehneel Adamson
Entertainment and Music Funny Celebrity Modeling Entertainment Celebrities Hair & Beauty Design 163.9K 3.08%
79 roo🔥😖
Entertainment and Music Celebrity Music Singer Modeling 163K 1.10%
80 Leiza Keane
162.3K 5.30%
81 Bugle
Art Music Singer Entertainment Film, Music & Books Humor Celebrities 158.9K 0.61%
82 Dbess🇯🇲
Celebrity Business and Finance 158.2K 9.90%
83 Shane O
Singer Music Entertainment 157.9K 0.30%
Beauty and Self Care 153.6K 3.20%
Entertainment and Music Music 148.4K 1.50%
86 Wayne Marshall
Fashion Singer Music Entertainment 146.3K 6.80%
146.3K 2.10%
88 Kevin Too Krayzee
Finance Celebrity Modeling Music 143.5K 4.10%
143.1K 19.60%
90 кı • ʀᴀ
Entertainment and Music Careers Modeling Celebrities 142.9K 0.35%
91 Calesia Mills®️ 🦋
139K 3.40%
92 Shelly-belly Real Page
Entertainment Music Singer Film, Music & Books Celebrities Humor 132.4K 0.10%
93 Devin Di GREATEST TING fr. JA
Entertainment and Music Celebrities Film, Music & Books 131.8K 0.11%
94 D A M A G E • M U S I Q
Entertainment and Music Parenting Music Entertainment Singer 131.6K 0.80%
95 Camille Davis 🎬🇯🇲
Beauty Entertainment Actors Singer Film, Music & Books 129.8K 0.50%
96 Izzywine Queen
Entertainment Music Choreographer 129.6K 3.00%
128.5K 5.30%
98 DHQ Nickeisha
Beauty Parenting Modeling 126.4K 2.00%
99 Marlon Samuels
Celebrity Sports Cricket Music 125.3K 0.20%
Beauty and Self Care Celebrities Hair & Beauty 123.7K 2.73%