Top 1000 Tv Shows Instagram Influencers in United States in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 548 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
301 πŸŽ‹Life In ChinaπŸ‰
TV Shows Photography Modeling Travel 53.1K 0.40%
302 Alaska Outdoors Television
TV Shows Fishing 51.6K 0.80%
303 Jonna Mannion
TV Host Fashion Styling Lifestyle 51.5K 4.20%
304 Bianca Espada
TV Host Fashion Modeling Lifestyle Celebrities 50.3K 2.40%
305 Kim
TV Host Fashion Lifestyle Styling 50.1K 3.30%
306 Brittany Martinez
TV Host Moms Actors 48.9K 1.30%
307 γ€½οΈπ–†π–—π–ˆπ–”π–˜ β„­π–†π–•π–šπ–™π–”
TV Host Music DJ 48.8K 1.70%
308 Lauren Thompson
TV Host Dogs Pets Moms 48.7K 0%
309 Nia Moore
TV Host Fashion Food Celebrities 48.3K 2.20%
310 The Surf Channel
TV Channel Surfing 47.9K 6.60%
311 kylie jenner
TV Host Fashion Modeling Beauty 47.5K 0.10%
312 Kim✨
TV Host Fashion Lifestyle Business 47.3K 1.50%
313 Girls Who Eat
TV Shows Food Restaurants Cooking Food & Drink 47.2K 0.60%
314 Eat The Street
TV Shows Music Food 46.9K 0.30%
315 Citra
TV Channel Art Music Modeling Celebrities Film, Music & Books Photography 46.7K 0.80%
316 RFD-TV
TV Channel 46.6K 0.60%
317 Kylie Jenner
TV Host Fashion Modeling 46.5K 0.80%
TV Host Moms Food 46.1K 1.20%
319 Vladimir Perez
TV Channel Actors Virtualization Journalists 45.4K 1.00%
320 Katie
TV Host Beauty Art Business Hair & Beauty Fashion DIY & Crafts Celebrities 45.2K 2.00%
321 Ingrid Hoffmann
TV Host Food Chef 45.1K 0.40%
322 KIMMIE πŸ’‹
TV Host Basketball Music Entertainment Humor Health & Fitness 44.6K 2.80%
TV Host Dance Fitness Modeling 44.2K 1.50%
324 Kendra BurnsπŸ”† Certified PTπŸ’ͺ🏻
TV Host Fitness Coaching Training 44.2K 0.90%
325 FOX Sports Southwest
TV Channel Sports 44.1K 1.10%
326 WTOC-TV Savannah
TV Channel Modeling Fashion 43.6K 0.10%
327 Dave Tango
TV Host Music 43.5K 2.60%
328 Scott Yancey
TV Host Dogs Pets 43.1K 1.40%
329 Ashley Holt
TV Host Food Design Shopping 43.1K 3.10%
330 Ashlee Feldman
TV Host Entertainment Music 43K 2.80%
331 Mpix
TV Channel Design Shopping Fashion 42.8K 0%
332 Sling TV
TV Channel Soccer 42.6K 0.10%
333 β„π•’π•™π•žπ•’π•Ÿ π•π• π•™π•Ÿπ•€π• π•Ÿ
TV Host Actors Music Modeling 42.5K 0.50%
334 STUDIO 23
TV Channel Music DJ Producers 42.4K 0.50%
335 Katie
TV Host Geek Anime Comics 42.3K 1.80%
336 Nicole Kristin πŸ’›
TV Host Travel Adventure Photography Nature & Outdoors Architecture 42.3K 3.80%
337 Slayers
TV Shows Fashion Modeling 42K 0.30%
338 🚧Under Construction
TV Shows Modeling Health & Fitness 42K 4.50%
339 movies & tv shows
Movies TV Shows 41.5K 5.30%
340 Variant
TV Channel Comics Geek 41.5K 3.20%
TV Host Fashion Modeling 41.4K 21.40%
342 Katie
TV Host Art Modeling Piercing 41.2K 3.00%
343 Horse Network
TV Channel 41.2K 0.30%
344 Kourtney Kardashian πŸ‘‘
TV Host Fashion Lifestyle 41.1K 1.00%
345 Molly Jacques
TV Shows Graphics Design Illustrator Art 40.6K 1.10%
346 Chris Duke
TV Host Truck 40.1K 0.60%
347 Ariel Tweto
TV Host Modeling Fashion 40K 2.80%
348 Chanelle
TV Host Styling Art Beauty 39.9K 1.40%
349 Nera and Mila
TV Shows Dogs Pets Animals & Pets 39.8K 1.10%
350 B4U TV
TV Channel Music Singer Actors 39.6K 0.10%
351 Dining Playbook
TV Shows Food Restaurants Chef 39.4K 0.30%
352 Paul Loduca
TV Host Actors Writers Film 38.8K 1.30%
353 Richard Felix
TV Host Travel Photography Adventure Cooking Architecture Art Design Health & Fitness Food & Drink Humor Nature & Outdoors Technology 38.4K 1.00%
354 Karent Sierra
TV Host Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 38.2K 0.40%
355 Dancing with the Stars Videos
TV Host Dance Choreographer Music 37.9K 1.80%
356 Titus Tero
TV Host Music Entertainment Singer 37.8K 7.00%
357 𝒦 𝒢 𝓋 𝒾 𝓉 𝒢 π’ž 𝒽 𝒢 𝓃 𝓃 𝑒
TV Host Fashion Lifestyle Styling 37.7K 2.80%
358 Dathan Thigpen
TV Host Singer Music Entertainment 37.5K 1.00%
359 Central Valley TV
TV Shows Photography 37.5K 1.00%
360 Katie❀️
TV Host Moms Fitness Coaching 37.2K 0.20%
361 Lea Black
TV Host Fashion 36.8K 1.90%
362 Wrap Channel
TV Channel Cars Audi Cars & Motorcycles 36.7K 0.90%
363 LP
TV Channel 36.7K 0.40%
364 MX Nation
TV Shows Bikes Riders 36.4K 0.70%
365 Katie
TV Host Moms Food Recipes 36.4K 0.30%
366 Lauren Thompson
TV Host Sports 36.3K 1.80%
367 Small Business Revolution
TV Shows Fishing Travel 36.1K 0.10%
TV Channel Riders Bikes 35.7K 0.40%
369 Stephen Smith
TV Host Art Painting 35.5K 3.90%
370 Brynne
TV Host Design Interior Design Dogs 35.1K 1.20%
371 John Basedow
TV Host Fitness Coaching Training 34.3K 8.50%
372 Jessa
TV Host Singer Songwriting Music Celebrities 33.8K 2.70%
373 averey
TV Host Soccer 33.6K 3.90%
374 Katie 🌱🌎
TV Host Fitness Health Coaching 33.5K 0.02%
375 Movies and Tv Shows 🎡
TV Channel Music Singer Songwriting 33K 8.20%
376 Kim Kardashian West
TV Host Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 33K 0.70%
377 Katie
TV Host Music Modeling 32.8K 2.20%
378 FOX Sports Wisconsin
TV Channel Sports 32.8K 0.20%
379 Travel
TV Channel Photography Travel 31.7K 2.10%
380 Katie
TV Host Travel Adventure Photography 31.4K 1.50%
TV Shows Travel Photography Adventure 31K 0.40%
382 Amazing Animals
TV Shows Pets Dogs 31K 1.70%
383 Alex Ferrer
TV Host DJ Producers Music 30.9K 0.90%
384 Chez Nous
TV Shows Food Recipes Cooking 30.8K 0.40%
385 Sonia Isabelle
TV Host Fashion Modeling Styling 30.7K 2.10%
386 Kim Kardashian
TV Host Fashion Modeling 30.2K 0.20%
387 Addison Osta Smith
TV Host Dance Music 30K 7.90%
TV Channel Fashion Styling Lifestyle 29.8K 0.30%
389 kim
TV Host Geek Comics Anime Art Photography 29.6K 0.70%
390 Chuck Swisher Swisher Beef Co
TV Channel 29.5K 0.80%
391 SNY
TV Channel Photography Music Marketing 29K 3.50%
392 Jasmine Moore
TV Host Modeling Actors Entertainment Celebrities Fashion 28.8K 0.10%
393 katie
TV Host Modeling Music Entertainment 28.6K 5.30%
394 katie
TV Host Fashion Styling Lifestyle Hair & Beauty 28.4K 2.10%
395 Multi Talented β„’οΈπŸ’¦πŸ”₯
TV Shows Entertainment Music Modeling 28.3K 0.70%
396 β˜†Katie
TV Host Dance Modeling 28.3K 16.60%
397 Nuyork
TV Shows Entertainment Music Modeling 28.2K 0.70%
398 Kourtney Kardashian
TV Host Modeling Fashion 28K 6.40%
399 The Bachelor Farmer
TV Host Food Restaurants Chef 27.7K 0.90%
400 Dani | Danielle
TV Host Food Health Fitness 27.6K 0.40%