Kids Temporary Tattoo Sleeves 🔥🔥

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United States

Kids Temporary Tattoo Sleeves 🔥🔥

Deadline:31 Aug, 2021
17 Jul, 2021
Tony Ray Tattoos

Premium, temporary tattoo sleeves for kids 3-12

We've created the first temporary tattoo sleeves designed just for kids! Our tattoos are premium, waterproof, and 100% designed by real tattoo artists. They are the most authentic temporary tattoo ever created and unlike anything you've seen on the market.
- Has child between the ages of 3-12
- Lives in the United States
- 2%+ engagement rate
- Topics: Family, parenting, etc.

We celebrate the unbreakable bond between parent and child. Whether you're tattooed or just a lover of tattoos, you'll share an amazing moment with your kids as they boost their confidence with a Tony Ray tattoo. Our tattoos are the only premium, full-sleeve designs for kids and are unlike anything you've ever seen. Caution: people will stop you in the street and ask about them!

Visual Description
We love to see the parent/child bond vividly expressed in a photo! If you're a tatted parent, all the better! If not, no worries! Big smiles and good vibes are the most important thing. Photos should be high quality. In some of the examples there are kids with no shirts, but please keep shirts on kids for the content you provide. The tattoos should be highly visible.

Caption Description
We like the caption to come from you and match your voice. If it feels right to include any of the following elements please do:
- Parent/child bond
- Confidence
- Authentic styles
- Designed by real tattoo artists
- Premium tattoo sleeves
- Unlike any other temporary tattoo on the market

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- IG story x 1
- Tag: @tonyraytattoos
- Hashtags: #tats4tots