Influencer for my coaching and therapy services

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Influencer for my coaching and therapy services

Deadline:18 Sep, 2020
12 Sep, 2020
Life Coaching Service can help people with to have the clarity that they are always looking for. They are going to be guided with through powerful questions and will be given the tool that is necessary for them in their future.

Hypnotherapy services could help a person who are experiencing depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions and fears. This service could help a person to perform at their highest level.

These services are needed by a lot of people.

I needed influencers to be part of this for them to experience these offer.

The profit that I will get will be given to students who can't buy gadgets for their school.

For registration:

5k and above followers
4% and above engagement rate



10k and above subscribers
averaging 5k and above views.

Thank you so much!