The Gift of Health (Energy Healing Practice)

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The Gift of Health (Energy Healing Practice)

Deadline:30 Jun, 2021
Health & Fitness 03 Apr, 2020
Product Description:
The “Gift of Health” Energetic Body Practice is a subtle, yet powerful process which can be used daily, weekly or monthly to Restore and Maintain your Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-being. It also Supports and Strengthens your Immune and Energy Systems and more.

A healthy life is a happy life, and health is a gift we can give ourselves.   With us you will learn to restore a good flow of energy – life force energy – in your body, which is the basis of true wellness.

For over twenty-five years this work has helped people to regain their health and happiness.

Now you have the opportunity to learn to help yourself.  Join us, and let us give you tools you can use for the rest of your life to keep healthy.

This work is simple, safe, effective and beautiful to do.  We all have ‘healing hands’ – we just don’t know it!

"What an amazing experience. If you are looking for inner peace and a connection with a higher being, I would fully recommend this unassuming workshop filled with pure love."

Read more about this exciting and enlightening workshop below!

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