24/7 dentist on-demand, from your phone

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24/7 dentist on-demand, from your phone

Deadline:30 Apr, 2021
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Health & Fitness 24 Mar, 2021
- Toothpic gives 24/7 instant access to licensed dentist from your phone to help make looking after oral health easier and more convenient. Anyone can speak to a dentist in a matter of minutes to get personalized oral care advice, tips, recommendations as well as treatment options and costs.

- 22 - 35 years old
- Min. 10,000 followers on IG
- Interests: health & wellness and/or fitness
- Public account
- Comfortabe to talk in front of camera and able to produce live-stream content

- Over 50% of followers are in California
- Followers aged between 18-35
- Predominantly female

- Goal is to drive people to complete a toothpic online dental consult by driving traffic to www.toothpic.com/how-it-works
- 1 x video post of using the product step-by-step
- 1 x video post talking about the value of the product and why people should use it
- We have a special offer where we're offering consults for free for a limited time. Normally consults are $35

Shortlisted influencers will be required to submit a VIDEO that includes the following:
~ A self-introduction
~ Content that shows your typical engagement with your audience

This is an exciting opportunity to bring something entirely new and fresh to the market that no one is offering to consumers today!