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United States

Wes Medical

Deadline:31 Oct, 2020
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Health & Fitness 19 Aug, 2020
Wes Medical Care is approved by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore and BSI certified for ISO13485 manufacturing 3Ply to EN14683 Type IIR standards in Singapore in a clean and controlled environment. We produce KF94 design masks and are in the process of releasing different mask products and would like to work with influencers to boost brand awareness in Australia and USA. Following is a short video of our production facility


- >25 years old
- Min. 150k followers on IG
- Public account
- Comfortable to talk in front of camera and promote product
> 50% Female follower demographic
Large proportion of Followers to be either USA or Australia

Scope of Work
Wes Medical will be sending masks samples to you

Influencer responsible to take 2 photos and a video, draft captions to promote our mask, post and tag us on facebook and Instagram. Wes Medical will select 1 photo and video and vet the captions before posting.
Wes Medical will retain rights to use media not limited to our website, online marketplaces and our marketing materials.