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Universal Education Platform

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Education 06 Jul, 2020
We are a 501.c.3 non-profit giving education to at-risk communities. We operate two formal/accredited universities in Africa. We built a job-skills training program for immigrants to the EU. We have done dozens of other projects as well. Through our adventures, we built an online distance learning platform. In April of this year, we gave 10k students in Africa a free education. We did this as a study to see how low we can get the cost of education. We are down to below $5 per student per year- this isn't a joke.

The current pandemic and general state of education in developing/emerging economies is so bad, that we have dozens of countries asking for help right now extending education to K12-university. We want to. However, we can't scale and we don't have K12 curriculum.

We kicked off a crowdfunding campaign this weekend to raise the money we need to improve our platform and add K12 curriculum. As noted earlier, we are a 501.c.3. All proceeds are going toward building out a platform with curriculum needed to help millions of kids. The core of the crowdfunding campaign is that we are asking people to create a short video thanking the coach, teacher, professor, or mentor that has made the largest impact in their lives. In the video, ask three friends to make the same video, then post to social media with the hashtag #AkholiUniversalEducation and include a link to our site. (www.akholi.com).

This is what we are asking influencers to do... create these seeds needed to make this go viral. Please go to https://akholi.com/help-akholi/ to get more information about the videos we are asking influencers to make.


Phil Hatch
Managing Director