4 Best Platforms for Influencer Marketers

Raising brand awareness, boosting sales, and engaging larger audiences are usually the core goals of each marketing campaign. To achieve these objectives, brands may choose to form an influencer marketing strategy involving well-known people, experts in certain industries, and celebrities. Working with influencers implies that brands collaborate with famous people, which is a powerful form of brand endorsement.

The evolution of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not an innovative approach to brand promotion. In previous centuries, famous cartoon characters were used in advertisements. Thereafter, Hollywood stars and other TV celebrities were also invited to participate in marketing campaigns of well-known brands.

These days, influencer marketing primarily leverages social media platforms. From TV stars, actors, and singers, brands started to collaborate with popular bloggers and niche experts due to the rise of social media. Influencers today are trusted figures in their industries who usually have massive audiences that are highly engaged with their social media content.

The effectiveness of influencer marketing

Some time ago, experts could not precisely measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing. However, this has changed with the development of the ROI index. With the ROI index, influencer marketing has proven to show the best results compared to other marketing activities.

The success of influencer marketing is built upon the idea of word-of-mouth, where people trust recommendations from their friends and relatives. Following this logic, customers find it truthful when a person they follow on social media advertises a product and immediately depicts its benefits. Such endorsement by influencers can improve brand authority greatly.

However, marketers often find it challenging to reach out to influencers. Famous bloggers, celebrities, and experts usually get hundreds of offers from different influencer marketing platforms. Before contacting influencers, create a description of your brand and product. Once you are ready, prepare your influencer marketing campaign proposal and share it with the bloggers or industry experts whom you would like to collaborate with.

Best influencer marketing tools and platforms


The initial idea of Instagram was to allow its users to easily share photos taken on their mobile devices. It has grown to be the fifth most prominent social media platform globally, offering messaging, video streaming, and other services apart from photo sharing. Instagram has also become one of the most powerful influencer marketing platforms.

Today, Instagram comprises almost 1 billion active users. Despite there being a variety of other platforms available in the market, Instagram still produces amazing results. Every year, the amount of money invested in influencer marketing strategies on Instagram is constantly growing. At the same time, the number of Instagram influencers is rising, constituting to around 500,000 today.


This social media platform is the second largest in the world, after Facebook. More than 2 billion people watch videos on YouTube every day. YouTube has transformed from a platform where users can share short, funny videos to an influencer marketing platform where experts post professional videos and vloggers produce quality video content.

You may reach out to YouTube influencers and ask them to share your brand message via a sponsored video. This means that you provide remuneration to the influencer for advertising your product or services.

You might also consider creating a YouTube channel for your brand, which is in itself another marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. Check out the latest YouTube video trends to understand what type of video content would be appealing to your brand audiences.


Being a relatively new platform, TikTok is one of the trending platforms that many influencer marketers rely on when developing their campaigns. In the previous business year, TikTok skyrocketed and became a strong competitor to other influencer marketing platforms.

Brands can take advantage of this trend by creating TikTok influencer campaigns. There are many influencers from different industries with profiles on TikTok, so marketers are free to choose their preferred ones. Furthermore, the TikTok influencer network is growing rapidly, presenting a great opportunity for your ROI index to improve when you collaborate with influencers on this rising social media platform.


This influencer marketing platform offers an outstanding and highly convenient way of cooperation between brands and influencers. When setting up your campaign, you can mention the details of what exactly you are expecting from the influencers. Based on that, target a chosen category of influencers and start receiving proposals from them.

The influencers will send their post and content suggestions to the brand representative. Meanwhile, brands may decide whether to decline or approve the content.

StarNgage is extremely user-friendly, allowing brands to check their Instagram analytics and work directly with influencers. You can also easily find a list of questions and answers in the dedicated FAQ section which will help you get started faster.

Once you have created a target customer profile and set your industry of interest, the system will suggest a list of brand-aligned influencers. Thereafter, StarNgage will help you create, analyse, and improve your influencer marketing campaigns.

Collaborating with influencers is an efficient way of boosting your brand awareness. Apart from the aforementioned influencer marketing platforms, you can also consider other methods, such as making use of guest posting services like Adsy for brand promotion. Such services provide brands with the opportunity to share their content on the websites of influencers, which can in turn drive traffic back to your brand website.


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Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and marketing.

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