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How does StarNgage work?

StarNgage is a proprietary Instagram analytics and marketing platform which allows you to work directly with Instagram influencers. Each engagement is a four-step process:
  1. Target Set your targeted customer profiles and industry categories (eg food, fashion, fitness, etc). Craft campaign brief and promotion mechanics, while indicating preferred cost-per-engagement.
  2. Identify Search for your category-specific and brand aligned influencers with the right profile. Promote your campaign to these influencers through our patented matching algorithm.
  3. Amplify Mobilise influencers to create optimised visual content that engages target consumers, amplifies your brand messages, and generates online buzz. If help is needed, we will be happy to review your campaign mechanics.
  4. Track Once your campaign launches, you can track your influencer marketing performance through our performance dashboard.

Who are StarNgage’s influencers?

Hobbyists passionate about fashion, sports, food, travel, photography and other interests, our Instagram influencers have a good following of mostly friends and family. Also known as “Long Tail” or "Micro" influencers, everyday influencers may not hog the headlines like celebrities. However, their fans are more likely to believe, trust and take action based on what they say. We conduct a data analytics on each of our Instagram influencers. They include the number of followers, engagement levels (“likes”, comments and reposts), as well as other qualitative factors. We will also equip our influencers with the skills and knowledge to drive his or her followers to take an action (eg signups, sales, installs) in specific markets.

What social media platforms are your influencers on?

At this moment, StarNgage's proprietary platform tracks the Instagram social media platform. However, we will be happy to work with advertisers and influencers on campaigns which extend to other social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or blogs where necessary.

How to create campaigns via the self-service platform?

You can create your campaign through the "Campaign Builder". Your campaign briefs can be published for free. Once published, you'll start receiving interest from influencers. It is completely up to you to decide whether or not you'd like to work with them - there is no obligation to accept.

Can you customise campaigns for my brand?

We will certainly be happy to consider customised Instagram marketing campaigns for companies, based on the size and scope of the campaign. Please email us at [email protected] with the details of your campaign.

Can I choose the influencers whom I wish to work with?

Certainly! StarNgage provides you with the flexibility to pick and choose influencers which match your industry category, brand, and budget. We will be happy to reach out to other influencers whom you are keen to work with and connect with them if they have not signed up on the platform.

How to browse the Influencers Listing Information?

Advertisers on StarNgage can create a campaign for free on StarNgage. However, browsing the StarNgage Influencer Listing is a premium feature. A paid plan gives you the access to StarNgage Influencer Listing and it allow you to refine your search by country, age, number of followers, average engagement rate and most importantly, send invitations. Upgrading your account means you will see faster response time, send private invitations to influencers that you'd like to engage and you can run campaigns more effectively.

How can I pay?

StarNgage allows you to pay for your campaigns primarily through the Credit Card . However, we may introduce other electronic payment methods in future.

How are payment handled on StarNgage?

If a payment to an influencer is negotiated as part of a collaboration, the brand is required to make payment before the commencement of the campaign. As a brand, payment is only taken once you have selected and approved an Influencer proposal. Once funded, StarNgage holds all funds in escrow to mitigate the risk of a Influencer creating a content and not getting paid, or a brand paying an Influencer and not receiving any content creation in returns. StarNgage takes 10% as commission. For example, for a $200 paid collaboration, brands will pay $220, $20 will be paid to StarNgage.

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