Zafferano Campaign Review

Zafferano Review

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Zafferano

Crowning the Ocean Financial Centre, 43 storeys above bustling Collyer Quay, Zafferano is inviting 10 Instagram influencers to enjoy the perfect contemporary Italian cuisine while enjoying the sunset view from the heart of Singapore’s CBD.

The menu includes a variety from marinated trout, topped with red radish and pomegranate, quail egg, caviar, to beef “tagliata” served with sautéed artichokes.



  • Primary Objective – to drive awareness for the restaurant, by targeting food lovers via top instagrammers’ audiences
  • Secondary Objective(s) – leverage top food instagrammers’ social, creative content, direction, and readership base as a jump off point for audience engagement


  • Partnered with several top instagrammers to ensure top of mind awareness.
  • Ideate with influencers to creatively create content on Instagram


  • Fine dining. More Campaign Information at:


  • Engaged 11 Influencers who have rolled out 33 posts within 10 days with high levels of audience engagement including 280+ comments and 8500+ likes on Instagram
  • Invaluable consumer feedback from distinct, target consumer audiences
  • Elevated brand awareness and messaging
  • Combined social reach of 65,000+ on Instagram


Campaign Report

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