Trichoderm Black Series Serum Influencer Marketing Campaign

StarNgage x {{Trichoderm}} Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Trichoderm #HookedOnTrichoderm


Influencer marketing has become increasingly important to brands as consumers become more digitally-dependent on information and purchase recommendations found on social media.

This creates an opportunity for Trichoderm to tap into the limitless landscape of social media and many more media platforms to reach out to relevant audiences through relevant influencers.

We have engaged a mix of Mega influencers and Micro Influencers. This allow us to have multiple touch points to reach out to our audience, in turn maximising the exposure of the campaign.

For Mega Influencers, we have collaborated with them to run Facebook LIVE videos. Facebook Live is the best way for these Mega Influencers to interact with their fans in real time. It is immediate, authentic and interactive. The Live videos allows the fans to share their enquiries about the products and get their answers right away!

On other hand, we engaged micro-influencers to share about their usage experience with Trichoderm via Instagram posts. These micro-influencers received a set of Trichoderm Products.

The micro-influencers are selected based on suitability and relevance their profiles in relation to the brand. We also screened through their usual visual and presentation style. Other consideration factors are potential reach (no. of followers) and estimated performance (no. of likes and comments).

Campaign Hashtags: #HookedOnTrichoderm



  • Primary Objective – Build Brand Awareness among target audience
  • Secondary Objective(s) – Drive Sales via Guardian Major Stores and Guardian E-Commerce Website


  • Engaged a mix of Mega/Macro/Micro influencers


  • Sponsored Content


  • Exposure to over 300,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 50 Campaign Posts (videos and photos)
  • Over 5,000 Link Clicks


Campaign Report



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SWIPE LEFT to view full video! I have tried a Japan product to minimise hair loss— @trichodermwomen_sg TRICHODERM®BlackSeries for women. Women's in green, guy's in blue. What's the difference? I dunno 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ This is my first attempt speaking into a camera and gosh… it was awkward LOL! Sorry for my weird sentence structure, pronunciation and 1 million grammatical errors (yes, I'm aware) :/ I will improve on my language 😭🙊 dun laugh 😭 I have tried those hair spray products that claimed to see results in 1 month, and that did not happened!!!🤬 This series is made of stem cells from natural ingredients (argan oil + swiss apple). Thus, I find it reasonable to need a continuous usage of a few months in order to see visible results 🙂 If you like the product, you can now get these #trichodermsg products from any Guardian outlets in Singapore and online store #sponsored

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Hey Ivannation, I have been using @trichoderm_sg recently. It is a range of premium next generation hair growth therapy with the latest cutting edge powerful TrichoCell™ ingredients. It helps increase the density of the hair while reducing loss and stimulating new hair growth. Powered by the TricoCell™ Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology , it consists of the Plant Stem cells (Apple and Argan) , Japanese botanical herbal extracts and the Trichological complex. . You can get them at all Major @guardiansg in Singapore. . . . . . . #ivannation #ivannavich #trichoderm #sponsored . #skincare #myhappinesz #spa #elfcosmetics #singaporean #skin #face #crueltyfreewhat #sg #beauty #singaporean #hudabeauty #sgig #fashion #beautiful #model #beauty #igsg #beautyblogger #cosmetics #singapore #lashes #lips #wakeupandmakeup #instamakeup #instagood

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[ TRICHODERM BLACK SERIES ❤️ ] There comes a point in your life where hair loss problems are real, then you think to yourself – truly what are your options? That's me right there, and I'm glad to be introduced to @trichodermwomen_sg! TRICHODERM originates from Japan & uses next generation self-regenerating technology, combined with Japanese botanical extracts & powerful ingredients to reactivate hair growth and reduce hair loss by strengthening hair follicles. I'll be reporting back on the status of my hair growth journey in 2 weeks with a giveaway so stay tuned! #notgonnalie TRICHODERM will be launching in Singapore's Major Guardian outlets, do keep a lookout for more details! You can also browse their online store: for more info. 💕 #trichodermsg #sponsored #sp

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. while going for hair and scalp treatments is a lifestyle to maintain, treating your hair right at home is essential too. ———————————— i get to try TRICHODERM®BlackSeries for women, a formula made with anti-hair loss ingredients developed by their renowned biotechnology specialists in France, Switzerland and Japan. . they conducted in-depth studies on the ingredients used, including the methods that lead to redensifying and thickening the hair. the system is rather simple in 2 steps; a Shampoo & Leave-on Serum. i shall try on and see how it can works for me. . these are current available at selected Guardian stores and online at —————————————— #trichoderm #hairsolutions #hairsolutions #antihairloss #hairthickening #healthyhair #sp #beauty #haircare #hairlossshampoo #shampoo #hairserum #hairtreatment #scalptreatment #beautychat #bbloggers #sgblogger #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #igsg #instasg #singapore #beautytalk #sgig #clozette #sg #fliphair #beautifulhair #coloredhair

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