The Best Ways for Influencers to Gain More Sponsorship

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One winning marketing strategy for businesses is to engage social media influencers for brand endorsements. However, there is huge competition in the influencer industry. How can you stand out from other influencers? 

Here are some ways to attract new business as an influencer and get the most out of each brand collaboration. 

Background: Why do companies hire social media influencers?

Influencer marketing helps companies boost sales, raise brand awareness, and engage large audiences in the long run. Social media influencers have many  subscribers on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter and can reach a company’s target audience with a single post. Social media influencers can also  promote a brand/ product locally or globally. 

As the influencer’s audience grows, the business will get more exposure.

The best ways to attract new sponsors

Post regularly on social media 

The most important thing is to increase your number of subscribers constantly. To do this, you need to come up with unique and interesting content. The more distinctive content you publish, the more offers you will get from businesses to promote their brand or product.

Ensure the content is focused on your audience so that they will interact with your posts and support you. Remember to share accurate follower and engagement rates to easily attract sponsors. Also, make sure the content on your social media  is aligned with your blog.

Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities

If you know which brands you’d like to work with, don’t be shy to reach out to them. Of course, you shouldn’t just send a generic message like “Hire me, I’m an influencer.” Send them your portfolio, suggest fresh project ideas, and have an outstanding vision to stand out among other influencers.

If you don’t have any successful projects yet, think about your relatives and friends who run small businesses. It would be a good idea to promote them on your social media account. Or you can do the same for local brands that you love. Tag them in posts and videos to let them know about you.

Be honest about yourself

People go for openness, sincerity, and honesty. If you promote brands that you don’t like just because you want to earn money, you will lose your audience. So, if you have a specific niche, it is better to find sponsors in that industry who will appreciate your talents. At the same time, you shouldn’t work for free unless it is for charity. When you know your value, other people will as well.

Come up with a catchy pitch

How do you attract sponsorship when you know your direction, your rates, and the companies you want to collaborate with? It’s time for a catchy pitch. Your pitch should be short and sweet – just tell sponsors how they will benefit by collaborating with you.

Analyze the vision of your audience

The best solution could  be near you. Listen to your subscribers, because they define your success! Ask them to tag brands which interest them in comments. Also, you can ask them for feedback on your blog or social media posts. You can pick up valuable recommendations for improvement there.

Define your values

Even if you’re a micro-influencer, you should be clear about your values and priorities and stick to them. What brands do you support, and which ones do you want to steer clear of? If you’re a vegan, you shouldn’t collaborate with companies that exploit animals, e.g., to test cosmetics. If you’re writing about budget travel, it will be a bad choice to collaborate with companies that sell luxury tourism equipment, and so on. Be picky, even if it means that you lose business. Your efforts will surely pay off in the long run!


Being an influencer is not easy as it may appear. It is more than simply taking photos, filming videos, and writing blog posts. You should be creative and deliver high-quality content to stand out from other influencers. Come up with fresh ideas and keep your audience engaged to gain more sponsorship from businesses.

Author’s Bio

Beryl Carington is a professional content writer in She had been working as a SMM-manager for more than 3 years. Now she is writing about education, marketing and branding. Luisa is interested in films and enjoys traveling.

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