PrimaDeli Christmas Promotion Review

StarNgage x {{PrimaDeli}} Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: PrimaDeli Singapore #PrimaDelixStarNgage

Christmas is not complete without a christmas cake! PrimaDeli Singapore worked with StarNgage to invite 10 StarNgage Foodies to join their upcoming Christmas promotions.



  • Primary Objective – To generate awareness of PrimaDeli’s Christmas Cakes & Pastries
  • Secondary Objective(s) – To establish PrimaDeli Singapore as the preferred cake specialist


  • Engaged 10 Influencers to feature the promotion.
  • Influencers given freedom of creativity to feature their photos.



  • Exposure to over 100,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 14 Instagram Posts
  • Over 8,004 likes on Instagram
  • Over 217 comments on Instagram


Campaign Report



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Christmas came early for me 💕😜 . [ 9 December 2016 ] [ Prima Deli ] [ ] [ Media Delivery ] . [NEW] Santa Cottage- $50++ . ☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫☕️🍪🍫 What's Christmas without a Christmas Cake?!? Celebrate your Christmas with Prima Deli's seasonal edition cakes!! And get a 25% off early bird discount for pre-order of Christmas cakes (except regular sized Christmas cakes)! For my info, click the link in my bio. Thanks @starngage & @primadelisg for sending me this pretty and delicious cake. 🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️🍫🍪☕️ . 🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆 Check out my new blog post on ' Takujo Japanese , Emporium Shokuhin ' by clicking the link in my bio or click it below: [ ] 😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆😆🙆 . 👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱 For more updates, follow me on: Snapchat: [ @nicholaslgl ] 👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱👻📱 . #NICHOLASLGL #NICHOLASLGLeats #NICHOLASLGLadverts #CanonSingapore #StarNgage #Primadelisg #PrimaDelixStarngage #PrimadeliCake #ChristmasCake

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[Media Delivery] Lava Cheese Tarts // Prima Deli Friday's all about becoming a kid again. You sit on the grass patch untroubled, imagining the imaginary, doddling on your favourite sketchbook and munching on your favourite snacks. If we could channel all the negativity into positive energy, life would have been so much easier and happier. Cheers to TGIF! ___________________________________ On a side note, there is a 25% early bird discount for pre-orders of the Christmas cakes (which I will be uploading tomorrow) at @primadelisg till 11 Dec, so order quickly! For more information, head to my bio to find out more! #PrimaDeliSg #PrimaDeliCake #ChristmasCakes #SGHalalCakes #SGCakes #sponsored #PrimaDelixStarNgage

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