Paragon Mannequin Challenge Campaign Review

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Paragon Singapore #paragonmannequinchallenge

200 people from all walks of life came together to participate in the largest Mannequin Challenge in a shopping mall in Singapore. Paragon Singapore worked with StarNgage to invite 16 Influencers to join a Christmas-themed Mannequin Challenge.



  • Primary Objective – To generate awareness of Paragon and engage their shoppers through a Christmas Surprise.
  • Secondary Objective(s) – To establish talking points for Paragon on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Engaged 16 Influencers to feature the campaign.
  • Influencers given freedom of creativity to feature their photos.



  • Exposure to over 100,000 followers of influencers on Instagram
  • Over 24 Instagram Posts
  • Over 6,000 likes on Instagram
  • Over 120 comments on Instagram
  • Over 800,000 reach on Facebook
  • Over 3,000 likes on Facebook
  • Over 1,600 shares on Facebook
  • Over 160 comments on Facebook
  • Over 200,000 Video Views on Facebook


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