Master Instagram Polls In 7 Steps!

Creating polls is not only a fun way to boost your profile’s attention and gain new followers but it also fosters a sense of community within your existing followers. This is crucial for budding influencers and product developers as it gives you the chance to expose your products and brand to the public. Thus, increasing traffic on your page and building brand awareness. Similarly, it is just as important for well-established companies, brands, and influencers to continue attracting and retaining followers and consumers.

Before diving into seven creative ways you can use polls in your Instagram stories, here is how you create a basic poll:

  • Firstly, tap the sticker icon at the top right hand corner of your screen after you have uploaded your latest story. Once you have accessed it, select the “poll” feature.
  • Once selected, you will get a pre-set “Yes/No” response. This will be accompanied by a blank space where you can write your prompts
  • Finally, you can choose to customise the answers or keep the original “Yes/No”. You can also implement the emoji slider poll option for a less binary option.

If you are wondering about what you should make these polls about, keep reading to discover seven insightful tips that will have your followers interacting with you in no time!

1. Make quizzes

This method is a cool way to interact with your followers. Quizzes can be about any topic of your choice – entertainment, trivia, even your brand! Your followers will not only get a chance to learn something new, but they will also get a chance to have fun in the process of interacting with your content

2. Show your best products

As a visually-driven social media platform, Instagram is the perfect environment to implement this tip. When promotional products are displayed using polls, the customers can identify what they like and will most likely end up purchasing based on that decision. It is also a good way to provide product turnover and keep existing customers while enticing new ones at the same time.

3.  Ask for feedback and preferences

Best applied in content and product creation, this strategy helps to paint a clearer picture of your targeted community’s wants. From asking your followers what kind of content they would like to see to promotions, you can ask for feedback on just about anything. This is also highly effective in saving you time and money during the creative process while also building a positive rapport with your followers.

4.  Entertain your customers and be relatable

An exciting way to engage your followers, you can use humour as a tool to increase viewers. You can also share your thoughts with your community to generate content through their live responses.

5. Let followers choose for you

While it is about asking your followers for their feedback, this method can be more engaging. You will be able to create content and potential product creations based on what they wish to see.

6. Generating brand awareness

Brand awareness is excellent for start-ups and established companies alike. It can also help entrepreneurs to bring awareness to their presence and what they do, thus effectively advertising their content.

7. Promoting website content

By creating an interesting poll, you can redirect your followers to your website or blog and generate views and visitors on your page outside of platforms like Instagram. The benefit of this is two-fold, as you get to effectively communicate on the multiple platforms and deliver your content to varying social media communities.

Don’t forget to follow these tips!

And there you have it! These highly effective methods of using Instagram story polls will engage followers while simultaneously driving up your community following and post quality. They will surely be left wanting more as you dedicate a portion of your stories to polls on a regular basis.


Kristin Herman writes at State of writing and OX Essays. She is also a contributing writer for Paper Fellows. As a project manager, she oversees writing projects nationwide.

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