Instagram Influencer Marketing: How To Choose The Right Photos

As an Instagram influencer, one of your biggest priorities should be ensuring that you consistently post high-quality images. Not only do your images have to be clear and appealing, but you should also be diligent in their editing, style, etc. to maintain a specific brand image. It helps you create a specific image of yourself. So, how exactly do you choose the right photos to post? Here are ten tips to help you.


#1 Prioritize Lighting

Lighting is crucial for taking good pictures, which is exactly why you need to prioritize it every time you decide to take another picture for your Instagram. In most cases, bad lighting can’t be corrected with editing to an extent that will make your picture look completely different. This is why it’s better to think about lighting before you take the picture, not when you start editing it.


#2 Shoot Outdoors

One way to ensure that lighting is good is to shoot outdoors during golden hours (sunset or sunrise). Try to avoid shooting when the skies are overcast unless you are going for a specific look. In addition to good lighting, shooting outdoors is also great if you want to get more variety in the pictures you post. You don’t have to always be indoors – going outside is great and pictures of travel are always well-liked.


#3 Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important things you should remember when taking photos. By activating the 3×3 grid on your phone or camera, you can better position objects and yourself in the photo to attract attention to the right details and make the photo more balanced visually. Always utilize the rule of thirds to your advantage.


#4 Work on Your Captions

While your images are important, your captions should also be flawless. If you aren’t very good at writing them, you can always hire a professional writer to help you out. Alternatively, think about different ways you can make your captions relevant to your images and gradually develop your writing skills.


#5 Try Different Formats

Just like shooting outdoors brings some variety to your Instagram feed, trying different formats is also a great way to spice things up. Take photos both vertically and horizontally. Appear in photos both solo and with others (friends, family, colleagues). Take selfies but also have someone take full-body photos of you.


#6 Utilize Props

Props are ideal for making your photos look more attractive, especially if you are trying to advertise a specific product or simply want your setup to look a certain way. Don’t be afraid to add some more food onto the table, hold a bouquet of flowers, or seek out places that already have interesting items lying around.


#7 Change the Scenery

When it comes to adding variety to your feed, literally changing the scenery can be the perfect solution. Visit different places, go on excursions, travel, and so on. Of course, this has become more difficult during the pandemic, but you can still go outside and explore different sites in your local area if you can’t travel.


#8 Take Multiple Photos

Instead of only taking one or two photos, take as many as you can. Use different props and change up your poses. Even small changes can make your photos look completely different and you will have more options to choose from later. Moreover, you can even post multiple photos instead of only posting one. For example, in one photo, you might be smiling slightly and in the other one, you could be laughing. It looks great and adds variety.


#9 Be Consistent

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your photos needs to be consistent. Beyond that, everything else about your feed should also be consistent. If you have a specific fashion style or aesthetic, then sticking to it throughout all your photos will make your feed look way more appealing to a first-time visitor checking out your profile. Besides, consistency is essential for branding.


#10 Stick to Simple Editing

Last but not least, try to stick to simple edits. This will save you a lot of time. Plan how you are going to do your lighting before you shoot. It’s easier to keep your visuals consistent if you stick to simple edits, versus complicated edits which require you to go through multiple steps, in order to achieve a specific look.



To summarize, choosing the right photos to post on your Instagram shouldn’t be that difficult if you know what you want. Stick to a specific “look” for all of your photos and keep your photo quality consistent. Use the tips in this article to help you take better pictures and then choose the best ones for your profile.


Author bio:

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a writing expert at quality review company Top Writing Reviews and college essay writing service reviews. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and HR. She loves travelling, photography and is always happy to meet new people.

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