GST U-Save rebate – Share your stories with us!

StarNgage x {{Ministry-of-Finance}} Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Studies: GST U-Save rebate – Share your stories with us!


In October 2017, HDB households received GST U-Save rebate to help offset part of their utilities bills. Ministry of Finance Singapore collaborated with StarNgage to invite influencers to share their personal stories on what they appreciate about the GSTV U-Save rebate.

Participating Influencers must own and live in their own HDB flat, and are the direct recipients of the GSTV U-Save rebate. Influencers must be Singaporeans as well.



  • Primary Objective – Drive awareness and increase public understanding of the initiative


  • Engaged over 5 micro-influencers who are of the target age groups and fit the requirements
  • Each influencer is to produce one Instagram post on what they appreciate about the GSTV U-Save rebate and how they have benefited from it.
  • Influencers also have to direct their followers to MOF’s press release for more information via profile link


  • Exposure to over 59,700+ followers of influencers
  • 5 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 1,000+ Likes
  • Comments received: 40+ Comments


Campaign Report


I love spending some me time before bed, reading on my cozy sofa, under my LED energy efficient lamp. We are hoping to convert all our lights at home to LED lights and our electrical appliances to the energy saving ones. Eligible 4-roomers like us, will be receiving up to a total of $300 of GSTV U-Save rebate a year, paid out quarterly, automatically in our household utility account. . From this July, there is a permanent increase in the U-save quantum of between $40-$120. With the GSTV U-Save rebate, which is a permanent scheme, we are planning to use the cost savings to convert more of our home electric appliances into energy savings ones. To find out more information, click the link in my profile. #mofsg #GSTrebate #sponsored #MOFxStarNgage

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When we moved into our flat, we made it a point to have all LED lightings in our apartment. Comparing to incandescent or even flourescence lights, we can save much much more. Even though we turn on our air con every night, our utilities bill remains low compared to our Mom's place. Whats more, GST U-Save vouchers gave us a hand in paying our bills. Our utilities bill had a big fat 0 on it, we didn't even have to register for it. Its like Ah Gong give us Ang Bao early. Mine is a 4 room HDB flat so we're getting $75 rebates every 3 months. So for those of you living in HDB like almost everyone else, do check your mail box as you will be receiving the GST U-Save rebate this month! No sign ups are required and this is a permanent scheme! Go check out the latest press release from MOF on my bio for more info! #MOFSG #GSTrebate #sponsored #MOFxStarNgage

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• GST U-SAVE REBATE • As someone who frequently need to have my photos taken under different kinds of lightings, we had our HDB apartment installed with LED lights, which are more energy-efficient, consumes less electricity, and leads to more savings in our utilities bill. . With GSTV U-Save rebate, which is a permanent scheme, we can look forward to more savings! HDB households will be receiving GST U-Save rebate this month to help offset part of their utilities bills. In July, the rebate was increased by $40 to $120 depending on flat type. It is paid in January, April, July and October each year. . There's no need to sign up in order to receive the rebates, which will be automatically credited to the household utility account. . For more details of increase as announced in Budget 2017, do visit (or click on my biolink!) . #MOFSG #GSTRebate #sponsored #MOFxStarNgage

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Being HDB home owners, we are always looking forward to rebates and savings given by the government. Since July, the government had increased the GST U-Save rebate to help offset HDB homeowners’ utilities bills. This is definitely great news to us as being a household of 4 persons, we do have a substantial amount of utility bills to pay each month. Many HDB homeowners – from 1 room flat to exec/multi-gen flats – are entitled to the GST U-Save rebate. The total amount ranges from $220 – $380 each year, depending on the flat type. The rebate is paid over four quarters, and it is a permanent scheme. Also, there is no sign ups required. The amount is automatically credited to the utility account 👍🏼 In order to conserve energy, pls do not follow my bad example in this video. Do you know that the fridge consumes a large amount of electricity and if you are like me who loves to open and shut the fridge as and when, this would translate to a higher utility bill. Choose electrical appliances that has more green tick ratings as they have been tested to be energy efficient models. Do refer to my profile link for more info on this rebate scheme. #MOFSG #GSTRebate #sponsored #MOFxStarNgage

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I suppose this is the most cost efficient and practical way of making camping under the stars happen for your child. With additional perks of riding on the opportunity to educate her about energy conversation and sustainability of our resources. I think our country has done a good job on promoting this aspect by educating the public, but at the same time providing different tiers of GSTV U-Save rebates to meet differing household needs. • No sign-ups are required to receive the rebates; rebates will be automatically credited to the household utility account • GSTV U-Save is a permanent scheme. • U-Save rebate is paid out quarterly. • Permanent increase in U-Save quantum between $40-$120 from July 2017. You may refer to the details of increase as announced in Budget 2017 here(or link in bio) #MOFSG, #GSTRebate, #sponsored, #MOFxStarNgage

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