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StarNgage x {{Alce-Nero}} Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Alce Nero Social Media Influencer Campaign


For more than 30 years, Alce Nero has been synonymous of good, safe, fair and sustainable produce. On top of its constantly growing range of organic Italian food, Alce Nero now includes an array of Fairtrade products from all over the world. Alce Nero is not only the leading organic brand in Italy, but also becoming a trademark world-wide.

Alce Nero partnered with StarNgage to run a long term influencer marketing campaign to promote its products. As the market is shifting into Influence 2.0 (Influencer Relationship Management), StarNgage proposed an always-on community building campaign for Alce Nero.

 Every month, 10 micro-influencers will be engaged to review and promote Alce Nero’s products.

From the pool of engaged influencers, StarNgage will track their post performance. Good performing influencers will be selected for future campaign activation, under a long term influencer community building plan.



  • Primary Objective –  To generate awareness and sales of Alce Nero products.
  • Secondary Objective(s) –  To build a strong and always-on influencer community for Alce Nero.


  • Engaged 10 influencers every month to review and promote Alce Nero products
  • Alce Nero products sent FOC to influencers for review
  • Each influencer delivered 2 IG posts
  • The post mentioned when and where the influencer consume the product (usage opportunity)
  • Highlighted the health benefit of the product: wholesome and nutritious, making it appropriate for a healthy lifestyle
  • Directed followers to the Alce Nero’s website via profile link

1st Month Results

For this campaign, we engaged 50 influencers. Here’s are the results:

  • Exposure to over 300,000+ followers of influencers
  • 72 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 23,800+ Likes
  • Comments received: 900+ Comments


Campaign Report


You guys know I love my pasta so, instead of my usual pasta, I cooked this Vegetable Minestrone Pasta!! 👅 I used these cute vegetable alphabet pasta from @alcenerosg 😍 With cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, baby spinach and eggplant in a tomato-based vegetable broth mmm. Have been busy these days so any simple, quick cooking meals are my go to now👍🏻 These alphabet pasta definitely reminds me of my childhood days 🙈 . . To see @alcenerosg’s full range of wholesome products and where you can get them, head over to their website 👉🏻 (or click the link in my profile) ♥️ . P.S. their cacao biscuits are really addictive 🍪🍪 . . . . #AlceNero #AlceNeroSG #OrganicFood #sponsored #AlceNeroXStarNgage @starngage

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Fusilli Farfalle Prawn Aglio Olio . Made this dish myself using #fusilli #oliveoil from @alcenerosg . At Alce Nero, they have the whole range of authentic and organic Italian ingredients. They are also 100% organic certified by the European Union Law. All their products are available at most of the leading supermarkets in Singapore . Check out their website for more info. ( link: . Also sharing the steps on my simple meal 😊. . . Steps: 1. Soak Fusilli and Farfalle in room temp water (15-20 mins) 2. Boil water. Add half tea spoon of salt 3. After boiled, pour cube carrot 🥕, then follow by fusilli and farfalle 4. Cook for another 8-10mins 5. Drain When Al Dente (firm-tender). 6. In a Cold Skillet, Add Olive Oil. 7. Add chopped garlic and stir fried 1-2 mins 8. Put drain pasta together and stir fried for another 3-4 mins . 9. Add chilli flakes for more taste . . . #organic #farfella #aglioolio #endorsed #homecook #prawns #AlceNero #AlceNeroSG #OrganicFood #sponsored #AlceNeroXStarNgage #eatclean #eathealthy #sgfoodporn #Adibee #sgmakandiary #sgfoodporn #instafood_sg #nomnom #f52grams #foodphotography #foodstyling #feedfeed

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Mamma Mia! In Italy it's all about the food. Mention this beautiful country and one of the first things anyone talks about is food & their produce. Italians certainly pride themselves in this single most important aspect of their culture. • Today we decided to spread the Italian fever at home by cooking simple but authentic Italian fare. Wifey as you know already is very particular about the ingredients used. It has to be 100% organic, nutritious & wholesome, thus we used the products we got from @AlceNeroSG a couple of days ago. Not only do they have ingredients for cooking up a storm but they also have products like biscuits, coffee, juices, jam, honey and condiments. • Now everyone can enjoy delicious and healthy Italian cuisine without the hassle of searching for such ingredients any longer. • Alce Nero is available in 80 leading supermarkets and 20 independent organic food establishments. Click on the link in my bio page • Buon Appetito!

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no prizes for guessing how many bottles are here. this is my morning ritual for years – drinking apple cider with warm water on empty stomach 🍎💦 . . trying @alcenerosg’s organic apple cider this time and i love the same great taste i’m familiar with. they are made in italy and high in nutrients without pesticides. . i believe drinking apple cider can lower cholesterol & improve my heart health. most importantly, it is simple. just a tablespoon with warm water and i’m good to start my day. . if u have not browse their wide range of products in over 80 supermarkets & 20 independent organic stores, click on link in my bio to find out more! 🤗 . . #spbuttruthfulwords #mayasbeautysg #AlceNero #AlceNeroSG #OrganicFood #AlceNeroXStarNgage #applecidervinegar #startfortheday #refreshingdrink #sgfood #sgfoodies #vscofood #sgig #igsg #homecafe #teampixel #teampixel2 #teampixel2xl #weekendvibes

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what is missing from this picture? my spoon to tuck in! 🥄 . . my healthy & sumptuous rolled oats with chocolate yogurt, chia seeds, banana and almonds! the chocolate yogurt is flavored by @alcenerosg’s organic cocoa which is high in antioxidants minus pesticides.😋 . @alcenerosg’s organic cocoa is pure powder without any sugar; great for me to customize the level of sweetness. a drizzle of honey or a low sugar yoghurt will make this chocolate treat so yummy already. . @alcenerosg is not only the leading organic brand in Italy but also a trademark world-wide by including an array of Fairtrade products from all over the world. . find their wide range of products in over 80 supermarkets & 20 independent organic stores. click on link in my bio if you are keen for more information. 🤗 . . #sp #AlceNero #AlceNeroSG #OrganicFood #AlceNeroXStarNgage #homemadebreakfast #nocookingrequired #banana #chiaseeds #almonds #honey #chocolate #homemadebrunch #rolledoats #breakfastbowl #homemade #breakfast #organiccocoa #cocoapowder #yoghurt #sgfood #sgfoodies #vscofood #sgig #igsg #homecafe #teampixel #teampixel2 #teampixel2xl #weekendvibes

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Finally had a chance to wind down this weekend with delicious treats from leading Italian brand @alcenerosg. You know how much I love chocolate and these frollini are so good! Made from real cocoa beans, they're not sweet and you can still taste the cocoa nibs. 🍪🍪🍪 . The cocoa powder is as good. You can bake with it or simply turn it into hot chocolate drink like what I did. And they're all organic so it's healthier too . ☕️☕️☕️ . These are available at 80 supermarkets and 20 organic stores in Singapore. Go try em! . . . #foodporn #foodcoma #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodie #sgfoodie #yummy #sgfoodblogger #foodstyling #AlceNeroXStarNgage #foodplating #foodblogger #foodstylist #foodblog #OrganicFood #sponsored #f52grams #likesforlikes #flatlay #sgrestaurant #sgfoodstylist #vsco #likes4likes #sgfood #coffee #biscuit #frollini #AlceNero #AlceNeroSG #zanthreastyles

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[Swipe and see #instagramslideshow] Our breakfast and snack time have become tastier and healthier with Alce Nero's Cocoa cookies with Choc drops, Apricot Jam and Soya & Oat Milk 🍪🥛🍑 Breakfast should be like a King! It's a first meal of the day and has to be heathy, wholesome and full of goodness. 🍪🥛🍑 Same goes for snack times. Little tummies keep growling and I keep scratching my head for options. 🍪🥛🍑 Thanks Alce Nero for coming to rescue for moms. Huge range of organic, safe, delish and Fairtrade products is what I get with Alce Nero – easily available in more than 80 supermarkets and 20 independent organic stores islandwide. 🌿🌿🌿 You must try too and walk the path of healthy lifestyle with Alce Nero. Link to their website on my bio. 🌿🌿🌿 #alcenero #alcenerosg #organicfood #sponsored #AlceNeroXStarNgage

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[Media Gift] Friends of PeanutLoti should know that we love our snacks and spreads! However, over snacking could bring about some potential health risks, that's why we have to choose our snacks wisely. Thank you @AlceNeroSG and @StarNgage for sending us these delicious goodies! Alce Nero has been synonymous of good, safe and sustainable products. On top of its constantly growing range of organic Italian food, Alce Nero now includes an array of Fairtrade products from all over the world. Their wide range of biscuits are both wholesome and nutritious, making it appropriate for a healthy lifestyle. We especially love the chocolate chip cookies, it taste very similar to your usual cookies with the gooey chocolate chips just that it's much healthier! Alce Nero products can be found in over 80 supermarkets and another 20 independent organic stores in Singapore.

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