Creating Your Dream Instagram Content

Have you wondered how you can create fabulous visual content on Instagram?

Crafting content can be a real headache, especially if you are tasked to reel in more followers while trying to churn out engaging content.

In our bid to win heart and mind-share, we sometimes forget to enjoy the process. By doing so, we overlook giving that vital dash of personal touch which you sometimes see on Instagram.

Your personal touch is important. It creates that bridge and link between you, your brand and your audience. Believe it or not, your audience will be able sense your emotions just by looking at your content on Instagram.

Half-hearted content created  in a hurry – often with a lot of stress involved – may fail to connect with your audience.

Instagram – an Invitation for Dinner

How then can you avoid becoming overly focused on your goal and enjoy creating your dream content?

We talked about Instagram being a social place. Yes, it is. Remember that it is a social media platform for a reason.

Thus, imagine the process of creating content for Instagram as an invitation for your friends to head over to your place for a dinner gathering.

As a warm and gracious host, there are some steps you can take to be well prepared enough to ensure that your guests feel welcomed at your vicinity.

#1 Plan Your Content

Planning your content is equivalent to planning the dinner menu for your guests. You want it to be thoroughly thought through and exciting enough for them to want to indulge in it.

Posting a piece of visual content for the sake of making a post is the same as serving only potato chips at dinner.

#2 Determine the Elements You Want to Highlight

Now that you have your menu planned, it’s time to decide the ingredients that go into it. In this step, the ingredients you choose to put into your content on Instagram will be the main elements you want to highlight to your audience.

The key to building a brand here lies in being consistent with your visual identity elements and key messages. While it is good to experiment with new elements once in a while, try not to wander too far from the key elements you have decided for your content. It takes far more time to build a brand than it takes to break it.

#3 Choose Only the Best Quality

Unless you want your guests to remember you for serving wilted salad, you may want to ensure the quality of the food you are serving. This is no less different than upholding the quality of your content.

Visuals are exceptionally powerful and engaging. One cannot reverse the process of seeing a bad image nor the process of forming a a first impression. Therefore, the quality of your content matters a lot even if it is a casual behind-the-scene post.

#4 The Smallest and Tiniest Details Matter

A well thought through dinner menu also takes into consideration the possible allergies guests may have. Triggering your guests nut allergy reaction is certainly not a pretty sight!

The same goes to how you plan visual content to be posted on Instagram.

Always take into consideration other factors such as the demographics of your audiences based on your existing customer analytics. The more spot on you are here, the higher your chances of success.

Sometimes, a seemingly harmless post may be highly offensive to some. Therefore, be sure that you are aware of such risks.

#5 Pour Your Heart and Soul Into It

Last but not least, nothing spells a great time like a host who puts his or her heart and soul in a dinner gathering. Be sincere and honest with your content even if your main objective is to market a brand. After all, your brand is a composite of the feelings and emotions which creators like you have.

Creating your dream content doesn’t always have to be stressful. All it takes is to inject a little social element and to breathe life into it, the way you would in an actual social environment. By doing so, you are more likely to hit that visual marketing jackpot.

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