Ayam Brand Social Media Influencer Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Ayam Brands Social Media Influencer Campaign


Ayam Brand is a prepared food company. Ayam Brand products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest international standards with worldwide-recognized certifications and are certified ‘Halal’. Its main products are canned fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna), Asian ingredients (coconut, Asian sauces and pastes), and canned fruits and vegetables, especially baked beans.


Ayam Brand partnered with StarNgage to run a long term influencer marketing campaign to promote its products. From the pool of engaged influencers, StarNgage will track their post performance. Good performing ones will be selected as one of Ayam Brand’s social ambassadors and to be engaged on a monthly/regular basis for a long term community building plan. /p>



  • Primary Objective – To generate awareness of Ayam Brand products.
  • Secondary Objective(s) – To build a strong and always-on influencer community for Ayam Brand.


  • Engaged micro-influencers every month to review and promote Ayam Brand products


  • Ayam Brand products sent FOC to influencers for review

1st Month Results

  • Exposure to over 200,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 34 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 17,000+ Likes
  • Comments received: 440+ Comments


Campaign Report




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Lunch under 10 minutes? Friend came over last minute and we needed food. Luckily, I was given a jar of Ayam Brand Laska Paste to stir up some thing quickly. I just randomly grab whatever it was available in the fridge and something it turned out fragrant, and flavourful. · Make sure to try out my, Quick Quick Laska Fried Rice. · For 1 serving 3 tbsp of Ayam Brand Laska Paste 1 egg 1 small red onion 1 clove of garlic 1 bowl of rice A sprinkling of chili flakes And your favourite ingredients · In a wok, stir fry minced garlic, onion and Ayam Brand Laska Paste with vegetable oil on medium-high until fragrant. Crack in one egg and break it apart until well mixed. Beat in your favourite ingredients you want to put in like fried bean curd skin, and tao gey. Once everything is evenly cooked, stir in your bowl of rice. Season with salt and chili flakes. Serve with a sprinkle of spring onion or curry leaf. #sponsored #ayamhealthy #localflavor #sgrecipe #laska #recipeinspiration #AyamBrand #Ayambrandsg #AyamCraving #whati8today #ayambrandxstarngage

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Enjoyed a yummy, quick and convenient breakfast-snack of @ayambrandsg's "Tuna Snacky Pack" before we rushed off to bring @maelethsarah to her enrichment class! 😄 • Stocking up on lots of these at home means that we always have a snack at hand when we're hungry, and that there's no need to worry about forgetting to buy breakfast. 👍 • According to experts, some of the many health benefits of eating tuna include: reducing cardiovascular conditions, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, helping in weight loss efforts, boosting the immune system, increasing energy, maintaining the health of the skin, increasing red blood cell count, and preventing cancer! 🤗 • Keep healthy with this convenient tuna spread and crackers snack that you can enjoy at home, at work, or wherever you go! Ayam Brand's products (including their Tuna Snacky Pack) can be found at major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore. 🇸🇬 • #AyamBrand #Ayambrandsg #AyamCraving #whati8today #sponsored #AyamBrandXStarNgage #maeleth #maelethsarah #17monthsold #sgfood #sgfoods #foodsg #sglife #lifeinsingapore #sginstagram #igsg #miltongohblog #tuna #tunasnackypack #tunasnack #quicksnack #recipe #convenient #convenience #singapore #tunadish #healthy #healthbenefits #snackpack

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Since I have a little time – addressing dieting. The best form of diet is something you can stick to – day in, day out. For me, I value convenience, value and macros over everything else, hence my go-to are often egg whites, fish soup and canned tuna. Finding something to stick to is the most important thing in the diet, otherwise you'll always be doomed to fail. Dieting sucks in general over a long period of time – so give yourself diet breaks as well (hence the face lmao). Shoutout to @ayambrandsg for my favourite canned tunas – I've tried house brands and other brands as cheaper alternatives but sumpah they all pale in comparison to the OG. #thisisnotasponsoredpost #sumpahguajigualampa #dietwoes #eatclean #iifym #flexibledieting

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GIVEAWAY!!! 🛍🎁🎉 Yes that's right people! For the first time ever, I have decided to do this 😂! I'm giving away some cans of tunas and sardines for you guys to try, and I'll personally deliver it to you. 🏘 👇🏻 Simply follow the steps below: 1. 👉🏻Follow @Ayambrandsg & @tylomere 2. 👉🏻Tag a Friend who loves tunas in the comment below. This contests will close on 31/08/2017 at 2359hrs. 3 random winners will be selected on 03/09/2017 and each will receive a DM from me. 🐟 So start commenting ✌🏼 #ayambrandxstarNgage #ayambrand #ayambrandsg #ayamhealthy #whati8today #sponsored #sgcontest #sggiveaway #flatlaytoday

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Did salmon say tea time? @ayambrandsg Snacky Pack is a lifesaver during those midday stretches in between meals. Whip it out of your bag, put the salmon spread on the crackers, put your legs up on your desk (optional) and dive right in. 🔻 There's no proper way to eat this: slather the salmon with a spoon, scoop it with the crackers, or use 2 crackers to sandwich the salmon together (my favourite). There's more than enough salmon spread, so bring extra crackers/chips/bread/friends to finish it off. 🔻 @ayambrandsg products are available at all major supermarkerts/hypermarkets. For more details, visit http://bit.ly/AyamBrandSG or click link in profile. 🔻 #AyamBrand #Ayambrandsg #AyamCraving #whati8today #sponsored #AyamBrandXStarNgage

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Everyone knows how I always pack a snack in my bag cos I'm always hungry. On National Day, I decided to surprise my hubs with an open-air cinema on picnic mat and I brought out Kimchi Tuna from @AyamBrandSG. • I love how convenient it is pack & go and because I am so particular about nutrition, all my quick protein go-to is always these tuna cans. It doesn't have preservative and low in salt content. You be spoilt for choice for a variety of flavours and get yours at any supermarket for only $2.45! I'll share more on meal preps and show you how I put them with my meals! • #AyamBrand #Ayambrandsg #AyamHealthy #whati8today #sponsored @StarNgage #AyamBrandXStarNgage #igsg #sgfood #foodie #food #yummy #vickywillyadventures #datenight #couplegoals

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SPECIAL ARTICLE FOR THE WEEK📝 ! . If time consumption & preparation for any meals could have been made easier, there's no better way then to craft a dish that is filled with so much joy and satisfaction ☺️🎉🎊🎀🎈 ! . Thankfully, I am so pleased that my favourite Ayam Brand is this exceptional which features the ease of convenience & a taste of heartiness! I am also thankful that their products are available in both major supermarkets & hypermarkets 🛒♥️🐔👌🏻 ! . With this, I am delighted to share with all of you my quick tip for a scrumptious breakfast dish – Tuna Rice Mix – which is so appetizing that does not compromise on time factor ⏰😋🙌🏻🐟 ! . Be sure to check out my simple & easy to follow recipe & trust me, you wouldn't look at your breakfast the same way again 👏🏻😉💯🇸🇬 @StarNgage @AyamBrandSG ! ____ _ Check out the full review: http://foodchiak.com/blog-media/010817-ayam-brand-sponsorship . Subscribe, Like & Share👍🏻 ! . #food #foodporn #travel #singapore #traditional #AyamBrand #Ayambrandsg #AyamCraving #whati8today #sponsored #AyamBrandXStarNgage #local #wanderlust #outstanding #authentic #asia #legendary #meat #photography #restaurant #hungry #recipe #cooking #cook #healthy #yummy #instafood #delicious #foodstagram #foodchiak

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