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New Built-in WhatsApp Like Chat Function - starngage+

New Built-in WhatsApp Like Chat Function

Are you an advertiser who finds it hard to manage the conversation with multiple influencers? Are you an influencer who always misses out important messages from advertisers? Fret not! Our new app enables you to have real-time conversations via our WhatsApp like chat function and get notified when someone texts you.

Streamlined Process from 6 Steps to 3 Steps - starngage+

Streamlined Process from 6 Steps to 3 Steps

Say goodbye to the lengthy process with our influencer marketing app! Instead of having 6 steps, we have streamlined the process from 6 steps to 3 steps only. Our new influencer marketing platform shortens the influencer campaign management process by skipping the negotiation part, making seamless collaboration possible.

Track and Earn More with Your Influence - starngage+

Win-win Collaboration with Desired Outcomes

Complemented with a powerful tracking system and our pool of content creators with strong abilities to sell, we help advertisers to enjoy remarkable results including reach, engagement, website traffic and sales generated by the creators. In return, the creators are able to earn extra other than the free products or basic commission for posting.

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