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Join StarNgage's Agency Partner Program and grow your influencer marketing business.

Whether you’re an agency that specializes in content marketing or a digital marketing firm looking to add influencer marketing as a new stream of revenue, the StarNgage Partner Program is here to support you. We work with a variety of great partners from full-service agencies to independent PR consultants.

StarNgage Agency Partner Benefits


We're continually building and improving our Partner Program, adding new benefits and tools to help out agencies get the most out of StarNgage.


Delight Your Customers

We know your market, your challenges and your goals. Our team of influencer marketing specialists will help you streamline your influencer-generated content production and improve the quality of your campaign, to help you offer your customers the world class service they expect.

Increase Client Revenue

Always-on influencer marketing services are a great way to help increase the size of your client retainer. The best part? The more you can show clients the success of their campaigns, the more campaign they'll want to create with you.

Boost Results

A good influencer marketing strategy engages your clients' audience, converts more leads, and closes more sales. With StarNgage, you'll be able to give clients native ads that are that can integrate into their larger campaigns.

Grow Together

Your growth is our growth. We provide our partner agencies full support in educating customers about influencer marketing and help our customers and prospects choose the right agency to satisfy their needs and goals. Get in touch to know how we can scale together.

Product Roadmap

Get advanced notice and training on feature launches so you can look good in front of your clients.

Access to New Leads

Become a Gold or Platinum Partner and you’ll be listed in our Partner Directory, giving you additional exposure and access to new leads.

Marketing Materials

From one-pagers to competitive comparisons, we'll give you what you need to sell StarNgage effectively.

Sales enablement

With our co-branded materials, we've got your back when it comes to making the case for influencer marketing. Turn leads into clients.

Pricing & packaging

We can help you price your influencer marketing services, so you can turn one-off projects into client retainers

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