Instagram Influencer Spotlight On: Jaydeen Clark @Jayzmakeupartistry

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing now and where do you come from?

I’m from Sunderland and I am a student in Leeds studying makeup for TV and film as a University Degree. I’m currently in second year but my blog really is my life, I love my Instagram and posting frequently, I also do YouTube!

2) What are your topics of interest? What do you post on Instagram the most?

Makeup is life! I absolutely love it, and my followers know my passion too.

3) How did your Instagram name come about?

I wanted my name to draw accounts interested in makeup to my Instagram so ensured makeupartistry came after my nickname

4) What are some apps you use to edit your photos? Share with us your photo-editing routine!

I use photoshop. I used to use the Facetune app however I found that with Photoshop the quality of the photo remained excellent and my photo doesn’t actually appear edited! I mainly make the colours I use stand out more and remove any blemishes or imperfections

5) Any Instagrammers whom you really like? Which Instagrammer inspires you the most?

Jaclyn hill is my biggest inspiration she’s inspired me since day 1. I’m 21 now and I started watching her when I was 16, she is who made me want to start! I wanted to be her and still do

6) If there’s one thing your fellow Instagrammers just gotta try now, what’s it gonna be?

It’s got to be Colour Pop. That company is insanely good. You hear a lot about their cosmetics but not enough to want to buy their products however I’m hoping to change that since I’m their brand ambassador, I want people to see my looks and think ‘I want to be able to do that!’ which is why I created YouTube.

7) What’s your favorite part about being an influencer?

I love the fact that my community is as passionate as I am. In day to day life I just want to talk forever about makeup but no ones interested. On Instagram people engage with me and communicate and actually listen! I love being heard.

8) What are some of your top tips to brands for running campaigns? How do you maintain authenticity?

Stay true to their brand. I see a lot of companies try to be something they’re not such as Bobbi Brown. When the founder left the company to Estée Lauder they changed the philosophy of the brand which drove customers away. The philosophy staying loyal is so important

9) What would your advice be on the importance of quality and original content?

Nobody wants to see the same stuff. I believe you will attract followers with your unique personality and unique content

10) What do you like best about partnering with brands?

I love being a part of the team, and being as passionate about the products as the founders. I love that they chose me to represent their amazing products.


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