Instagram Influencer Spotlight On: Emily ho @Packmeinursuitcase

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing now and where do you come from?

Hi, my name is Emily. I am a flight attendant, animal lover and a word traveler! I’m from Hong Kong, moved to the United States when I was little! Because of my job, I am now constantly flying back and forth Hong Kong and New York! I live out of my four wheel suitcase and I love exploring the world!

2) What are your topics of interest? What do you post on Instagram the most?

My instagram and blog focus on Traveling, lifestyle and inspiration for women in their twenties.

3) How did your Instagram name come about?

It comes from my passion for traveling! Pack me in ur suitcase!

4) What are some apps you use to edit your photos? Share with us your photo-editing routine!

Mostly Snapseed and vsco

5) Any Instagrammers whom you really like? Which Instagrammer inspires you the most?

Yes a lot of travel bloggers inspire me! Such as @debiflue @lichipan @taramilktea

6) If there’s one thing your fellow Instagrammers just gotta try now, what’s it gonna be?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Explore the world, you will be fascinated by what the world has to offer!

7) What’s your favorite part about being an influencer?

Inspiring others to explore the world, stepping out of their comfort zone!

8) What are some of your top tips to brands for running campaigns? How do you maintain authenticity?

Communication between brand and influencer is the key to a successful campaign!

9) What would your advice be on the importance of quality and original content?

Be original, be creative, don’t be afraid to do something new!

10) What do you like best about partnering with brands?

When partnering with brand, I love hearing their ideas and creativities!


  • Animals & Pets
  • Art
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Food & Drink
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Health & Fitness
  • Nature & Outdoors
  • Travel


United States of America

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