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StarNgage x {{Plaza-Singapura}} Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Plaza Singapura Instameet April #psinstameet

Plaza Singapura invited 10 influencers to come for a #PSInstameet Session with food tasting/shopping at their shopping malls.

Here’s a preview of some of the new items:



  • Primary Objective – build and drive brand awareness by partnering with aspirational Instagrammer in order to reach the target audiences
  • Secondary Objective(s) – leverage micro-influencers’ creativity and audience base to elicit engagement, ultimately increase footfall to the shopping mall


  • Partnered with several top instagrammers to ensure top of mind awareness of the shopping mall



  • Engaged 10 Influencers who have rolled out 16 posts within a day with high levels of audience engagement including 100+ comments and 3000+ likes on Instagram
  • Invaluable consumer feedback from distinct, target consumer audiences
  • Elevated brand awareness and messaging
  • Combined social reach of 48,000+ on Instagram


Campaign Report

StarNgage x Tony Roma's

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