Bakerzin Campaign Review

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Bakerzin

In order to drive awareness for Jurong Point GSS Specials, Bakerzin has partnered with StarNgage to orchestrate an online campaign featuring several Instagram sponsored placements with top Instgram Foodie in Singapore. Not only did Bakerzin Instagram influencer marketing campaign succeeded with eliciting favorable audience sentiment, it also received several blogs posts review for free.


  • Primary Objective – to brand and drive awareness for the launch of Jurong Point GSS Specials, by targeting food lovers via top instagrammers’ audiences
  • Secondary Objective(s) – leverage top food instagrammers’ social, creative content, direction, and readership base as a jump off point for audience engagement


  • Partnered with several top foodie instagrammers including Zipeng and Kai Ting to ensure top of mind awareness.
  • Ideate with influencers to creatively, organically, and individually integrate the “Bakerzin” theme into Instagram content


  • Selected Instagrammers can enjoy a FREE meal deal for 2 pax.


  • High levels of audience engagement including 100+ comments and 5000+ likes on Instagram
  • Invaluable consumer feedback from distinct, target consumer audiences
  • Elevated brand awareness and messaging
  • Combined social reach of 70,000+ on Instagram


Campaign Report

StarNgage x Bakerzin

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