Hypstar (Vivo Video) Micro-Influencer Video Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Hypstar (Vigo Video) Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign in Indonesia


Hypstar (renamed to Vigo Video) is a short video social network where you can share your daily lives with your friends, family, and hipster from all over the world.

Hypstar partnered with StarNgage to run a long term micro-influencer marketing campaign to promote its mobile application in Inodnesia. StarNgage proposed an always-on community building campaign for Hypstar by engaging more than 200 local influencers in Indonesia.



  • Primary Objective – Create quality videos for Hypstar 
  • Secondary Objective(s) –  To generate brand awareness and Promote App Installation.


  • Engaged 200+ influencers and provided community management support
  • Each influencer will share the video post on Instgram and Hypstar
  • Highlighted the USP of Hypstar
  • Directed followers to Hypstar mobile application


For the first round of the campaign, we engaged 200+ influencers. Here’s are the results for the first round:

  • Exposure to over 2,000,000+ followers of influencers in Indonesia
  • Number of Video Created: 10,000+


Sample Video


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