How Influencer Marketing Helped These Mobile Apps Downloads to Double

The idea of influencer marketing is new to many but picking up really quickly. In the recent months, both new and traditional companies are catching on the bandwagon and experimenting with it.

The characteristics of mobile apps, being perceived as digital, trendy and ever-changing, leave mobile app developers with no reason to miss out on influencer marketing which reach out to the digitally-savvy trend-seekers. However, many developers are still unsure of the benefit and reliability of influencer marketing.

Fret not! Here are some of the many successful mobile app influencer marketing campaign with interesting techniques developers can reference from.

#1 Mobile App Ventures Overseas with Influencer Marketing Localisation   


The use of strategic influencer marketing has brought prague-based mobile app, Gamee to the global market. Gamee is a mobile-first casual gaming social platform with a wide variety of games, which users can play on the go.

Targeting casual gamers from 18 to 30 years old, Gamee reached out to influencers ranging from YouTubers to Instagrammers, including Chang Yong from Malaysian/Taiwan, Ilie Bivol from Moldova, Jirka Král from Prague and Naomi Neo from Singapore to introduce this game to the respective market.

A unique feature of this app that made it extremely suitable for influencer marketing is its ability to allow everyday users to challenge the influencers. The opportunity to play and communicate with their favourite influencer is something that will entice users and build a special connection.

Specifically in Singapore, Gamee’s collaboration with Ridhwan began with simple game trials on his YouTube videos and posts on Instagram. What took it a step further was a win-win situation for both parties. They worked together to implement a game specifically dedicated to the influencer – Ridhwan’s Unicorn. This not only attracted his followers to install the game, but also strengthened the relationship between Gamee and Ridhwan, encouraging him to promote the game out of goodwill.

Additionally, Ridhwan’s former appearance on gaming channel “NotGood Gamers” created relevant match between the influencer and app. With this, Gamee have accumulated 500,000 – 1,000,000 installs as of January 2017.

#2 Leveraging Challenge Videos by Influencers to Promote Mobile Apps  

Singtel No Wallet

Challenges on the Internet have always been quite a hit. The Chubby Bunny challenge, Bottle Flip challenge, Mannequin challenge and so on. But what if, companies can make use of such challenges to promote their brand?

With the implementation of cashless payment and digital wallet apps such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Singtel Dash, the “No Wallet Challenge” has surfaced and is gaining a lot of attention. The challenge is one whereby influencers surrender their wallets and go through a series of task simply through the use of the promoted app.

One of such campaign is a series of 5 #CelebrateWithSORTED videos by SortedFood, whereby the guys at SortedFood were given 48 hours and a phone with Android Pay to travel and purchase ingredients to cook for the chosen viewers’ event. With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, the SortedFood team garnered around 250k views per video and reached out to their huge follower base from the United Kingdom and beyond. This provided exposure and knowledge of Android Pay.

Bringing it closer to home, YouTuber Ryan Sylvia produced the “NOC No Wallet Challenge” video on their YouTube channel, Night Owl Cinematics. The video collaboration with Singtel Dash showcased 2 pairs of popular influencers going through a series of challenges requiring them to use the Singtel Dash app in various stores. This accumulated over 700k views and showed their followers exactly how to use the app while encouraging them to install it.

#3 Tapping on Influencers and Internet Viral Song, Game Rose in Popularity   


Eternal Crusade is a 3D mobile app game where players have to fight to collect magical rings. With its launch, it engaged influencers from various countries to record videos of themselves with a song adapted from the trending PPAP song. Keeping the tune, lyrics were changed to “I have a phone. I have a ring. Ah. Eternal Crusade.” The campaign hinges on the catchy tune and relevant use of influencers who are regular gamers.

The act of engaging a large number of micro-influencers helped in increasing exposure and thus, familiarity of the app. Besides constant posts on the influencer’s social media platforms and Facebook Ads starring the influencers, Eternal Crusade created “Wanted” poster of the influencers to add an extra element of engagement between the influencers and players. Through this campaign, the mobile game app was able to create more awareness and engagement.

Influencer Marketing as the Go-To Solution

Overall, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective go-to marketing technique for mobile app and game. To be successful in implementing an influencer marketing campaign, app companies do have to remember certain crucial points. First, it is important to ensure that your app solves the problem of your target audience. Second, the influencers you engage should be of the right fit – in terms of their lifestyle and follower base. Lastly, execute a well-thought-out strategic plan, accounting for the different stages of your app development.

With that, your mobile app would be able to successfully reach out to the mass you desire and gain traction.

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