Ferrari Fareast #488DrivenByPassion Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Studies: Ferrari Fareast – #488DrivenByPassion


Ferarri Fareast would like to feature the speed and design of the 488 by drawing parallels with extreme sports performed by influencers and thvideo will showcase local influencers performing extreme sports in South East Asia countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.



  • Primary Objective – To generate awareness and encourage consideration of the Ferrari 488 through the exhibition of its performance
  • Secondary Objective
    To communicate the versatility and design of the 488 Model from a lifestyle angle


  • SG Extreme sports: Flyboarding and Giant Swing
    Influencers: Martin Berry and Christopher
  • ID Extreme sports: Paragliding and Slingshot
    Influencers: Henry Liang
  • TH Extreme sports: Jet Ski and F1 Speed Boat
    Influencers: Kiki Sak Nana & Thanavud Bhirombhakdi


  • Exposure to over 1.1M+ followers of influencers
  • 6 campaigns related video posts
  • Engagement received: 38,000+ Likes/Shares/Comments


Campaign Report


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