Top 1000 Magazines Instagram Influencers in United States in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in United States. We've profiled United States's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in United States Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from United States. We’re currently tracking a total of 63 influencers in United States with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Vogue
Fashion Modeling Magazines 27.3M 0.30%
Magazines 9.3M 0.50%
3 ELLE Magazine
Fashion Modeling Magazines 5M 0.30%
4 Vogue Italia
Fashion Fashion Design Magazines 3.8M 0.40%
5 The New Yorker Cartoons
Magazines 2.8M 1.80%
6 High Times
Magazines 2.6M 0.20%
7 Foundr Magazine
Magazines 2.4M 0.40%
8 Better Homes & Gardens
Magazines 2.3M 0.30%
Magazines 1.9M 0%
10 Paper Magazine
Magazines 1.8M 1.60%
11 Dazed
Magazines 1.6M 0.10%
12 BRIDES Magazine
Magazines Wedding 1.3M 0.50%
13 AnOther Magazine
Fashion Modeling Magazines 1.2M 0.10%
14 Chris Ozer
Modeling Fashion Magazines 564.3K 0.40%
15 Vintage Vogue
Modeling Fashion Magazines 410.1K 0.60%
16 Mark Seliger
Modeling Fashion Magazines 372.4K 1.10%
Fashion Modeling Magazines 344.7K 0.30%
18 The Society Management
Modeling Fashion Magazines 327.5K 0.20%
19 Art + Commerce
Music Modeling Fashion Magazines 286K 0.40%
20 Guido Palau
Fashion Modeling Magazines 279.5K 0.50%
Modeling Fashion Magazines Photography Art Design 207.4K 3.70%
Fashion Modeling Magazines 192.7K 0.20%
23 The Romp Magazine
Magazines 94.4K 0.40%
24 Squeeze Magazine
Magazines 94.4K 0.10%
25 VIK
Modeling Fashion Magazines Celebrities Design Art 88.1K 0%
26 kwannam
Fashion Modeling Magazines 84.3K 1.70%
27 Michal Pudelka
Modeling Fashion Magazines 75.8K 5.30%
28 So It Goes Magazine
Modeling Fashion Magazines 68.3K 1.20%
29 alexandra carl
Actors Fashion Modeling Magazines 67.1K 1.00%
Magazines 61.7K 0.40%
31 Aaron de Mey
Fashion Modeling Magazines 59.5K 0.70%
32 BraveModels
Modeling Fashion Magazines 53K 0.60%
33 Roy Brandys
Fashion Modeling Magazines Design Art Celebrities 52.5K 0.20%
34 Corey Tenold
Fashion Modeling Magazines 51K 1.20%
35 L'Officiel Hommes
Fashion Modeling Magazines 47.4K 0.20%
36 Harol Baez
Fashion Modeling Magazines Celebrities 44.6K 0.40%
37 Eric T. White
Modeling Fashion Magazines 42.3K 2.40%
38 Bananas Models Agency (Paris)
Modeling Fashion Magazines 41.8K 0.70%
39 David Roemer
Modeling Fashion Magazines 34.8K 1.30%
40 TheArtGorgeous
Art Magazines Design DIY & Crafts 29.8K 2.00%
41 Isabella Lombardini
Fashion Modeling Magazines 27.2K 2.10%
42 Ben Morris
Modeling Fashion Magazines 24.2K 2.80%
43 Raffaele Capuano
Fashion Modeling Magazines 20.3K 10.40%
44 Piero Méndez
Fashion Modeling Magazines Celebrities Design 19.1K 3.00%
45 Jamie Andrew Reid
Fashion Modeling Magazines Art Design 17.5K 2.00%
46 Jason Kibbler Studio
Fashion Modeling Magazines 17.3K 1.60%
47 Austin William Simkins
Fashion Modeling Magazines Design 16.9K 2.10%
48 Exposure NY
Modeling Fashion Magazines 15.6K 0.10%
49 Nick Hudson
Fashion Modeling Magazines 15K 2.90%
50 The FMD
Basketball Modeling Fashion Magazines 13.8K 0.20%
51 ዊልበር
Fashion Modeling Magazines 13.6K 3.00%
52 Shaun Beyen
Modeling Fashion Magazines Celebrities 13K 0.90%
53 Emon Toufanian
Modeling Fashion Magazines 12.7K 9.00%
54 Bridget Fleming
Modeling Fashion Magazines Hair & Beauty Celebrities 11.3K 2.50%
55 paulisaac
Modeling Fashion Magazines 10.6K 0.70%
56 Camilla Armbrust
Modeling Fashion Magazines 10.4K 3.00%
57 D A N I + E M M A
Fashion Modeling Magazines 9.4K 1.00%
58 Julia Wagner
Modeling Fashion Magazines 5.9K 6.20%
Fashion Modeling Magazines 5.6K 1.00%
Modeling Fashion Magazines 5.2K 2.50%
61 Fabien Kruszelnicki
Modeling Fashion Magazines 5.2K 4.80%
62 Dean Hau
Modeling Fashion Magazines 3.6K 1.30%
Modeling Fashion Magazines 2.6K 2.70%