7 Inspirational Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Will Make You Start Your Own

Influencer marketing has become a huge deal in the world of marketing, and more brands are turning their efforts and budgets towards influencers. In fact, over 63% of businesses plan to increase their budget for influencer marketing over the next 12 months. So, why is influencer marketing such a popular strategy among marketers?

This marketing branch helps businesses to reach their target audience, build trust and credibility, spread brand awareness, boost SEO, and ultimately, increase sales. Let’s take a look at some influencer marketing case studies. The results might just inspire you to embrace influencer marketing trends and take your business to the next level.

Here are some brands who have executed successful influencer marketing campaigns recently:


1. Daniel Wellington


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Famous for its collaboration with influencers, Daniel Wellington has acknowledged the power that influencer marketing has and how it acts as a winning strategy for them. Thanks to their campaigns, the brand became a multi-million dollar company within just five years.

Instead of traditional paid advertisements, they work with influencers who promote their products in the best light. Influencer posts that blend fashionable outfits with Daniel Wellington watches are ubiquitous, and they definitely catch your attention.
Daniel Wellington engages influencers from various countries with different follower bases. By working with numerous influencers, they have established themselves as a must-have brand among the younger generation, leading to a consistent increase in sales.


2. Dunkin Donuts


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Nano-influencers and micro-influencers are becoming more popular, even among the larger brands.

With the objective of increasing the sales of their coffee beverages among millennials, Dunkin Donuts teamed up with nano-influencers. Matching the target demographics of the younger crowd, the chosen nano-influencers ensured a likely positive return-on-investment for the brand.

By simply getting the influencers to share about their daily lives while drinking their favourite beverage – Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, the posts helped to spread brand awareness and attracted millennials’ eyeballs for this famous franchise.

Their engagement hit 5% and this influencer campaign contributed to an astonishing $300 million in coffee purchases in 2018.


3. Nissan


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Nissan organised a fun event known as the 4-day Titan Adventure. This campaign aimed to promote Nissan’s Titan “The Every-Duty™ Truck‎.” Even though no directions were given to the event participants, the influencers present gave their take on the event.

The event included various outdoor activities and off-roading workshops. The off-road “snow school” activity, where influencers learnt how to use the Titan to plow and excavate vehicles stuck in snow, appealed greatly to the outdoor influencers. The ensuing fun times were shared on social media.

Nissan’s campaign is an example of a great idea where you can make the most of influencer marketing without making a prior arrangement. If you are organising a big event, make sure to send invites to relevant influencers and let them do what they do best – share it with their followers. If you wish to collaborate with influencers, you can find them on marketing platforms like StarNgage.

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4. Naked Juice


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To promote the product launch of Half Naked Juice, Naked Juice’s digital marketers opted for influencer marketing. Health and wellness influencers are a perfect fit for such a product.

Influencers who dedicate their accounts to promoting a healthy lifestyle have followers with the same goals and mindset. As such, marketing Naked Juice’s products was in line with their usual content.

The influencers they hired took a storytelling approach. A motivational story alongside the Naked Juice promotion was just what this brand needed to introduce its product to a large audience.

“Storytelling works great with influencer marketing campaigns. When an influencer adds a motivational story alongside the product recommendation, the sponsored ad seems more genuine. You can see how Naked Juice perfectly combines storytelling and influencer marketing,” explains Neightan White, a blogger and contributing writer at WritingJudge and SupremeDissertations.


5. Headspace


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Mental health and lifestyle changes can be sensitive topics. Headspace, an application that helps users with meditation practice, mindfulness, and overall mental health, decided to engage influencers to help tackle these sensitive topics. In the case of sensitive topics, having an influencer’s personal recommendation is a huge advantage. Influencers are more relatable than a brand itself, especially when you resonate with their personal struggles.

Headspace collaborated with influencers to try out the application and share their experience with their audience. The close connection between influencers and their followers, coupled with the vulnerability that influencers displayed in their posts proved to be a huge success.

When you are promoting a product that demands trust, influencers can bridge that gap between you and your target audience. Headspace found a voice of authority in influencers who helped spread the message about the importance of mindfulness.


6. Warby Parker


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This company, along with their army of nano and micro-influencers, are turning millennials’ attention towards their brand of fashionable frames. What makes Warby’s approach special is its influencer recruitment process.

Warby Parker demands honesty and authenticity from their partners. This is why they only teamed up with users who are already fans of the product without a prior business arrangement. Users who show originality, creativity, and love for Warby Parker frames in their post are chosen to become the next Warby influencer.

The brand instantly stood out amongst its competitors with this recruitment strategy. Consequently, this campaign, called “Wearing Warby”, managed to garner a 3.5% engagement rate and more than 50,000 social media followers.


7. Oakley


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Oakley started an influencer campaign titled, “What do you see?” with a purpose of promoting their new Prizm lenses.

Tasked with a challenge, influencers were asked to share what they could see clearer through their Prizm lenses. Oakley looked to athletic influencers, especially those from more extreme sports, such as surfing or motocross.

The posts that athletes shared were funny, inspiring, and definitely notable and impactful. In the end, the campaign not only helped to promote the Prizm lenses, but it also sent out an inspirational message to the audiences to chase their ambitions. This influencer campaign secured Oakley an impressive engagement rate of over 7%.


Final Thoughts

The important lesson to take away from these campaigns is that combining the right influencers with originality will give you a winning combo. These brands also serve as an example of how influencer marketing can be carried out, and how successful it can be.

Perhaps their approach has given you a clearer idea on how to make use of this marketing power tool, and hopefully, it will inspire you to create the next big influencer marketing campaign.


About The Writer

Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master’s degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Besides working as a contributing writer for WowGrade and BestEssay, Diana also runs her own blog. What inspires her the most in her writing is travelling and meeting new people. Follow her on Twitter.

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