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On Tuesday, 20th October 2015, a group of 9 influencers headed down to Sum Kee Food for a Food Tasting! The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Sum were extremely hospitable, and their eldest daughter, Nicolette (@nicolettelovesyou), sat together with the influencers to eat!

Both Nicolette and her mom were patient to answer any queries that the influencers had, be it the country of origin of the crabs, or the breed of fish used for the Curry Fish Head (we found out it was Red Snapper).

We started off with the signature dish, one that Sum Kee is well known for – Ultraman Chicken.


So apparently, there is a god, because I had really phenomenal Ultraman Chicken (咸蛋鸡?), essentially salted egg yolk chicken. ?❤️?? check out the gorgeous egg yolk dripping all over!! ? Together with the crunchy curry leaves, this dish left all the foodies wanting more. Extremely moreish, fragrant (I want a Scratch-&-Sniff function for IG!!!) & creamy!!! Unctuous, almost!!!! Seriously, I DIE. ??? I’m bringing my parents here to try Sum Kee’s most popular dish. I can see why. ? #sumkee #sumkeefood #starngagexsumkee @starngage @sumkeefood Thank you for inviting me to this food tasting event. ?? #yum #yummy #yumscrums #photooftheday #vscofood #vscogood #vscocam #vsco #foodiesg #foodporn #Singapore #hkig #sgfood #sgeats #nomnom #instasg #burpple #ULTRAMAN ️Postscript: the lovely proprietress named this dish after the famed manga character, Ultraman, because…well, his name in Chinese is literally translated into Salted Egg Superman (咸蛋超人) because his eyes look like salted eggs, and this is a salted egg dish…. #WordPlayAtItsBest ? A photo posted by Sam W., The Hungry Hongaporean (@samoosg) on


It was followed by Ngor Hiong (with crunchy bits of water chestnut in it), Four Seasons Beans (Si Ji Dou), and Wallet Chicken.


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The wallet chicken is a concept created by Mrs. Sum, who stuffed the chicken with glutinous rice!


  Next up was the Pumpkin Tofu, which is seasonal, as pumpkins are quite hard to obtain in Singapore. The smooth pumpkin sauce was something unique, because you don’t really get pumpkin infused dishes in Singapore.


Following this, was a huge claypot of Curry Fish Head! We love this description by Sam (@samoosg), who absolutely loved the Curry Fish Head!


Still dreaming of this Fishhead Curry Claypot at Sum Kee. ❤️? Do you see the red snapper’s lips top left? ? Hahaha! OkOk. This fishhead curry isn’t a typical Indian-style curry — it isn’t as thick and is more coconutty. ???? That made the curry gravy so easy to drink up!!! Despite that long intimidating chili, real chili aficionados will know it’s not spicy. ?? I love the okra, brinjal, taupok (tofu skins) and miscellaneous accompaniments. ?❤️? What a colorful dish appealing to both the eyes and the belly!!! I almost wanted to order this as takeaway as it took away my heart! (Groan ??) #yum #yummy #yumscrums Thank you to @starngage for organizing this tasting and @sumkeefood @nicolettelovesyou for being such amazing hosts!!!? 爱死你们了? #SumKee #sumkeefood #starngagexsumkee #vscofood #vscocam #vsco #singapore #nomnom #hkig #sgeats #curry #sgfood #instasg #burpple #foodiesg #foodpics #foodporn #love

A photo posted by Sam W., The Hungry Hongaporean (@samoosg) on

  Now comes the good part, CRABS! The ever so generous Sum family provided 3 kinds of crabs for our StarNgage influencers. Black Pepper, Chilli, and Salted Egg. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

[SPONSORED] Crabby Feast! If you have no idea where to have delicious crab, why not head down to Sum Kee Food now!!! I’m sure that Sum Kee Food will not disappoint you. Which type of crab do you love? Black pepper, chilli, Salted egg & more. Since it’s so hard to decide why not try all. The crab which Sum Kee Food served are all Sri Lankan Crab & they are priced reasonably( 600g-700g) for only $45! Don’t miss this chance. Hurry down! To try it now. Blog updated; read more on my blog about Sum Kee Food at Lastly, Thank you @sumkeefood & @nicolettelovesyou for hosting us. You guys are such a generous host. Thank you to @starngage for inviting me to this media tasting. Looking forward to more media & working opportunities with you foodies & friends! #sumkee #sumkeefood #starngagexsumkee #starngage #singaporefood #chillicrab #crabfeast A photo posted by Jacelyn Tan (@jayellyn) on


We ended the dinner with Orh Ni (Yam paste), which was really magnificent. The paste was the right thickness, and it wasn’t too sweet!


  Special thanks to the Sum family for hosting the StarNgage ⚡️influencers!

  Some behind-the-scenes!


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