Instagram Influencer Spotlight On: Karen Chiang @livewellbasics

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing now and where do you come from?

I’m now a freelance writer and digital marketer in Hong Kong. I started out with a half-finished philosophy degree and stepped head first into journalism. I studied high school in Singapore and United Kingdom, so naturally I wanted to share how I saw Hong Kong as a third-cultured local for English publications here.

My blog used to be, a fashion and style blog that (much like myself) transformed into a more health and wellness conscious blog called Live Well Basics. It’s meant to now be about basic things you can do to help yourself live a little better and more balanced. It’s never about hardcore diets or workout regimes. It’s simple things you can enjoy freely and without guilt.

2) What are your topics of interest? What do you post on Instagram the most?

Wellness, food (always, food), as well as a little bit of style too – true to my roots. I post most right now about my fitness journey with local rebounding gym Bouncelimit, but I also throw some food and coffee photos in the mix. Hong Kong just loves food, myself included!

3) How did your Instagram name come about?

Live Well Basics is the name of my blog. As mentioned, it means basic things you can do to help yourself live a little better and more balanced. I got inspired one day on a journey out to the Hong Kong countryside. My personal journey of finding confidence, emotional balance and health was such a rollercoaster I thought I wanted to cover something more than just fashion or style.

4) What are some apps you use to edit your photos? Share with us your photo-editing routine!

Lightroom is key! I used to use vscocam like every other person on the planet, but now my aesthetics is cleaner and more authentic. I usually just adjust the tone and colours so the photo reflects reality as much as possible, then add a little HDR or structure on Instagram’s native editor if need be.

5) Any Instagrammers whom you really like? Which Instagrammer inspires you the most?

I love Drea Chong and Jemma Wei. They are both so authentic but also they have their aesthetics game ON! I also follow more health and fitness instagrammers now, especially those that take time to make infographics or type out really long and informative captions.

6) If there’s one thing your fellow Instagrammers just gotta try now, what’s it gonna be?

Personal training. The concept itself may be warped by hard selling trainers, but honestly if you find a trainer you can sync with, the results are stunning. Like literally unbelievable.

7) What’s your favorite part about being an influencer?

It gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts, establish a voice and to try new things. Even though I hardly do sponsored content anymore, having that platform really helps me establish myself as a writer and content creator.

8) What are some of your top tips to brands for running campaigns? How do you maintain authenticity?

To me, I would say no to any products to service I would not personally pay for. It’s always all about whether people can even believe you would be using that kind of thing, is it relevant and is it true to your focus and personality. For example as a wellness blogger, I no longer blog about fashion a whole lot. I choose to align myself (and also purchase) eco-friendly, slow fashion or ethically made items as much as possible. So really, just don’t stab yourself in the back for free shit.

9) What would your advice be on the importance of quality and original content?

200% it’s all about that. And it’s about showcasing who you really are rather than the best side of you. For me, it’s no longer about having the perfect body (which I don’t have) or the most luxurious lifestyle. It’s about giving people informative, useful information while making your visuals attractive and interesting. It’s a hard line to walk.

10) What do you like best about partnering with brands?

The opportunity to try out things that are maybe too expensive or new to invest in in the beginning. For example I am always grateful about trying out hotels or resorts that I can recommend to readers later or go back myself. Or really just opportunities to connect with likeminded people. After all, brands and blogs are run by people too.


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