Instagram Influencer Spotlight On: Jamie Lee @sxnflxwer_

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing now and where do you come from?

I was born in Penang, Malaysia, but my teenage life was spent abroad in Wales, UK and recently relocated back to my home country working full-time as a tax advisor. I am also studying my professional qualification part-time and photography is what I enjoy doing during my free time.

2) What are your topics of interest? What do you post on Instagram the most?

My Instagram feed consists of lifestyle, travel and food photography, but mostly food. I enjoy capturing and styling with food because that feeling when you are able to create an image in which you can almost smell the aromas of the food is amazing.

3) How did your Instagram name come about?

My Instagram username @sxnflxwer_ is read as “sunflower”, I have replaced the letter ‘U’ and ‘O’ with ‘X’s to make it more unique. I like sunflower because it carries positive vibes – always facing the sun, looking towards the bright and positive side.

4) What are some apps you use to edit your photos? Share with us your photo-editing routine!

Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom CC are the two editing software that I use. I would normally start with the raw development work in Lightroom i.e. adjusting the white balance, tone curve and altering the presets, etc., then move onto Photoshop to touch up, expand and fill the the image layer by layer, making sure every pixel is perfect.

5) Any Instagrammers whom you really like? Which Instagrammer inspires you the most?

I got my inspiration from @melissamale and @silverspies, their images are simple, natural, calm and pleasant for the eyes. Their Instagram have also shown consistency.

6) If there’s one thing your fellow Instagrammers just gotta try now, what’s it gonna be?

That’s a difficult one! Maybe try to challenge yourself to be a vegetarian for a week and try to eat more healthy, because health is wealth.

7) What’s your favorite part about being an influencer?

Being an influencer has given some valuable experience and opportunities. Over the past few years, I have visited a variety of cafes, restaurants and attended multiple events which has given me the great opportunity to meet like minded individuals who share my passion.

8) What are some of your top tips to brands for running campaigns? How do you maintain authenticity?

Engage with influencers who can produce a variation of good quality content that isn’t boring or too commercialised. For example, a simple mobile phone quality selfie with the product may work for brands selling beauty products but it may not work for brands in the F&B industry or the technology industry.

9) What would your advice be on the importance of quality and original content?

I think the quality of the photos is very important because it is going to be the first impression for the audience. Something pleasing for the eyes will attract viewers to seek for more information such as to read into the captions for a more detailed review. It is also important to create our own content, be original and be proud of yourself, ‘be inspired but do not copy’ is what I always have in mind when it comes to creating content.

10) What do you like best about partnering with brands?

I like to challenge myself to style and photograph for different brands with my own style that I have cultivated over the years, whilst maintaining the brand’s ethos.


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